Score! 2024’s Cheapest Places to Live and Kick Back!!

Americans may be drawn to these cheapest places to live for various reasons, including lower living costs, diverse cultures, picturesque landscapes, and the opportunity for adventure and exploration. Some may also seek a change of pace or a more relaxed lifestyle in retirement.

It’s important to note that individual preferences and circumstances vary, so not all Americans would have the same motivations for considering these destinations. Additionally, factors like visa requirements, healthcare, and political stability should be considered when contemplating a move to a foreign country.

Cheapest Places to Live in 2024

Swap bills for thrills! Moving to a budget-friendly foreign spot means more bang for your buck. Enjoy a richer lifestyle, exotic experiences, and a chance to save. It’s like upgrading to first class without breaking the bank—new adventures await at a wallet-friendly cost.

We’re about to spill the beans on the cheapest places to live in 2024. But hey, before we dive into that, let’s hit the pause button for a moment, okay? ⏯

Parque Ecológico de Xochimilco, located just outside Mexico City.

Before you turn that dream into reality, give it a trial run. Visiting a country first is like a pre-move party—you get a taste of the energy, vibe-check the locals, and ensure it’s a match made in travel heaven. In other words, before you up and move, make sure this vacation spot feels like home sweet home.

So, grab your bags, dip your toes, and make sure the country you’re eyeing is not just love at first sight but a long-term affair. Because, let’s be real, you would never move into a house without checking it out first. If you want to cut costs on your trip, don’t miss this money-saving tip! Check it out below. 🤑👇

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1. Mexico

Pack your sombrero and get ready for a siesta-filled adventure. Mexico isn’t just about tacos and tequila; it’s a budget-friendly paradise. With a lower cost of living, you’ll find your dollars stretching like never before, making room for more guacamole and beach time.

Mexico’s Puerta Vallarata is a favorite city for American expats.


The vibrant culture, friendly locals, and diverse landscapes add the perfect seasoning to this south-of-the-border fiesta. So, why settle for the same old routine when you can spice up your life, savoring affordable living and endless sunshine in Mexico? It’s not just a move; it’s a mariachi-infused upgrade!

2. Vietnam

Get ready to trade your daily grind for a bowl of pho and some Vietnamese adventures. Vietnam isn’t just a tropical haven; it’s a budget-friendly playground. With a wallet-friendly cost of living, you’ll be living like a king on a shoestring budget, exploring bustling markets and tranquil landscapes.

Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) at sunset.

From Hanoi’s vibrant chaos to Ha Long Bay’s serene beauty, Vietnam’s charm and affordability make it the ultimate destination for savvy explorers. So, ditch the ordinary, hop on a scooter, and embrace the affordable magic that Vietnam has to offer – it’s not just a move; it’s a pho-nominal lifestyle upgrade!

3. Moldova

Pack your bags and get ready to discover the hidden gem of affordability, Moldova! This European treasure might not be on everyone’s radar, but it’s a budget-savvy dream come true. With a cost of living that won’t break the bank, you can savor local wines, explore charming villages, and soak up the warm hospitality.

Moldova is consistently ranked as the cheapest country to visit in Europe.

Moldova might be small, but it’s big on heart, offering an affordable escape that’s not just a move but a delightful journey into a land where every lei (local currency) feels like a treasure. Say yes to Moldova – where your wallet stays happy, and the adventures keep rolling.

4. Ecuador

Get ready for an affordable adventure in Ecuador, where every dollar becomes a passport to paradise. This South American jewel isn’t just about the Galápagos; it’s a budget-friendly playground for savvy expats. With a lower cost of living, you can savor exotic fruits at the local markets, explore the lush Amazon rainforest, and dance to the rhythm of vibrant festivals.

Looking out over the city of Quito in Ecuador.

Ecuador offers not just a change in latitude but a lifestyle upgrade where your savings go further, and every day feels like a carnival. So, ditch the pricey routines and say hola to a land where affordability meets adventure – Ecuador awaits with open arms and a pocket-friendly vibe.

5. Philippines

Prepare for a tropical escape that won’t burn a hole in your pocket—the Philippines is calling. This archipelago of paradise isn’t just about pristine beaches; it’s a budget-friendly haven for the adventurer in you. With a wallet-friendly cost of living, you can feast on mouthwatering street food, island-hop through crystal-clear waters, and indulge in the warm hospitality of the locals.

The Philippines is a fantastic location for water lovers.

In the Philippines, your dollars stretch like a hammock on the beach, making it not just a move but a sun-soaked journey into affordability, where everyday life feels like a holiday. Pack your sunscreen and flip-flops—it’s time to live the island dream.

6. Guatemala

Picture this: vibrant markets, ancient ruins, and a lifestyle that won’t dent your wallet—welcome to Guatemala. This Central American gem is a budget-savvy paradise where your quetzals (local currency) go further. With a cost of living that’s lighter than a feather, you can explore colorful colonial towns, savor the flavors of street food, and trek through lush jungles without breaking the bank.

Guatemala is an excellent choice for those seeking residence in Central America.

Guatemala is not just a move; it’s an affordable fiesta, where every day feels like a celebration and every expense feels like a steal. Pack your bags, because the land of eternal spring awaits with open arms and a promise of affordable adventures.

7. Cambodia

Get ready to turn the page on your adventure with Cambodia, where affordable living meets Southeast Asian charm. This kingdom isn’t just about ancient temples; it’s a budget-friendly playground for savvy expats. With a cost of living that’s as easy on the wallet as a tropical breeze, you can explore bustling markets, indulge in flavorful street eats, and dive into the rich cultural tapestry.

In Cambodia you can go out for a nice meal with drinks for less than $10 per person.

Cambodia offers not just a change in scenery but a lifestyle upgrade where your dollars stretch like a hammock, making it not just a move but a pocket-friendly journey into a land of smiles and affordable wonders.

8. Thailand

Pack your sense of adventure, because Thailand is not just a destination; it’s a wallet-friendly wonderland. With a cost of living that’s more smile-inducing than a tuk-tuk ride, you can savor street food feasts, lounge on stunning beaches, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture without giving your bank account a workout.

Thailand isn’t anywhere near as cheap as it use to be, however, there are still areas that provide excellent value.

Thailand is the ultimate mix of affordability and exotic charm, where your baht (local currency) becomes a ticket to a land where every day feels like a tropical vacation. Say yes to Thailand—where the sun shines, the noodles are endless, and your budget is as free as a floating lantern in the night sky.

9. Namibia

Ever dreamt of wide-open spaces, stunning landscapes, and a wallet-friendly lifestyle? If so, then Namibia’s calling your name. This African gem isn’t just about dunes and deserts; it’s a budget-savvy paradise.

Namibia attracts expats with its stunning landscapes, low population density, and overall quality of life.

With a cost of living that won’t play hard to get, you can roam the vast landscapes, mingle with friendly locals, and bask in the warm glow of affordability. Namibia is not just a move; it’s an adventure into a land where your dollars go further, and every day feels like a safari of savings. So, dust off your explorer hat—Namibia awaits with open arms and endless horizons.

10. India

Ever fancied a land where spices dance, colors pop, and your wallet sings with joy? Welcome to India, where affordability meets the extraordinary. With a cost of living that’s lighter than a feather, you can dive into bustling markets, savor flavorful street food, and embark on a journey where every rupee feels like a magic carpet ride.

Expats are drawn to India for its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and career opportunities.

India isn’t just a move; it’s a spicy, vibrant, and budget-friendly escape where your savings stretch as far as the Ganges flows. Pack your bags and join the chai-sipping, curry-loving parade – incredible experiences await in the heart of affordability!

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