How to Get Cheap Chicago to Las Vegas Flights: Quick Guide

Many Chicagoans, like ourselves, are constantly looking for cheap Chicago to Las Vegas flights, especially during the long winters when a few days of bright blue skies and warm sun can make a world of difference. There’s little doubt that a quick 3.5-hour flight to the Mojave Desert can truly transform one’s well-being. Furthermore, the Strip’s dazzling lights, pleasant weather, and vibrant nightlife provide the perfect remedy for a fantastic getaway—everyone seems to be in a good mood in Vegas, making it the perfect destination to unwind and forget the Windy City blues.

We’ve road-tripped and flown to Vegas a bunch. It’s wild how driving feels eternal compared to flying. Whether you’re behind the wheel or soaring, that first peek of the Strip is etched in memory. It’s like living scenes from TV and movies—think “The Hangover” or “Ocean’s Eleven.”

Just about everyone coming to Vegas wanted a view of Bellagio’s Fountains. Now, they want hotel rooms with a view of the Sphere!

Yet, cruising down the Strip for the first time is unreal—mind-blowing. First, there’s the Luxor pyramid, Excalibur’s whimsical castle, or New York-New York’s skyline and rollercoaster. And oh, don’t forget the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood with its mini Eiffel Tower, and the Venetian. I mean, there are so many iconic and mega hotels; it’s like a who’s who of hospitality!

Now, with the new Sphere, that might pop into view too, especially as you fly in or cruise from the airport to the Strip. Vegas is always evolving and surprising—no trip is ever the same which is why we love visiting the whacky city.

How to Get Cheap Chicago to Las Vegas Flights

We’ve spent hours researching the cheapest Chicago to Las Vegas flights. For example, we’re consistently seeing flights for less than $50 per person. They’re out there – and here’s the way to secure them.

Below we’re going to share a few invaluable tips to ensure you don’t overspend on your flight from Chicago to Las Vegas. We’re going to discuss baggage fees, flight search engines, being flexible with dates, budget airlines, and how far to book in advance for affordable Chicago-Las Vegas flights.

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Here’s a simplified three-step guide to help you find cheap flights from Chicago to Las Vegas:

1. Only Bring a Personal Items Bag – Don’t Check Luggage or Carry-On

By far, the simplest way for travelers to secure the cheapest tickets from Chicago to Las Vegas is to opt for just a personal item, skipping checked luggage or a carry-on. Surprisingly, many are unaware that the personal item can be as spacious as 18 x 14 x 8 inches—equivalent to a small duffel bag or medium-sized backpack.

Audrey utilized this cute duffel bag as a personal items bag on JetBlue without any issues.

Check out our recommended travel duffel bag and 18-inch 30L backpack; they comply with every known airline’s requirements. If you can fit all your essentials into these bags, you’ll pocket savings of at least $30+ in fees each way (for each passenger), the cost to bring a carry-on on board.

This well-made backpack has the ideal dimensions (17.3 x 12.9 x 7.8 inches) for a personal items bag—it accommodates a significant amount of belongings!

Given that the typical Vegas trip lasts just three nights, it should be quite manageable to pack all essentials into a medium-sized backpack or compact duffel bag. Essentials for men and women on a plane to Las Vegas include:

Don’t forget to don your bulkiest clothes on the plane; you can easily stow them in the overhead bin once onboard. Bringing only a personal item will save time, money, and stress. Not only will you be able to spend less time checking and retrieving luggage but you’ll also not have to worry about it getting lost or damaged.

2. Use Only the Best Flight Search Engines

When looking for flights, consider Skyscanner—unlike most other flight search engines, it includes budget carriers like Southwest and JetBlue. Using tools like Google Flights may cause you to overlook some of the most budget-friendly options available. Check it out—find cheap Chicago to Las Vegas flights now. 👇

Enter your departure city (Chicago) and destination (Las Vegas) along with your travel dates. Look for flights from budget airlines that operate on the Chicago to Las Vegas route. Typically, Spirit Air and Frontier Airlines have the lowest fees, but other carriers may offer competitive prices too.

Skyscanner’s flexible dates feature empowers users to identify the most affordable flights by comparing prices across various dates. Looking flights up by month ensures travelers can select the most cost-effective options for their specific travel plans.

Also, explore flights using “flexible dates” by month. Many flight search engines allow you to view a calendar of prices to help you identify the cheapest days to fly. This is one of the best ways to make sure you’re viewing the best cheap Chicago to Las Vegas flights.

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3. Travel During Periods of Low Demand

Las Vegas, a renowned global and U.S. hotspot, remains lively with round-the-clock excitement. However, certain periods offer more budget-friendly Chicago to Las Vegas flights and opportunities to explore the city. Whether for a quick family-friendly vacation, bachelorette party, convention, or gambling, timing matters.

The money you saved on flights can be used for an epic balcony room at the Cosmopolitan!

Peak times, from March to May and September to November, typically offer the highest number of lively events. For fewer crowds, try winter or summer. Optimal weather hits in spring and fall. Avoid June-Aug for scorching heat. Winter, though cooler, is budget-friendly. Navigate the famous Strip during the quieter winter shoulder season, or midweek for lower hotel prices. Be cautious during major conventions and avoid New Year’s Eve for massive crowds.

When is the Most Expensive Time to Visit Las Vegas?

Las Vegas peaks during New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, spring break, major events, and on weekends throughout spring, summer, and fall. Generally, this is the most expensive time to visit.

Instead of wasting money on airfare, spend it on something epic like a helicopter tour over the Strip!

The easiest way to save money is to book your trip during the weekdays—we’ll typically book Sunday to Thursday for the cheapest hotel rates. Be sure to head out of town by Friday because that’s when nightly rates can and will skyrocket fourfold, if not more!

To save costs and avoid crowds, plan visits during midweek or shoulder seasons. Be aware of peak periods for higher prices and crowded attractions. While summer is generally considered an off-peak season for Las Vegas in terms of room rates, the city still experiences high temperatures and an influx of tourists seeking entertainment, pool parties, and nightlife.

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When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Las Vegas?

Visit Las Vegas affordably by opting for midweek stays, and avoiding major holidays and events. Summer months (excluding holidays) and winter (except New Year’s Eve) offer lower hotel rates—winter, though cooler, is budget-friendly. Dodge major events and book in advance. Consider early fall or late spring for pleasant weather and reasonable prices.

Once you find a reasonable fare, book your flight well in advance. Typically, the lowest fares will be about 5 to 7 weeks from the departure date.

Also, keep an eye on promotions, discounts, or flash sales offered by airlines, especially Southwest, Spirit, and Frontier Airlines. It may be worthwhile following these airlines on social media or subscribing to newsletters to stay informed about any special deals about 12 weeks from your expected departure date.

By following these three steps, you can increase your chances of securing a more affordable flight from Chicago to Las Vegas. Remember to remain flexible with your travel plans and be proactive in monitoring prices for the best opportunities.

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