Cheapest Shows in Las Vegas – Under $30 per Ticket

In the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” you can find a wealth of amusement without breaking the bank. Some tourists presume that attending the cheapest shows in Las Vegas implies a lack of excitement, subpar quality, and, quite frankly, a dull experience. In fact, most of the time it’s the exact opposite.

Certainly, there might not be the grandeur and extravagance of a Cirque du Soleil production, which could easily be priced at six times the cost. However, the more affordable shows in Las Vegas take place in smaller venues, creating a more intimate and private setting where the connection between the performer and the audience is easier to establish. Also, these shows often involve audience participation, engagement, and sometimes even active involvement in the acts.

Moreover, in the world’s most competitive city for entertainment, you can be assured of witnessing top-tier performances, as only the most exceptional talents successfully navigate the rigorous standards.

Mike Hammer has one of the cheapest shows in Las Vegas and one of the best! [Mike Hammer, second from the right]
Luckily, the cheapest shows in Las Vegas come in a wide variety, including world-class musical performances, magic shows, and comedy acts.  While ticket prices can vary based on factors such as the performer, show type, and seating location, below are some popular shows in Las Vegas that are less than $30 per ticket.

Cheapest Shows in Las Vegas

Keep in mind that ticket prices may fluctuate based on the time of year, demand, and the popularity of the show. Below are the cheapest shows in Las Vegas.

1. “Laughternoon” with Adam London

Adam London’s “Laughternoon” is a family-friendly comedy and magic show that combines humor with impressive magic tricks. His performances often involve audience interaction, playful banter, and a lighthearted atmosphere.

Adam London’s “Laughternoon” is the cheapest show in Las Vegas and is family-friendly!

Adam London incorporates a mix of classic and original magic routines with a comedic twist. His humor is often described as clever, witty, and suitable for audiences of all ages.

🤣 “Laughternoon” with Adam London > Check Availability

2. Banachek’s Mind Games

Banachek, whose real name is Steve Shaw, has been a prominent figure in the magic and mentalism community.

Showcases the talents of Banachek, a renowned mentalist and illusionist who specializes in the field of mentalism and psychic entertainment. Banachek incorporates elements of psychology, suggestion, and traditional magic techniques to deliver an entertaining and thought-provoking experience.

🔮 Banachek’s Mind Games > Check Availability

3. Farrell Dillon – Hilarious Magic

Farrell Dillon

Recognized for his comedic and enchanting approach to magic, Farrell Dillon infuses skillful illusions with humor to create an entertaining and amusing show. The “Hilarious Magic” descriptor implies that his performances not only showcase impressive magic tricks but also incorporate a strong comedic element.

🤣✨ Farrell Dillon – Hilarious Magic > Check Availability

4. Nathan Burton Magic Show

Nathan Burton

Features the magic talents of Nathan Burton, a magician renowned for his dynamic and humorous style. His show typically includes a blend of classic and modern magic tricks, audience participation, and comedic elements.

🎩 Nathan Burton Magic Show > Check Availability

5. Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater

Combining comedy with the playful performances of trained animals, “Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater” stands out as an engaging live performance. As an esteemed circus performer and comedian, Popovich’s show features rescued animals, including dogs and cats, participating in delightful routines and captivating stunts. Recognized for its family-friendly and entertaining presentation of animal talents, this production’s joyful approach is a highlight.

🤣🐶 Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater > Check Availability

6. Escape Reality Magic of Garry & Janine Carson

Garry and Janine Carson

Showcasing the talents of Garry and Janine Carson, renowned for their expertise in escapology—the captivating art of freeing oneself from restraints and confinement.

⛓️ Escape Reality Magic of Garry & Janine Carson > Check Availability

7. Hip-Nosis Starring Justin Tranz

Experience the allure of hypnosis, mesmerization, or other intriguing states. With over 10,000 comedy stage hypnosis shows under his belt, Justin Tranz has expertly guided more than 250,000 individuals into a state of delightful “sleep.”

Justin Tranz: Hip-nosis

For over 15 years, Justin has been a headline act in Las Vegas. He’s been featured on Playboy TV’s highest-rated show, “The Extreme Truth,” and holds the unique distinction of being the only hypnotist with a Broadway Show. His talents extend beyond the stage, as he hypnotizes professional athletes to achieve peak performance.

😵 Hip-Nosis Starring Justin Tranz > Check Availability

8. Cheap Comedy Clubs

Boasting a diverse array of affordable comedy clubs, each offering a unique experience to cater to varied tastes—not only are these some of the cheapest shows in Las Vegas but they’re also some of the best things to do. Furthermore, the comedy clubs mentioned below have tickets available for under $30. Naturally, the pricing may be influenced by the headlining performer and the day of the week.

  • L.A. Comedy Club: Located in the Stratosphere, L.A. Comedy Club offers a mix of stand-up comedy and alternative comedic acts.
  • Laugh Factory: Tropicana’s Laugh Factory presents a roster of skilled comedians delivering stand-up comedy sets. Renowned for showcasing a blend of seasoned performers and emerging talents, the club offers a stage for a variety of comedic styles.
  • Vegas Stand UP & Rock Comedy Club: Prepare for continuous laughter from the instant the stage lights illuminate at OYO Hotel. Featuring a diverse range of comedians, including flexible acrobats, musical stand-up performers, and beyond, Vegas Stand UP & Rock Comedy Club guarantees a transformation from a frown to hearty laughter.
  • Las Vegas Live Comedy Club: Each night, catch top-tier comedians on stage at the Las Vegas Live Comedy Club. Hosted in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. It features resident headliner Edwin San Juan and a lineup of comedians featured on HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central specials.
  • Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club: Situated at The LINQ Promenade along the iconic Las Vegas Strip, Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club is a testament to the city’s comedic roots. This comedy club, curated by Kimmel himself, spans dual levels and provides comedians with a posh venue to entertain audiences.

9. Mike Hammer Comedy Magic

Mike Hammer

In the realm of edgy comedy and magic, Mike Hammer truly excels. Boasting over 25 years of experience, Hammer is a seasoned performer with a knack for sharp comebacks and audience improvisation. His dynamic show includes mind-reading feats, the daring act of swallowing double-edged razor blades, along with a mix of gags, pranks, and outright mayhem.

🤣✨ Mike Hammer Comedy Magic > Check Availability

10. Murray the Magician

Murray the Magician

With his distinctive wild, electric blond hair, Murray is an unmistakable figure. This charismatic magician garnered attention as a semifinalist on the NBC hit show “America’s Got Talent.” One of his standout moments on the show involved executing the largest magic trick ever performed. He made a 1918 steam train locomotive vanish in mere seconds.

🧙🏻‍♂️ Murray the Magician > Check Availability

11. Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

The captivating world of the mind takes center stage with “Paranormal” at Horseshoe Las Vegas. In this show, the magic, mind-reading, hypnosis, and mystery extend beyond mere thoughts.

International mentalist Frederic Da Silva in “Paranormal.”

With the power to delve into your thoughts, he makes predictions that defy belief. Whether revealing the name of the person on your mind or predicting the contents of your pocket, be prepared for a mind-blowing experience.

🕵️ Paranormal Mind Reading Magic > Check Availability

12. The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge is The Mentalist.

Gerry McCambridge boasts one of the most distinctive acts and one of the most unique job titles: Mentalist. Operating in this intriguing role, McCambridge delves into the minds of random audience members. Using his talent, he foresees the outcome of unpredictable scenarios throughout the performance. Infused with humor and abundant audience engagement, each show guarantees a distinct experience.

🔮 The Mentalist > Check Availability

Attending the cheapest shows in Las Vegas doesn’t equate to a dull experience. Quite the opposite – intimate venues, captivating performers, and budget-friendly prices can leave you more satisfied than a high-priced show with grandeur and extravagance.

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