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When it comes to experiencing Las Vegas in all its glory, few activities rival the excitement of a helicopter tour. From breathtaking views of the neon-lit Strip to exploring natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas offers a range of truly out-of-this-world helicopter adventures.

Why Choose Las Vegas for Helicopter Tours?

Las Vegas, often referred to as the “Neon Capital of the World,” boasts a unique allure that makes helicopter tours here particularly special. Whether it’s the dazzling lights of the Strip or the rugged beauty of the surrounding landscapes, Las Vegas offers a backdrop unlike any other for your aerial adventure.

🚁💰 Budget Tip: To find the best rates, compare prices between Maverick Helicopters and Papillon Helicopters, two of the most popular operators in Las Vegas. Maverick offers luxurious, high-end tours, while Papillon provides a range of budget-friendly options for a broader audience. Keep reading to find out more.


While helicopter tours are popular in various parts of the world, a few destinations stand out for their unparalleled experiences. From the tropical paradise of Hawaii to the majestic landscapes of the Grand Canyon, here are some bucket list-worthy helicopter tour destinations:

  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • New Zealand
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas

Finding Affordable Helicopter Tours in Vegas

While Las Vegas is known for luxury, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a helicopter tour here. With options ranging from daytime flights over the Strip to day trips to Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon, there are affordable choices for every budget.


*Click on the tour for more information and/or to make reservations

























The three helicopter tours above are the cheapest options for flying over the Strip during daytime or nighttime or taking day trips to Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Furthermore, all three tours go through Papillon Helicopters which typically offers the cheapest helicopter tours in Las Vegas. Below is a quick summary of the two most popular helicopter tour operators in the city.

Quick Summary

If you’re going to splurge on a helicopter ride then it makes perfect sense to do it on one of the many helicopter tours in the Entertainment Capital of the World. However, that doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. Luckily, there are affordable helicopter tour options in Vegas too.

Before making a reservation for a helicopter tour in Vegas, it’s essential to know these two things:

#1 Tip: Be sure to compare prices between Maverick Helicopters, Las Vegas’ number one 5-star luxury helicopter tour operator, and Papillon Helicopters, Las Vegas’ number one value helicopter tour operator.

Also,, the city’s number-one wholesaler for tours, attractions, and show tickets occasionally offers helicopter flight deals. For this reason, be sure to visit before finalizing reservations, especially for night flights over the Vegas Strip.

Finally, once you’ve found the best price for your dates, proceed to tip number two below.

#2 Tip: Helicopters seat between six to seven passengers. With limited seats and high demand, it’s best to make your helicopter reservation as soon as possible. Especially, if you’re looking to tour at sunset as this is the most popular time of day. Also, be sure to book it early in your trip, in case there’s questionable weather, that way your flight can be rescheduled for another day.

Compare the Prices of the Most Popular Helicopter Tours in Vegas

Like everywhere else, helicopter tours in Vegas are a bit expensive. However, they are certainly worth the splurge. Flying over The Vegas Strip at night is exhilarating. The second you board a helicopter you immediately know you’re doing something special—so kick back relax, and check it off your bucket list of adventures.

These are the three most popular helicopter tours by destination in Las Vegas.

If you think driving down The Strip is impressive, just wait until you’re hovering over it in a helicopter. It’s one of those things you’ll never regret spending money on. After all, you can always make more money but you never relive an epic Vegas trip.

Be sure to check out all of Maverick’s tours here and all of Papillon’s tours here before booking. Below are the three most popular helicopter tours by destination in Vegas.

*All prices below are per person.

1. Vegas Strip – $109 Per Person

Whether you’re going over The Vegas Strip or the Grand Canyon, all helicopter tours depart from in front of Harry Reid International Airport, along The Strip. Helicopter terminals are located just west of the airport’s runways.

Maverick’s Vegas Views Tour and Papillon’s Strip Highlights Night Flight Tour passengers will soar high above The Strip heading north passing MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, The Venetian, The STRAT, and the historic downtown, Old Vegas.

The view of the Vegas Strip from the sky is unforgettable.

From Old Vegas, the flight will begin returning south, passing Resorts World, Bellagio, and Mandalay Bay. This jaw-dropping neon extravaganza lasts about 12 to 15 minutes and is the cheapest helicopter flight you’ll find in Sin City. Of course, it’s best done at night!

The Vegas Strip Highlights Tour takes passengers on the most epic journey down The Strip, all the way to Downtown (Old Vegas).

The Vegas Strip Highlights Tour is the most highly sought-after helicopter excursion in the city. If this is something you’re interested in doing make sure to book your flight well ahead of time.

🚁 Maverick Vegas Strip Flight – Check Availability

Las Vegas Go City All-Inclusive Pass

Going on a helicopter tour over the Las Vegas Strip is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas. Luckily, it’s included in the 3-Day Go City All-Inclusive Pass, making it more affordable than most think! If you want to see a ton of stuff and save a lot of money, we highly recommend the pass. Be sure to check out the 35+ attractions by clicking here.

2. Vegas Strip & Red Rock Canyon Combo Tour – $239 Per Person

After being chauffeured in a limousine coach from your accommodation, the Vegas Strip & Red Rock Canyon Combo Tour takes passengers high above the Mojave Desert to the dramatic mountains and rosy-red cliffs of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. You’ll quickly fall in love with private flying upon the realization that the 12-minute flight (one-way) takes drivers nearly an hour to complete. Paupers, right?

The view from the private vista is the perfect location for a marriage proposal.

Next, the pilot will land on a private vista that overlooks the Vegas Strip to the east and Spring Mountain Range to the west. If you’re looking to propose, this just may be the perfect location. Either way, you’ll be celebrating the journey with a champagne toast, and about 30 minutes to take in the views at 2,900 feet.

Interested in the Vegas Strip & Red Rock Canyon Combo Tour? Book at discounted prices now!

Afterward, you’ll begin your journey back to The Strip, where you’ll take in once-in-a-lifetime views of The Gambling Capital of the World. Furthermore, you’ll cruise over stunning mansions, golf courses, part of The Strip, and Allegiant Stadium.

The Vegas Strip & Red Rock Canyon Combo Tour takes passengers from The Strip to Red Rock Canyon, a private vista, and then returns.

There is an option for a sunset tour. This extends the time at the viewpoint and allows passengers to witness the transition from day to night on the way back to The Strip—a shockingly special moment.

Tour length: 2.5 hours

🚁 Maverick Red Rock Canyon – Check Availability

Top-5 Tours in Las Vegas

  1. ⛰️ Visit the West Rim of the Grand Canyon on this full-day coach tour from Las Vegas
  2. 🏍️ Trade the Strip for the Las Vegas Dunes—and enjoy a fun-filled and fast-paced excursion on this all-terrain vehicle tour
  3. 🏞️ Experience the serenity of Emerald Cave, a picturesque natural attraction on the Colorado River on this tour
  4. 🚁 Fly to the Grand Canyon on a round-trip helicopter ride of a lifetime or fly over the Strip at night with a limo transfer!
  5. 🚌 As dusk falls, the city comes to life illuminated by the dazzling neon lights Las Vegas is famous for – take in dancing fountains and erupting volcanoes as you travel the Las Vegas Strip

3. Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and The Strip Combo Tour – $500 Per Person

You’ll be living the high life as you’re whisked away in a luxury shuttle to the heliport near The Strip. This Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and The Strip Combo Tour is the most popular helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon, and for good reason.

Where you go, the sights you see, and the picnic area will provide a “pinch me” moment—the experience is definitely bucket list material. Also, the total flight time is about 100 minutes.

Flying over the Grand Canyon is definitely a bucket list moment.

First-time flyers are guaranteed to walk away appreciating the ability of pilots to easily take passengers to places that are unattainable by foot. From Las Vegas, passengers will fly over Lake Las Vegas, before proceeding to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

For us, it’s just about impossible to look at Hoover Dam without thinking about the hilarious scene from “Vegas Vacation” with Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) attempting to climb the 726-foot embankment. Thankfully, with the helicopter’s wraparound glass and theatre-style seating, there’s no need to worry about missing a glimpse of this historic site.

The Grand Canyon Combo Tour flies over Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the Bowl of Fire.

Next, passengers will make their way to the Grand Canyon floor for a picnic of champagne, other beverages, and hors d’oeuvres. This 30 to 40-minute stop provides passengers with plenty of time to snack and take the most jaw-dropping photos.

Heading back to Vegas, passengers have time to enjoy additional views of the canyon and the Bowl of Fire. Fortunately, due to helicopter traffic patterns at Harry Reid, passengers are treated with one huge final perk. They’ll be treated to a flight down the Vegas Strip starting in downtown (Old Vegas) and ending near Mandalay Bay before landing at the heliport.

Tour length: 4 to 4.5 hours

🚁 Papillon Grand Canyon Flight – Check Availability

How to Get Cheap Helicopter Tours in Vegas in 2023

Due to astronomically high fuel and maintenance costs, helicopters are pretty much the most expensive mode of transportation on the planet. For this reason, Vegas helicopter tour companies try to price their tours based on price and destination rather than the length of the tour.

As a result, helicopter tours on The Strip last between 12-15 minutes and typically cost between $100 and $120+. Fortunately, there is a trick to getting deals and discounts on helicopter tours in Vegas.

Deals & Discounts – Flights for Less Than $100

When we’re looking for discounted helicopter tours in Vegas or tickets for shows we use works directly with the hotels and the Vegas flight operators to promote their flights at discounted prices.

Below are the steps to take to get cheap helicopter tours in Vegas.

  1. Go to
  2. See all helicopter tours available.
  3. Select one or more tours and get ready for an epic flight.

Of course, we also compare the current offers of both Maverick and Papillon to make sure we’re getting the best price.

Things to Know Before Taking Helicopter Tours in Vegas

Below are some general tips and things passengers should be aware of before their flight.

Fuel Surcharge

Flight operators are highly competitive in their pricing, literally every mile counts. As a result, none of them are including the current fuel surcharge in their pricing. Therefore, passengers should be aware that they will most likely have to pay a small fuel surcharge upon check-in. To give an idea, the surcharge for the Vegas Strip Highlights tour is $5 per person.

Looking for a fun dining experience? Here are 10 unique places to eat on The Strip.

Complimentary pick-ups only will be made at hotels. Therefore, if you’re not staying at one it may be worth traveling to one for the free transfer.

Flying over the Hoover Dam puts the enormity of the project in perspective.
Seating Arrangement

Once again, unless you’re booking a private tour, the seating arrangement on the helicopter will be calculated on the weight of the passenger. Moreover, this is to ensure the balance of the aircraft, not to discriminate against heavier people.

Passenger Weight

Passengers that weigh more than 300 lbs will have to pay an additional fee to balance out the aircraft unless booking a private tour.

If you’re wondering where we stay in Vegas, here are some budget-savvy deals.
Take the Tour Early in Your Trip

If possible, reserve your seats early in your trip. If there’s inclement weather and the tour gets postponed to later in the day or the next, you have plenty of time to reschedule.

Safety Tip

Over the years, we’ve received several safety briefings as well as general advice about being around helicopters. Below is the one piece that sticks out to us the most.

When approaching and leaving a helicopter never go near the rear of the aircraft because the tail rotor may be spinning. Technically, during normal operating procedures, they should not be spinning when boarding/disembarking. Nevertheless, the tail rotor may spin so fast that it’s nearly invisible, especially at night. Therefore, as a general safety guideline, never walk near the rear of a helicopter. Of course, you should always listen to the pilot’s instructions first.

Furthermore, in some cases, the helicopter may have a shrouded tail rotor (covered) which helps prevent accidents, which most operators in Vegas do have. Catastrophic injuries are rare but do happen. In short, a good habit is simply to stay away.

Here’s > how we get crazy cheap tickets to Vegas shows, events, and concerts.

Ideal Weather Conditions for a Helicopter Flight

Honestly, some of our helicopter rides have been a bit nerve-wracking—it’s not like flying on a plane. One time, we were emergency evacuated off the Milford Track in New Zealand due to heavy flooding during a torrential downpour. It was wet, and windy, with poor visibility, and less-than-optimal conditions to say the least.

In New Zealand, the visibility was awful during our emergency evacuation. While adventurous, it’s not an enjoyable experience for passengers to fly in rough weather.

It seems a bit silly to discuss New Zealand, but the point is that it’s not pleasant flying in severe weather, plus you can’t see anything! This is why it’s important to reserve your seat early in your trip so that in the unlikely chance there is bad weather you can reschedule for later in the day or the next.

Now, the good news! Typically, flights in Vegas are precisely the opposite of New Zealand, with ideal weather conditions for a helicopter tour. Man, does the Vegas sun feel good on the bones!

The weather in Las Vegas is perfect for taking a helicopter tour!

As a desert oasis, weather conditions are favorable for operating helicopter tours. Outside the spring season, winds tend to be fairly calm and the days are clear and sunny. As a result of this natural blessing, the helicopter handles better, making for a smoother and safer ride.

Helicopter tours in Vegas take passengers way off the beaten path. For example, there is no better way to discover the Grand Canyon than by going from the canyon floor to high in the sky in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re zooming high over the Vegas Strip, looking down on Bellagio’s dancing fountains, or exploring the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon, a helicopter tour is an unforgettable adventure and one that’s well worth the splurge.

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