Post Travel Day Skincare Routine – For All Skin Types

Due to the recirculated, excessively dry air on board an aircraft, flying can quickly result in skin dehydration and breakouts. Unfortunately, all skin types become dehydrated after a lengthy journey, and most of us start to feel the effects after just a few hours on board. When there is a moisture shortage in the surroundings, the air will pull water from anywhere it can, even our skin.

Normally oily skin may produce more oil to make up for dry skin, which typically results in clogged pores and even breakouts. Dry skin will appear flaky and lifeless. It is important to minimize these negative effects by showing your skin some extra love and taking care of it once you arrive at your destination.

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Post Travel Skincare Routine

Here are some useful tips on how to give your skin a little TLC after a long journey.

Deep Cleanse

After a lengthy or stressful flight, taking a shower is your top concern, but take some time to deeply cleanse your skin before a shower. To avoid skin looking breaking out or dull, remove any makeup residue, dirt, and debris from the airport and the plane. Opt for a soft creamy product if your skin is exceptionally dry after the flight.

Light Exfoliation

After a flight, dry, flaky skin can quickly accumulate, so it’s wise to address the issue immediately and give the face an exfoliating treatment. Even if your skin doesn’t seem dry, exfoliation will remove any trapped oil or germs and aid in avoiding breakouts. Try a quick, convenient pre-soaked pad for the cabin, or if there is more time, a mask.

We suggest a mask with a blend of pineapple enzymes and natural fruit acids to softly yet thoroughly exfoliate skin because a fresh gel texture is revitalizing after a flight.

Rich Moisturizer to Replenish

Drink plenty of water to restore your body and moisturize dehydrated skin. You can also boost your skin by applying a rich moisturizer like the Blue Lagoon hydrating cream which is rich in nutrients and electrolytes. Make sure to apply the cream right after cleansing and exfoliating, as your skin will be most responsive to capturing and retaining moisture.

Apply Antioxidants

Applying a thin layer of a hyaluronic acid-based serum every hour you travel is an excellent suggestion for preventing dehydration while traveling to make sure you show up refreshed. We also advise carrying a moisturizing face mist with you on the journey and after to refresh and stimulate your complexion. After a flight if your skin is inflamed, sensitive, or red after a flight, gently cleanse it as soon as possible, and consider using an antioxidant serum to calm and rebalance it.

Eye Mask

Eye masks are typically transparent, so you can also use them while traveling. Also, eye masks are made to maximize skin hydration as you sleep on a flight. Make sure your sunscreen is packed, and when you arrive, gently massage your face to enhance a dull complexion by increasing blood flow to the skin. Or, plan a couples massage getaway.

Hydrating Overnight Mask

The night before flying, or even before boarding, wear an overnight hydration mask to combat the absence of humidity while in flight. These very moisturizing masks are typically transparent, making it simple to wear them on a plane along with a moisturizer or hydrating spray.

You should not test new items on vacations or other journeys, so leave your recently purchased samples at home. Instead, you can also tell us what you usually do to show your skin some extra love after long hours of travel.

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