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In honor of our most enthusiastic followers, I wanted to take some time to celebrate the beautiful country of Macedonia. I scoured Instagram to find and share the best places to take pictures in Macedonia.

Best Places to Take Pictures in Macedonia

These images capture the beauty and essence of one of the most underrated countries in Europe. I had a lot of fun searching through photos. Of all the photos related to Macedonia on Instagram, these are the ones that caught my eye and stopped me in my scroll! As a result, I hope you enjoy the colors and scenery of Macedonia.  Below are the best places to take pictures in Macedonia.

Bay of Bones, Lake Ohrid

One of Macedonia’s most popular museums is the Bay of Bones, a speculative recreation of a prehistoric settlement from 6000-8000 B.C. It features staged over-water huts replicating the living conditions of the people who once lived here.

Šar Mountains 

The Šar Mountains offer some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the country. This is where adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts go hiking, ski, horseback ride, and explore the great outdoors. Here you’ll find serene and picturesque scenery just waiting to be discovered.


One of my favorite Skopje summertime activities was watching the nonstop parade of weddings and bridal photo shoots taking place all over the city. Sometimes we’d linger on a park bench, watching princess brides and grooms pose using Skopje’s quirky architecture as the scenic backdrop. Weddings offer tourists the opportunity to peek into a country’s culture and traditions. In Macedonia, weddings are big, bold, glitzy, and glamorous. 

Marble Lake, Belovodiva Village, Prilep 

In the remote hills just outside of Prilep, adventurers can discover a truly surreal body of water.  Marble Lake has been created by rainwater that has accumulated in an old marble mine. The water mixes with the surrounding minerals to create a stunning, turquoise-colored body of water. There are rumors about the safety of swimming in the mini-Blue Lagoon, but locals and daredevils do so anyway. 


Mount Korab is the fourth-highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula. It stands at 2,764 meters, or 9,068 feet, and is the 18th most prominent peak in Europe. The mountain range which includes Mount Korab is part of the Dinaric Alps, the mountain chain that runs from Italy to Greece.


Located in northwestern Macedonia, the mountainous village of Galičnik lies in a rugged, dramatic setting. In the winter, the village is cut off from the outside world by snow and ice. Galičnik is within the bounds of the Mavrovo National Park. 

Matka Canyon 

Matka Canyon is the ideal day trip from Skopje. In the summer, folks travel to the canyon to escape the heat of the city. Here nature lovers can hike, kayak, and enjoy the picturesque rocky canyon. 

Old Town, Ohrid 

Ohrid is Macedonia’s crown jewel. The Old Town offers traditional architecture that beautifully blends in with the natural surroundings. These charming buildings are characteristic only of this region and offer a true representation of Macedonia’s culture and history. 

Trpejca, Lake Ohrid 

This area in Lake Ohrid is one of the best places to take photos in Macedonia. The colors of the water are brilliant with vivid hues of greens and blues. In the summer, the lake water in Lake Ohrid is surprisingly warm and offers a refreshing retreat from the scorching Macedonian sun and heat. 

Old Bazaar, Skopje 

This list wouldn’t be complete without featuring one of the most Instagrammable streets in all of Macedonia – ‘The Umbrella Street in Skopje’s Old Bazaar.’ The bright colors of the umbrellas offer a sunny disposition even on the cloudiest of days. What makes a row of hanging umbrellas always so charming? 

Trpejca, Lake Ohrid

I know I’ve already included a photo of Trpejca, but I did say it was one of the most picturesque parts of Lake Ohrid! This image is brilliant and had to be included in this gallery. Look at the contrast of red roof buildings set beside the turquoise lake. Gorgeous! 

Church of Saint John at Kaneo, Ohrid | Best Places to Take Photos in Macedonia

Recently gracing the covers of National Geographic Travel, this is probably Macedonia’s most iconic scenic viewpoint. Saint John at Kaneo is a Macedonian Orthodox Church situated on the cliff over Kaneo Beach overlooking the dreamy Lake Ohrid. The construction date is unknown, but church documents suggest it was built before 1447. 

Winery Chateau Sopot

If I could summarize Macedonia in one photo, this would be the image. Wine and food play a significant role in Macedonian culture. Furthermore, the mountainous vineyards of Macedonia can rival the landscapes of any other prominent wine region. Also, the other significant aspect of this photo is the symbol of friendship.

We pass through countries all the time. However, something about Macedonia stands out from the rest. It’s the kindness and pride in their country that they so eagerly want to share with others. It’s the welcoming spirit of its people and the way the locals love to sit down and share a meal or bottle of wine. Macedonia will always hold some of the best travel memories that we’ve experienced during our worldwide travels. 

Thank you to all the photographers who are a part of this gallery celebrating the best pictures in Macedonia. Also, photo credit for each image can be found in the link. 

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