6 Lovely US Cities That Deserve a Professional MLB Team

Nearly every major U.S. city has a professional MLB team. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough teams to go around—this is especially regrettable when there are so many cities and states in the U.S. that deserve to have a professional MLB team. Beyond the obvious benefits of adding extra teams, one of the main reasons is to draw visitors to wonderful travel destinations.

The six cities below should have a professional MLB team. Furthermore, these cities are in some of the most beautiful areas of the country. As a result, it makes perfect sense for the league to add these additional teams.

Narrowing down the list to only six teams was quite the challenge. For example, putting a team near Lake Tahoe may sound great at first, however, the area doesn’t have the population to support a team. So, while Lake Tahoe is a premier travel destination it wouldn’t be the ideal location for a new MLB team.

Whether you’re a diehard enthusiast or just looking to have fun, fans can find MLB picks today for every club, including the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, and Los Angeles Dodgers. However, wouldn’t it be exciting to root for a brand new MLB team in a beautiful travel destination?

As professional sports leagues continue to expand, here are six locations that owners and managers should consider.

1. Hawaii

This list is going to start with a little bit of cheating, as the number one pick isn’t technically a city. The state of Hawaii is not home to any professional sports teams, but it should be.

Countless professional athletes would love to call Hawaii home. Also, fans of the team would flock to the islands for a chance to watch their team play. Hawaii is a popular travel destination, and it could easily support a professional team. Maui would be an obvious choice to host a professional MLB team, but other locations may work as well.

2. Fairbanks, Alaska

After cheating and starting the list with a state, it’s time to think outside the box for the next option. Fairbanks, Alaska is a place that should be on the bucket list of every traveler and would be an excellent location for a professional team.

Playing outdoors in Fairbanks would be a challenge because of the climate, but there’s also the advantage of having sunlight for 24 hours per day at times. One of the biggest reasons for visiting Fairbanks is seeing the Northern Lights and that would make an amazing backdrop for an MLB or NFL game.

3. Austin, Texas

The state of Texas is littered with teams from professional sports leagues, but Austin continues to get left out. This makes zero sense because it just might be the top travel destination in the Lone Star State.

Austin is an extremely progressive city and it provides experiences not found anywhere else in the state of Texas or the U.S. for that matter. The weather in Austin is usually perfect year-round and the fourth-most populous city in the U.S. deserves to have a professional MLB team.

4. Savannah, Georgia

Most people think of Atlanta when they think of the state of Georgia, but it is Savannah that should get the most attention. Savannah is charming because of the old-fashioned and quiet scenery and experience, but it could use a bit of excitement with a professional team.

Baseball would be the most logical choice for Savannah as the weather and climate would be perfect for having an outdoor stadium. History buffs would love to visit the city and see the top tourist attractions before checking out an MLB game.

5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

A scenic beach destination like Myrtle Beach should on be the list. It’s the perfect choice for a professional sports team, of course, the stadium probably shouldn’t be positioned on the sand.

Myrtle Beach is a wildly popular tourist destination in the U.S., and that would mean plenty of fans for a professional team. Also, South Carolina could support a professional MLB team, and players would enjoy living on or near Myrtle Beach.

6. Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska is home to the College World Series (CWS) and that event is massively popular. If that city can successfully pull off hosting the CWS then it should be given the chance to host a professional sports MLB team.

The zoo in Omaha is a huge tourist attraction for those that make it to the city, but there are plenty of other great experiences as well. Omaha has a terrific climate most of the year, and it’s an easy city to get around.

Adding an MLB team in any one of the above six cities would make the league even more exciting. Sports teams matter, which is why it’s so regrettable that there are so many deserving cities without one. Now, pour a beer and grab a hot dog and pay homage to the 6 U.S. cities above that deserve an MLB team.

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