Funniest Comedy Shows in Las Vegas in 2024 > Ranked

Las Vegas attracts tourists because of its entertainment options, including high-end comedy that adds to the city’s lively and energetic atmosphere. Moreover, its unique blend of amazing Strip attractions, fun dining experiences, and comedic shows makes Las Vegas a unique and exciting getaway for those seeking it out.

Attending comedy shows in Las Vegas guarantees an evening of top-notch humor from comedians in a city known for its lively entertainment scene.

Catch Jerry Seinfeld’s limited residency at Caesars Palace—secure your seats with early ticket purchases!

Comedy show prices in Las Vegas can range from cheap to quite expensive, accommodating various budgets with affordable and upscale options. Regardless of the ticket cost, the city’s fantastic comedian lineup ensures a laughter-filled experience.

No matter your budget, both expensive and budget-friendly shows deliver tons of laughs. Furthermore, the comedic entertainment in Las Vegas guarantees a night of laughter and enjoyment.

Sebastian Maniscalco, the uproarious comedian, is back in Las Vegas for a residency at the Wynn for select 2024 shows—grab your tickets!

There are tons of comedic performances to choose from including classic comedy shows, stand-up comedians, improv groups, comedic magicians, and even comedy-musical acts. The city’s entertainment scene includes a complete spectrum of comedic styles, spanning from observational humor and satire to slapstick comedy and clever storytelling.

Best Comedy Shows in Las Vegas > Ranked From Hero to Zero

Given the many acts and choices, selecting a comedic show or two during your vacation might seem daunting—no worries! We’ve taken the initiative to rank them from the best to the least favorable.

First, we’re going to highlight the top five funniest shows, irrespective of their specific category. Following that, we’ll check out the following categories:

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5 Funniest Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

To ensure you leave with aching stomachs from laughter, we recommend these five comedy shows in Las Vegas. These selections promise an unforgettable experience—these are the shows we recommend to our family and friends, and we ranked them! 😉

1. Mac King Comedy Magic Show – Excalibur

Recognized as the top comedy magician globally, Mac King enchants audiences in a 70-minute show with goldfish antics, grizzly bear stunts, and hilarious sleight-of-hand. His unmatched wit and dynamic audience engagement ensure each performance is uniquely entertaining.

🤣 Mac King Comedy Magic Show > Check Availability

2. Piff the Magic Dragon – Flamingo

Since rising on America’s Got Talent in 2015, Piff the Magic Dragon has won America’s affection with Vegas residencies, TV fame, and extensive touring. Headlining at the Flamingo Hotel for five years, he clinched TBS’ Tournament of Laughs in 2020 and earned multiple Best of Las Vegas Awards.

🐲🤣 Piff the Magic Dragon > Check Availability

3. Farrell Dillon – Hilarious Magic – Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club

In Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club, Farrell Dillon’s fresh show offers a comedic and enchanting exploration of magical arts. A Chavez School of Magic graduate, featured on Masters of Illusion and The Today Show, Dillon, nominated for Best Stage Magician by the Magic Castle, showcases a captivating blend of sleight of hand, daring feats, and more. A must-see in Vegas!

🤣🧙‍♂️ Farrell Dillon – Hilarious Magic > Check Availability

4. Mike Hammer Comedy Magic – Four Queens

In the realm of edgy comedy and magic, Mike Hammer excels. With over 25 years of experience, Hammer, a quick-witted master, delivers a hard-hitting show featuring mind reading, razor blade swallowing, pranks, and audience participation. Having entertained nationwide, including corporate events and MMA competitions, Hammer’s Vegas show promises a unique, Hammer’d experience.

🤣🔨 Mike Hammer Comedy Magic > Check Availability

5. Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine – Four Queens

In his show, Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine, award-winning hypnotist Kevin Lepine provides an uproarious comedy experience intertwined with mind-bending hypnosis. Tailored for adults, Lepine, dubbed “the rock star of hypnosis,” brings wild fun to the stage, promising an unforgettable night in Las Vegas.

🤣😵 Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepin > Check Availability

Classic Comedy Shows

Las Vegas classic comedy shows blend stand-up with minimal prop usage, steering clear of magic or incorporating it sparingly. The primary emphasis is on delivering laughter to the audience. Below are the four best classic comedy shows in Las Vegas, ranked!

1. Carrot Top – Luxor

Carrot Top’s Las Vegas show is a high-energy comedy experience filled with prop-based humor, witty observations, and interactive audience engagement.

🤣 Carrot Top > Check Availability

2. Adam London Laughternoon – Orleans

Adam London’s “Laughternoon” show is a family-friendly comedy performance featuring clever humor, magic tricks, and engaging interactions that entertain audiences of all ages.

🤣 Adam London Laughternoon > Check Availability

3. Terry Fator: Who’s the Dummy Now > New York-New York

Terry Fator’s “Who’s the Dummy Now” is a dynamic show where ventriloquism meets music, comedy, and celebrity impressions, creating an entertaining and diverse performance.

🤣 Terry Fator: Who’s the Dummy Now > Check Availability

4. Vicki Barbolak > Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club

Vicki Barbolak’s show is a sidesplitting comedy experience, blending her unique humor, relatable anecdotes, and endearing charm for a memorable night of laughter.

🤣 Vicki Barbolak > Check Availability

Magic Comedy Shows

Typically, magic shows in Las Vegas incorporate humor as an integral part of their performances. Magicians often blend comedic elements with their illusions to engage and entertain the audience, creating a more dynamic and enjoyable experience, creating a world of wonder and entertainment for audiences seeking awe-inspiring and enchanting experiences. Below are the 11 best magic comedy shows, ranked!

1. Mac King Comedy Magic Show – Excalibur

Mac King’s Comedy Magic Show is a magical delight, featuring a perfect blend of humor and astonishing tricks, creating a charming and unforgettable experience.

🤣 Mac King Comedy Magic Show > Check Availability

2. Piff the Magic Dragon – Flamingo

Piff the Magic Dragon’s show is a hilarious and enchanting performance, combining magic, comedy, and a unique dragon persona for a one-of-a-kind experience.

🤣 Piff the Magic Dragon > Check Availability

3. Farrell Dillon > Hilarious Magic – Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club

In Farrell Dillon’s “Hilarious Magic” show, witness a blend of uproarious comedy and mesmerizing magic, ensuring an entertaining and unforgettable experience that will leave you in stitches.

🤣 Farrell Dillon – Hilarious Magic > Check Availability

4. Mike Hammer Comedy Magic – Four Queens

Mike Hammer’s show offers a dynamic fusion of comedy and magic, with witty comebacks, engaging the audience, mind-reading, and daring stunts, providing an unforgettable spectacle in Las Vegas.

🤣 Mike Hammer Comedy Magic > Check Availability

5. Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine – Four Queens

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine guarantees a wild and entertaining journey, combining razor-sharp humor with mind-blowing hypnosis for an unforgettable comedic thrill.

🤣 Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepin > Check Availability

6. Tape Face – MGM Grand

Tape Face’s show is a silent and surreal spectacle, blending mime, comedy, and audience interaction, creating a uniquely entertaining experience that speaks volumes without uttering a word.

🤣 Tape Face > Check Availability

7. Nathan Burton Magic Show – Showcase Mall

Nathan Burton’s performance is an energetic blend of comedy and magic, showcasing illusions, audience involvement, and rapid-fire humor, ensuring a vibrant and enjoyable spectacle.

🤣 Nathan Burton Magic Show > Check Availability

8. Hip-Nosis Starring Justin Tranz – Notoriety

Hip-Nosis starring Justin Tranz promises an engaging and unforgettable Las Vegas show, highlighting Justin Tranz’s captivating hypnosis skills infused with humor for a mesmerizing experience.

🤣 Hip-Nosis Starring Justin Tranz > Check Availability

9. Murray the Magician – Laugh Factory

Murray the Magician’s performance is an enchanting blend of magic and comedy, featuring astonishing illusions, audience engagement, and humor for an entertaining and captivating spectacle.

🤣 Murray the Magician > Check Availability

10. Penn & Teller – Rio

Penn & Teller’s Las Vegas show is a brilliant fusion of magic, comedy, and skepticism. Furthermore, it showcases their iconic duo act with mind-bending illusions and humorous banter for an unforgettable experience.

🤣 Penn & Teller > Check Availability

11. HYPROV! – Harrah’s

Conceived by “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” star Colin Mochrie and hypnotist Asad Mecci, HYPROV! delivers uproarious laughs through hypnotic suggestions and spontaneous improv. Each unique show features audience members, including top-tier improvisers, creating fresh jokes and situations under hypnosis.

🤣 HYPROV! > Check Availability

Adult Comedy Shows

Adult comedy shows in Las Vegas span a spectrum from subtly suggestive to overtly explicit. It’s recommended to review each show’s details and reviews beforehand to align with individual preferences. Below are the four best adult comedy shows in Las Vegas, ranked!

1. Zombie Burlesque – Planet Hollywood

Zombie Burlesque in Las Vegas is a risqué and humorous theatrical production, fusing classic burlesque with a zombie twist, offering an unforgettable, lively, and entertaining experience.

🤣 Zombie Burlesque > Check Availability

2. Absinthe – Caesars Palace

Absinthe is a daring and unconventional circus performance with acrobatics, comedy, and eccentric acts, creating a bold and unforgettable spectacle under the Big Top.

🤣 Absinthe > Check Availability

3. Atomic Saloon Show – Venetian

Atomic Saloon is a wild and comedic frontier-style production, featuring acrobatics, singing, and risqué humor in a lively saloon setting under the Big Top.

🤣 Atomic Saloon Show > Check Availability

4. Opium (OPM) – Cosmopolitan [Canceled 2024]

Opium is an outrageous space-themed variety show featuring comedy, acrobatics, and unconventional acts, set in a fantastical world that is both eccentric and entertaining.

🤣 Opium (OPM) > Check Availability [Canceled 2024]

Comedy Clubs Shows

Las Vegas comedy clubs offer an intimate and interactive atmosphere, featuring a diverse lineup of comedians, from emerging talents to established headliners, creating a casual yet entertaining setting for laughter with the convenience of food and drink service. Below are the seven best comedy clubs in Las Vegas, ranked!

1. Comedy Cellar – Rio

The Comedy Cellar is an intimate club hosting a variety of stand-up comedians, providing a casual and lively setting for laughter and entertainment. Nightly, five comedians take the stage to showcase their comedic prowess, leaving the entire audience in stitches. Icons like Dave Chappelle, Ray Romano, and Jon Stewart began their journey here, paving the way for their illustrious careers.

🤣 Comedy Cellar > Check Availability

2. Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club – MGM Grand

Renowned for his part in the Emmy award-winning sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Brad Garrett comes full circle to his Vegas origins with his comedy club at the MGM Grand. Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club is a diverse lineup of stand-up comedians in a vibrant setting, promising an evening of laughter and entertainment.

🤣 Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club > Check Availability

3. LA Comedy Club – The STRAT

L.A. Comedy Club follows a straightforward format, dedicating most stage time to The Happy Hour Variety Show with Julio Gonzalez. Headliners like Felipe Esparza, who competed on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” and others with Showtime, HBO, or Comedy Central credits—Willie Ferrell, Tom Rhodes, Joey Medina, Butch Bradley, and Shang—are featured.

A distinctive aspect is pairing these headliners with a local Las Vegas host, fostering and promoting both professional and local comedic talent in this top-notch venue. LA Comedy Club offers a dynamic and humorous showcase of stand-up comedians, creating a lively atmosphere for an enjoyable night of laughter and entertainment.

🤣 LA Comedy Club > Check Availability

4. Laugh Factory

A launching pad for numerous comedians, the Laugh Factory, acclaimed as “The No. 1 Comedy Club in the Country” by USA Today, is a global comedy destination with locations in Long Beach, Chicago, and Las Vegas. Moreover, Laugh Factory is a lively comedy venue hosting a variety of stand-up acts, promising a night of humor and entertainment in a vibrant setting.

🤣 Laugh Factory > Check Availability

5. Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club – The LINQ

Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club features an array of stand-up comedians in a vibrant atmosphere, offering a night of laughter and entertainment in a lively setting.

🤣 Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club > Check Availability

6. Downtown Comedy Lounge – Notoriety

Downtown Comedy Lounge is a lively venue presenting a mix of stand-up comedians, offering a night of humor and entertainment in a dynamic and engaging setting.

🤣 Downtown Comedy Lounge > Check Availability

7. Vegas Stand Up & Rock Comedy Club – OYO Hotel & Casino

Vegas Stand Up & Rock Comedy Club hosts a blend of stand-up comedy and rock music performances, creating an energetic and entertaining atmosphere for patrons.

🤣 Vegas Stand UP & Rock Comedy Club > Check Availability

Residencies in 2024

Comedy residencies in Las Vegas involve established comedians regularly performing at a specific venue for an extended period—however, dates are extremely limited. Furthermore, these ongoing shows, often held in dedicated comedy clubs or entertainment venues, provide audiences with the opportunity to enjoy consistent and high-quality comedic performances from renowned comedians. Finally, below are the best residencies for comedy in Las Vegas.

Sebastian Maniscalco – Wynn

Sebastian Maniscalco’s show is a comedic triumph. It spotlights the observational humor and charismatic delivery of the acclaimed comedian for an entertaining and enjoyable performance.

🤣 Sebastian Maniscalco > Check Availability

Eddie Griffin – Planet Hollywood

Eddie Griffin’s show in Las Vegas is a comedic extravaganza, highlighting the sharp wit and humor of the seasoned comedian for a lively and entertaining performance.

🤣 Eddie Griffin > Check Availability

Jerry Seinfeld – Caesars Palace

Jerry Seinfeld’s show is a comedic masterpiece, featuring the iconic comedian’s timeless humor and observational wit in an engaging and entertaining performance.

🤣 Jerry Seinfeld > Check Availability

Rich Little – Laugh Factory

Rich Little’s show is a comedic delight, showcasing the legendary impressionist’s talent with humor and wit in an entertaining and engaging performance.

🤣 Rich Little > Check Availability

David Spade – Venetian

David Spade’s show is a comedic gem, showcasing the witty and sarcastic humor of the seasoned comedian for an entertaining and enjoyable performance.

🤣 David Spade > Check Availability

Jeff Dunham – Planet Hollywood

Jeff Dunham’s show is a ventriloquial spectacle, featuring the renowned comedian and his cast of characters for a laughter-filled and entertaining performance.

🤣 Jeff Dunham > Check Availability

John Caparulo – Jimmy Kimmel Comedy Club

John Caparulo’s show is a comedic delight, featuring the humorous observations of the seasoned comedian in an entertaining and engaging performance.

🤣 John Caparulo > Check Availability

Jim Jefferies – Mirage

Jim Jefferies‘ show is a comedic spectacle, featuring the irreverent and sharp-witted humor of the acclaimed comedian.

🤣 Jim Jefferies > Check Availability

Impractical Jokers – Resorts World

Impractical Jokers show is a hilarious production, featuring the comedic antics of the popular comedy troupe.

🤣 Impractical Jokers > Check Availability

Theatre Comedy Shows

Comedy theatre acts in Las Vegas consist of comedic performances in a dedicated venue, offering scripted humor for audiences.

1. Menopause the Musical – Harrah’s

Menopause the Musical” is a comedic celebration of women’s shared experiences, blending humor, music, and relatable tales of menopause in an entertaining and lively production.

🤣 Menopause the Musical > Check Availability

2. Marriage Can Be Murder Dinner Show – Orleans

Marriage Can Be Murder” is a comedic dinner show, entwining murder mystery with humor. The best part, it encourages audience participation and adds an entertaining twist to dining out.

🤣 Marriage Can Be Murder Dinner Show > Check Availability

3. V – The Ultimate Variety Show – Planet Hollywood

V – The Ultimate Variety Show is a dynamic spectacle. In summary, it features a diverse range of acts. Including, everything from magic and comedy to acrobatics, creating a captivating and entertaining performance.

🤣 V – The Ultimate Variety Show > Check Availability

4. Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater – Planet Hollywood

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater is a whimsical and entertaining production. Furthermore, it blends comedy and skilled performances by adorable animals, creating a lighthearted and enjoyable spectacle.

🤣 Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater > Check Availability

5. Potted Potter > All 7 Harry Potter Books in 70 Minutes – Horseshoe

In mind-blowing fashion, “Potted Potter” condenses all seven Harry Potter books into 70 minutes. In short, it delivers a hilarious and fast-paced comedic journey through the magical world of J.K. Rowling’s creation.

🤣 Potted Potter > Check Availability

6. Jew Man Group – Tuscany Suites & Casino

Jew Man Group at Tuscany Suites & Casino’s Copa Room is a humorous musical tribute, featuring iconic Jewish tribute performers. Also, comedy bits are presented in a down-to-earth, timeless, and delightful celebration.

🤣 Jew Man Group > Check Availability

Comedy shows in Las Vegas promise an unforgettable night of laughter, featuring world-renowned comedians and diverse comedic styles. The vibrant atmosphere, unique performances, and renowned venues create an entertaining experience, making it a must-do activity for those seeking humor and a memorable night out in the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

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