Best 5 Viewpoints of the Sphere in Las Vegas 🔮

Quickly earning a position as a global landmark and one of the best attractions in Las Vegas, many want to know the best way to see the Sphere. Often described as “mesmerizing” and “mind-bending,” everyone wants a glimpse of this new digital artistic masterpiece.

Some of the best viewpoints of the Sphere are from hotels on the Strip. However, there are plenty of ways to see the Sphere for little to no charge from other vantage points too.

Below are the best five viewpoints of the Sphere in Las Vegas.

1. Hotels With the Best View of the Sphere

Move over Bellagio Fountains, tourists visiting Las Vegas now want a hotel room with a great view of the Sphere, or “The Sphere at The Venetian Resort,” as it’s officially named. Yep, you guessed it—rooms at The Venetian provide some of the best and closest viewpoints of the enormous garish globe.

If you’re a traveler caught up in the excitement of this new global landmark or are heading to Las Vegas to see the U2:UV concert at the Sphere, the first concert inside the venue, consider booking a room at Encore, The Venetian, Palazzo at the Venetian, and Wynn Las Vegas.

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The Sphere is one block east of Las Vegas Blvd (the Strip), across the street from the Wynn Golf Club.

Some other hotels off the Strip with unobstructed viewpoints of the Sphere include The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa, Horseshoe Las Vegas, Hilton Grand Vacations Club Elara Center Strip Las Vegas, Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, and Fontainebleau Las Vegas which is expected to open in December 2023.

We’ve ranked the hotels above from cheapest to most expensive. Below are the results. Horseshoe (#1) is by far the most inexpensive option while Trump International (#2), The Westin (#3), and Hilton Grand (#4) are nice mid-range options.

  1. Horseshoe Las Vegas
  2. Trump International Hotel Las Vegas
  3. The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa
  4. Hilton Grand Vacations Club Elara Center Strip Las Vegas
  5. The Venetian
  6. Palazzo at the Venetian
  7. Fontainebleau Las Vegas
  8. Encore
  9. Wynn Las Vegas

2. Park and Walk – Casinos With Free Parking

Unfortunately, it’s getting harder to find anything that’s free in Las Vegas. Naturally, with the unveiling of the Sphere, nearby casinos like The Venetian and The Palazzo recently started charging for parking to take advantage of the crowds of visitors.

Take a ride on the LINQ High Roller during the Happy Half-Hour Ride (pictured left) for an open bar and spectacular views of the Sphere.

If you’re willing to take a short walk, the closest casinos still offering free self-parking are the Wynn (first 4 hours) and Treasure Island. Unfortunately, many local insiders say that free parking will soon be obsolete on the Vegas Strip. Currently, Tropicana, Casino Royale, Circus Circus, Treasure Island, and the Wynn/Encore (first 4 hours) continue to offer free self-parking.

💰 Budget Tip: One of the best-paid views of the Sphere is from the LINQ High Roller, especially on the Happy Half-Hour Ride. 🥂

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3. Intersection at Twain and Paradise

The word around Las Vegas is that the Sphere sits perfectly at the intersection of Twain and Paradise. However, be advised that the novelty of the Sphere has caused dozens of car crashes in the area.

The intersection of Twain & Paradise offers a unique perspective of the Sphere.

While finding secure parking is the best option for viewing, if you’re simply looking for a cool vantage point while driving, head to this intersection—but please don’t become distracted, obstruct traffic, or become yet another traffic accident statistic.

3 Best Hotels in Vegas With Balconies

Did you know that very few hotels in Las Vegas have balconies (for obvious reasons)? Many visitors to Las Vegas wonder what hotels have balconies—below are the best three.

Tourists will enjoy the comfort and views at The Cosmopolitan.

Here are the only three hotels with fantastic balcony views, sorted from least expensive to most. If your budget allows, The Cosmoplitan’s Bellagio Fountain View Room is epic, and the only hotel that permits guests to smoke on balconies worry/hassle-free.

  1. 💸 Hilton Vacation Club Polo Towers > 1 Bedroom 1 King Suite
  2. 💰 Signature at MGM Grand > Deluxe Balcony Strip View Suite
  3. 💎 The Cosmopolitan > Studio, Terrace, Bellagio Fountain View Room

🏨 The Cosmopolitan > Check Availability

4. Cruise Down Manhattan Street

Manhattan Street has become the unofficial viewing point of the Sphere. With huge ground-level views, cars are taking advantage of parking on both sides of the street which has little commercial activity.

Day or night, Manhattan Street is swamped with vehicles looking to take pictures of the Sphere.

Just be aware that the street can get extra congested from about 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. There are reports of accidents from people driving down Manhattan Street and not paying attention while trying to get a glimpse of the Sphere. If you choose this viewing point, be alert and bring your patience.

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5. Wynn-Palazzo Pedestrian Bridge

Take in the view from the Wynn-Palazzo pedestrian bridge.

Along the Vegas Strip, one of the most striking Sphere viewing points is on the Wynn-Palazzo Pedestrian Bridge. It’s a great way to feel the energy of the city while taking in a dramatic, free view. Oh, and ladies, you’re going to be doing a ton of walking in Las Vegas so be sure to bring some cute and comfortable travel shoes. 👟

The Wynn-Palazzo Pedestrian Bridge is one of the best viewpoints of the Sphere.

6. Encore Free Self-Parking – 7th Floor

Encore is one of the few Las Vegas casinos still offering free parking (4 hours). For an elevated view of the Sphere, head to the very top of the Encore self-parking garage. The 7th floor has a great vantage point and everyone, including the driver, can stop and enjoy the light show. Additionally, finding a proper self-parking garage is the best way to avoid scammers and the traffic from driving gawkers.

The Encore parking garage is one of the best viewpoints of the Sphere.

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Everything seems to be getting more expensive so you best enjoy these free viewpoints of the Sphere while you can.

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