Unlock Vegas Vacation Deals: Your How-to Guide 🔓

Finding amazing Vegas vacation deals is a journey where creativity intersects with extraordinary experiences. It’s the art of saving without compromising quality, comfort, or a good time—a quest to discover exceptional value. By navigating wisely, one can unlock fantastic deals and indulge in enjoyable activities, proving that budget-savviness need not sacrifice the enjoyment of a memorable trip to the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Trips to Las Vegas have become a tradition for us. No matter how many times we go the excitement never wanes, regardless of whether we choose accommodations on or off the bustling Strip. Beyond the energy of Las Vegas Blvd, the city offers a variety of entertainment, from captivating live performances to unique gourmet dining and outdoor pursuits.

Best Deals – Sunday Through Thursday

For us, Vegas stands out as the go-to city in the USA for snagging incredible deals. The real sweet spot? Plan your visit from Sunday through Thursday—that’s when the city truly opens its wallet, especially if you’re looking to get a room with a view of the Sphere.

For example, during our last couple of midweek visits, we stayed at the Hilton Vacation Club Desert Retreat, paying about $80 per night including resort fee and taxes. We had a clean spacious condo with incredible amenities including a free shuttle to take guests to the Strip and the supermarket.

Hilton Vacation Club Retreat, a bit of a hidden gem in Las Vegas has top-notch amenities, offering a luxurious and tranquil escape in the vibrant city—we’ve stayed here more than four times!

When it comes to weekends and big events, it’s best to completely avoid traveling to Las Vegas. This is when things tend to get crazy pricey. Aim for the quieter days to make the most of your budget without missing out on the Vegas experience.

Keep in mind that generally the most popular Vegas shows don’t perform on Mondays or Tuesdays. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get cheap Vegas show tickets on Sunday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights!

One of our other favorite off-the-strip accommodations is the Hilton Vacation Club Cancun Resort. It features a massive Mayan-inspired pyramid pool and condo-style suites!

Now that we’ve handed you a freebie on cutting costs, let’s dive into the seven straightforward steps to unveil those fantastic Las Vegas vacation deals!

Unlock Vegas Vacation Deals in 7 Easy Steps

Crack the Vegas code with the ultimate key to unlocking deals. In other words, we’re going to offer some budget-savvy tips through an easy seven-step guide below. This is how we unlock incredible Vegas vacation deals!

Step 1: Explore Package Perks

Begin by researching various travel search platforms to uncover a range of Las Vegas vacation packages, each offering unique experiences and potential savings. Some of the most popular cheap travel search engines are listed below with the prices for a four-night trip for two people including hotel (Luxor Hotel & Casino) + airfare.

Many travelers don’t realize that many times it’s cheaper to book everything separately. We’ll show you below! While you may occasionally save money by bundling your flight, accommodation, and activities, it isn’t a guarantee.

Step 2: Compare Separate vs. Bundle

To book things separately, first, we’ll go to Skyscanner to research flights. Unlike most other flight search engines, it includes budget carriers like Southwest and JetBlue. Moreover, most people don’t realize that using tools like Google Flights may cause you to overlook some of the most budget-friendly flight options. Give it a try below! 👇

Next, we’ll search for Luxor on Tripadvisor. Many people don’t realize that TripAdvisor is more than just reviews, it’s also an excellent search engine for finding fantastic Vegas vacation deals. Also, always check the box ✅ “Properties With Special Offers.”

If you check the “Properties with Special Offers” box (as illustrated below), all the hotels with discounted rates, package deals, last-minute discounts, free upgrades, exclusive member-only promotions, and seasonal deals will be displayed. For example, you may find hotels with buy two nights get the third night free!

Once you’ve begun searching for hotels on Tripadvisor, make sure to check the box “Properties With Special Offers” to find fantastic Vegas vacation deals.

Many times, when we book airfare and hotel separately it’s cheaper than buying a package “deal.” For example, when using Skyscanner to book a flight and Tripadvisor to reserve a room the cost is only $438 (four nights hotel and airfare). See details below:

In other words, you’d save well over $100 by making the flight and hotel reservations on Skyscanner and Tripadvisor rather than purchasing one of the vacation packages above (in Step 1).

Step 3: Time Your Trek

Strategically plan your journey during off-peak seasons to not only avoid crowds but also to benefit from reduced prices on accommodations and activities. For Las Vegas, the low season is considered to be during the height of summer and winter, leaving out major events and holidays.

The best time of year to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and September to November when the weather is ideal. However, you’ll find amazing Vegas vacation deals on stays from Sunday through Thursday as long as a major event isn’t happening. In short, for optimal savings explore the Strip midweek or in winter, avoiding peak periods and major events, and opt for weekdays to maximize savings on flights and hotels.

Step 4: Accrue Rewards or Signup With Discount Programs

Explore loyalty programs from airlines and hotels, accumulating points that can be leveraged for discounts and exclusive perks during your Las Vegas escapade. Travel enthusiasts unlock free flights and hotel stays by diligently accumulating rewards through loyalty programs. With strategic credit card usage, frequent flyer miles, and hotel points, individuals can turn everyday spending into remarkable savings, transforming their dream vacations into reality without breaking the bank.

Save Up to 50% on Las Vegas Attractions

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Step 5: Budget-Friendly Bounty

Discover hidden gems, affordable dining options, and entertainment venues by embracing cost-effective experiences. For example, Vegas.com showcases and easily organizes tickets for the best things to do in Las Vegas. By tapping into its network, the platform curates a diverse array of budget-friendly activities beyond the usual tourist attractions.

Step 6: Flexibility is Key

Maintain an adaptable itinerary, allowing room for spontaneous opportunities and last-minute deals, ensuring a dynamic and budget-conscious Las Vegas adventure. Monitoring rates on hotel booking websites, such as Tripadvisor, or contacting the hotel directly as your travel dates approach may help you catch potential last-minute deals.

Based on our experience, hotels typically reduce rates approximately one to two weeks before your preferred travel dates. Adding this flexibility to your plans allows you to discover accommodations eager to fill rooms, ensuring the best rates. While booking hotel and airfare separately might be challenging, using a travel search engine like Priceline for a package deal can be more convenient and ensure both seats and rooms are available.

Step 7: Local Lore

Connect with the local community through forums and seek insider knowledge on economical options for lodging, dining, and exploration. For example, Vegas.com is invaluable for both locals and visitors. The site offers tips on lodging, dining, and activities.

Finding the best Vegas vacation deals can be tricky for rookie travelers, but the tips in this article make it a breeze. The importance lies mainly in comparing package deals versus booking separately and traveling from Sunday to Thursday. Landing a great deal will make your trip more enjoyable and ensure you have extra money to spend on the best the city has to offer, like eating out and exciting excursions!

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