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Looking for the best Macedonia bucket list and travel guide? How about checking off the best of what the country has to offer in a bucket list of Macedonia? As a traveler, after you decide on what country to explore creating an itinerary can be quite difficult.

You want to be sure you have the opportunity to check off all of the “best of” cities, attractions, and experiences. After scouring guidebooks, blog posts, and Instagram feeds, you may plead, “Can someone just tell me where to go and what to do?!”

Macedonia Travel Guide and Bucket List

There are a few countries that travelers often reach out to us about, usually with a very general, “I’m thinking of visiting Macedonia. What do you recommend?” We decided to create a Bucket List checklist to help other travelers get the most out of their time within a country.

In this bucket list to Macedonia, we outline the very best of the country, all in an easy, printable, organized one-page document.

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Must-See Museums & Attractions 

  • Roman ruins of Heraclea, Bitola
  • Ancient ruins of Stobi, Stobi
  • Bay of Bones, Ohrid
  • Skopje Roman Aqueduct, Skopje
  • Saint Naum Monastery, Ohrid

Breathtaking Views 

  • Church of Saint John Kaneo, Ohrid
  • Take the cable car up to the Millennium Cross on Vodno Mountain
  • Sar Mountains, Macedonia’s most dramatic scenery
  • See Mount Korab, the 4th highest peak in the Balkans
  • Glide over the clearest water on a boat ride at the Springs of Saint Naum, Ohrid


  1. ⛰️ Half-Day Tour: Matka Canyon and Vodno Mountain From Skopje
  2. 🍷 From Skopje: Private Tour of Chateau Sopot Winery
  3. 🏞️ Private Guided Tour: National Park Mavrovo and Ohrid From Ohrid
  4. 🌊 From Skopje: Full-day Tour to Ohrid
  5. 🕍 Monastery Osogovski and Kokino Day Trip From Skopje

Eat Like a Local > Macedonia Travel Guide

  • Belvica Lake trout, Ohrid
  • Chorba stew with garlic dressing, Ohrid
  • Sample local cuisine with live, local music at the famous Skopski Merak on restaurant row, Skopje
  • Try Gjomlez, a layered Macedonian pie that takes hours to make
  • Burek pie made of ground meat, cheese, or spinach
  • Cheese baked in the oven sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with bread, Bitola
  • Pastrmalija
  • Ajvar
  • Shopska salad (seasonal)
  • Baked beans in a clay pot
  • Sarma (seasonal)
  • Cevapi
  • Summer yields the freshest fruits and vegetables, try cob corn, watermelon, and tomatoes

Get off the Beaten Path > Macedonia Travel Guide

  • Hike Markos Towers, Prilep
  • Climb or hike, Pelister National Park
  • Hike, ski, and horseback ride through the Sar Mountains
  • Explore the 3,800-year-old Kokino Observatory
  • 100,000-year-old stone pillars of Kuklica, Ketenovo
  • Stay in Krusevo, the highest town in Macedonia at 1350 m. (~4,400 ft.)

Drink Like a Local > Macedonia Travel Guide

  • Take Turkish coffee in the Old Bazaar, Skopje
  • Enjoy a sunset drink on the Vardar River at Senigallia, Skopje
  • Sample local wine varieties: Vranec, Grasevina, Rkatsiteli
  • Sip Rakia aperitifs over Shopska salad

Seasonal Fun > Macedonia Travel Guide

  • Marble Lake, Prilep (spring)
  • Swim in Europe’s deepest lake, Lake Ohrid (summer)
  • Photograph the Sunken church in Mavrovo Lake, Mavrovo National Park (spring)
  • Horseback ride through the mountain village of Galicnik,
  • Go skiing in Mavrovo National Park
  • Epiphany Celebration, Ohrid (winter)


  • Explore Macedonian gastronomy at Stobi Winery & Restaurant, Stobi
  • Taste & Tour Tikves Winery, Kavadarci
  • Savor the cleanest air in the mountainy spa & resort town of Berovo

Outdoor Fun & Adventure

  • Hike and kayak in Matka Canyon
  • Paraglide in Ohrid or off Vodno Mountain
  • Horseback ride through Galicnik, Mavrovo National Park
  • Hike or bike the countryside around Lake Ohrid


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