Fontainebleau vs. Wynn: A Comprehensive Comparison

In Las Vegas, Fontainebleau vs. Wynn stands out as two of the Strip’s most luxurious and competitive hotels, captivating travelers with their distinctive offerings. Fontainebleau, debuting in 2023, infuses the desert landscape with Miami flair, boasting lavish rooms, diverse dining, and a sprawling casino. Conversely, Wynn, a mainstay since 2005, epitomizes sophistication with its timeless architecture, acclaimed restaurants, and captivating entertainment. Each resort provides a distinct experience, appealing to various tastes and preferences on the renowned Strip.

Fontainebleau, the tallest occupiable structure on the Las Vegas Strip, offers breathtaking views in both directions, showcasing the vibrant cityscape.

As guests step into Fontainebleau Las Vegas, they are immediately captivated by its modern elegance and luxurious ambiance. The resort’s sleek facade hints at the opulence that lies within, setting the stage for an unforgettable stay. From its expansive lobby adorned with contemporary art to its spacious guest rooms equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, Fontainebleau promises a truly indulgent experience for discerning travelers.

Fontainebleau: Inspired Luxury Across Continents

The Fontainebleau brand draws inspiration from the iconic Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, known for its luxurious accommodations and vibrant atmosphere. However, Fontainebleau Las Vegas and Fontainebleau Miami Beach are separate entities with similar design elements and branding. The Miami property took cues from the Château de Fontainebleau in France, renowned for its royal palace, but the association is primarily in name and inspiration rather than a direct link to the UNESCO site.

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* Please note: This article exclusively features images of Fontainebleau, given its recent debut, while Wynn has graced the Strip for approximately two decades. If interested in our review of Wynn, click here.

First Impressions – Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Guests entering Fontainebleau, are met with an atmosphere of grandeur and sophistication, reflected in the sleek, modern architecture. The expansive lobby, featuring elegant furnishings and contemporary art, creates an inviting setting for an unforgettable stay. While the resort’s size may initially overwhelm with its towering ceilings and sprawling layout, it invites exploration and discovery.

As guests delve deeper into Fontainebleau Las Vegas, they discover an array of amenities designed to fulfill every whim, including a sprawling casino floor and diverse dining options showcasing global cuisine including 16 restaurants, nine fine dining, and six casual. The resort’s meticulous attention to detail is apparent in its luxurious accommodations. For example, rooms are equipped with plush furnishings and state-of-the-art technology, complemented by impeccable service from the attentive staff.

At night, the entrance is impressive!

From the moment guests arrive, Fontainebleau promises an indulgent experience marked by sophistication and refinement. Furthermore, the resort offers a luxurious escape from the ordinary. Every moment is infused with opulence and refinement, promising an unforgettable stay for discerning travelers.

Unfortunately, Fontainebleau finds itself situated in a somewhat secluded area currently, on the northern end of the Strip. However, this location holds promise for the future. Ongoing development and expansion in the area could transform it into a bustling hub of activity and entertainment.

The rooms at Fontainebleau feel modernly eclectic.

In the years to come, as the northern end of the Strip evolves and flourishes with new attractions and amenities, Fontainebleau’s position may transition from being overlooked to becoming an ideal destination, offering a prime location for those seeking a more tranquil yet upscale retreat amidst the vibrant energy of Las Vegas. Overall, Fontainebleau Las Vegas attracts affluent guests who prefer to indulge in luxury amenities and entertainment within the resort premises, minimizing their need to venture outside.

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Getting Into the Details

As a brand-new addition to the vibrant Las Vegas landscape, Fontainebleau Las Vegas exudes an air of novelty and excitement. However, like any newly opened establishment, like the Las Vegas Hilton at Resorts World, it is not immune to the inevitable challenges and adjustments that come with launching a massive resort complex. Despite its grandeur and luxury, Fontainebleau is still in its infancy, and certain kinks need to be ironed out to ensure a seamless guest experience.

Sprawling Layout
The massive lobby features intricate columns.

One of the notable challenges faced by Fontainebleau is its sprawling layout, which can be somewhat disorienting for first-time visitors. The sheer size of the resort, coupled with its intricate design, may lead to confusion and frustration as guests navigate their way around the property. Additionally, the lack of clear signage and directional cues can further compound this issue, making it difficult for guests to find their way to various amenities and attractions.

Service Lapsing

Moreover, Fontainebleau has received some criticism regarding its staffing and service level. As a newly opened resort, it may take some time for the staff to fully acclimate to their roles and responsibilities, resulting in occasional lapses in service quality or efficiency. Guests may encounter longer wait times at restaurants or check-in desks, or they may experience delays in receiving assistance from resort staff. Furthermore, Wynn Resorts has filed a lawsuit against Fontainebleau for aggressively recruiting executive talent.

Low-Energy Casino
You won’t have a problem finding a nice quiet section of slots in the foreseeable future.

Some guests have also noted sparse customer traffic, particularly in the casino, which may affect the atmosphere and overall experience. Challenges with accessing services, such as the credit department, have been reported due to limited staffing or inefficient processes. Issues with the approval process for credit lines and the handling of financial information have also been raised, along with concerns about the level of customer service and responsiveness to guest needs.

Water Supply Issues

According to reports, Fontainebleau has encountered water supply issues, affecting guest satisfaction, however, this may be based on the room location and may have already been resolved. These challenges emphasize the need for improvement to solidify its status on the Strip,

Despite these initial challenges, Fontainebleau Las Vegas shows immense promise and potential as a premier destination on the Las Vegas Strip. With time and continued investment, it is poised to overcome these early hurdles and emerge as a shining beacon of luxury and hospitality.

Core Clientele: Business Travelers and Affluent Elite

Fontainebleau Las Vegas, located near the Las Vegas Convention Center, offers sophistication and convenience to a diverse clientele. Ideal for business travelers, it provides luxurious accommodations close to convention venues. Also, boasting over 550,000 square feet of convention space itself, the resort caters to events of all sizes, appealing to corporate travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

The experience feels very high-end at Fontainebleau.

In addition to its convention center proximity, Fontainebleau caters to affluent tastes with lavish amenities and upscale offerings. Its elegant decor, fine dining, and expansive casino floor create an exclusive atmosphere, inviting guests to indulge in opulent experiences. From gourmet cuisine to gaming tables, guests enjoy a sophisticated ambiance that resonates with high-end clientele.

Luxury Travelers

Fontainebleau’s commitment to personalized service and attention to detail elevates its allure among luxury travelers. Guests receive unparalleled hospitality, ensuring every aspect of their stay is tailored to their preferences. This dedication reinforces Fontainebleau’s reputation as a premier destination on the Strip.

Art in Fontainebleau.

Fontainebleau caters to business professionals and affluent travelers, offering luxury and convenience. Its seamless blend of luxury and personalized service creates an unforgettable experience. Initial impressions may vary, with some praising its chic aesthetic while others find the layout confusing. Despite challenges, Fontainebleau’s amenities leave a lasting impression.

Location – FontaineBleu vs. Wynn

Tourists may find Fontainebleau’s northern location less central compared to the bustling heart of the Strip. Situated across from Circus Circus, it lacks immediate access to iconic attractions like the Fountains of Bellagio or Paris’ Eiffel Tower. While Circus Circus has nostalgia, it may not offer the same allure. Staying at Fontainebleau may mean being further from the central Strip’s entertainment hub, requiring visitors to travel for a quintessential Vegas experience.

Getting around Fontainebleau is challenging due to its location, making it less convenient to explore the rest of the Strip on foot.

The trek from Fontainebleau to the Fountains of Bellagio spans a considerable 2.2 miles one way, showcasing the sprawling nature of the Las Vegas Strip. Similarly, reaching the Wynn from Fontainebleau entails a walk of approximately 1 mile or 20 minutes, underscoring the significant distances between these renowned destinations along the bustling Strip.

Despite its location, Fontainebleau offers an array of luxurious amenities, dining options, and entertainment experiences within its confines. However, for tourists seeking the quintessential Las Vegas experience complete with iconic landmarks and attractions at their doorstep, Fontainebleau’s northern end location may not meet their expectations. When comparing Fontainebleau vs. Wynn, it’s clear that Wynn holds the upper hand in terms of location.


In the accommodations section, we delve into the distinctive offerings of Fontainebleau vs. Wynn, comparing their modern elegance and timeless luxury. Fontainebleau offers over 3,600 rooms, many of them suites, that feature sleek furnishings, modern amenities, and breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline. Guests can indulge in spacious accommodations adorned with neutral tones and upscale finishes.

The suites feature a tub in the shower.

Similarly, Wynn Las Vegas offers luxurious accommodations with over 2,700 rooms and suites, renowned for their comfort and style. Each room features panoramic views, plush bedding, and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring a lavish stay for discerning travelers—some, even have excellent views of the Sphere.

Wynn Las Vegas underwent a transformative renovation in 2023, elevating its guest accommodations to new heights of comfort and style. Led by renowned designer Todd-Avery Lenahan, the revamped rooms feature a polychromatic palette, wood accent walls, and luxurious textiles, offering travelers an instantly comfortable and familiar escape. Exclusive furniture, fixtures, and artwork add to the overall ambiance of luxury and refinement. When it comes to Fontainebleau vs. Wynn, guests at both hotels can expect unparalleled comfort and luxury during their stay.

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Fontainebleau Las Vegas’ pool area offers a contemporary and chic setting with multiple pools, lush landscaping, and cabanas, providing guests with a stylish retreat. In contrast, Wynn Las Vegas boasts a sprawling pool complex featuring meticulously manicured gardens, waterfalls, and a European-style pool scene.

The pool will not officially be open until the Spring of ’24.

While Fontainebleau’s pool area exudes a modern aesthetic, Wynn’s pools embrace a more traditional elegance, creating distinct atmospheres for guests to enjoy. Both resorts offer luxurious pool experiences, catering to different preferences and tastes among visitors to the Las Vegas Strip.

Dining Options

When it comes to dining, Fontainebleau Las Vegas boasts an impressive array of nine fine dining and six casual restaurants, offering everything from casual eateries to fine dining establishments. Guests can indulge in French cuisine at La Fontaine, savor Italian flavors at Mother Wolf, or enjoy a quick bite at the Promenade food hall.

The Tavern offers an elevated sportsbook experience with a California twist, boasting a stellar cocktail list, draft beers, and upscale bar food favorites.

In contrast, Wynn offers a diverse array of dining choices, boasting 10 fine dining establishments such as Delilah Supper Club, the Michelin-starred SW Steakhouse, and the celebrity chef-helmed Wing Lei, along with 12 casual eateries, including the innovative buffet concept, The Buffet at Wynn. With something to satisfy every palate, both hotels offer a culinary experience like no other.

Gaming Experience

Fontainebleau Las Vegas features a 173,000-square-foot sprawling casino floor with a wide variety of gaming options, including slots, table games, and high-limit rooms. However, guests may find the atmosphere quieter compared to the bustling energy of Wynn’s casino.

Fontainebleau’s casino floor is one of the largest in Las Vegas.

Conversely, Wynn’s 110,000-square-foot gaming floor is renowned for its lively ambiance, vibrant atmosphere, and extensive selection of games. From blackjack and roulette to baccarat and poker, there’s no shortage of excitement at Wynn. In the Fontainebleau vs. Wynn comparison, Wynn outshines Fontainebleau in the gaming department, offering a larger casino floor and a wider selection of games.

Entertainment Options

Both Fontainebleau and Wynn offer an array of entertainment options to suit every taste. Fontainebleau Las Vegas hosts live performances from famous performers, DJ sets, and special events at its state-of-the-art nightclub and concert venue.

Tiesto performing at Fontainebleau’s LIV nightclub

Wynn, meanwhile, is home to world-class entertainment, including headline performances, resident shows, and nightlife experiences that captivate audiences. Whether you’re in the mood for a high-energy dance party or a sophisticated cabaret show, both hotels deliver unforgettable entertainment experiences. However, when it comes to Fontainebleau vs. Wynn, without an in-house Vegas-style show, Wynn has more to offer guests when it comes to entertainment options.

Justin Timberlake’s Stay

Fontainebleau Las Vegas made headlines when Justin Timberlake performed during its grand opening event. In short, Timberlake received a reported $6.1 million from Fontainebleau to perform but opted to lodge at Wynn instead. Timberlake’s decision to stay at Wynn after performing at Fontainebleau intensified the rivalry between the two hotels. Also, it sheds light on the competitive landscape of Las Vegas hospitality, and how Wynn’s the best.

Timberlake’s choice not only sparked speculation but also underscored the allure of Wynn as a preferred accommodation option. Ultimately, the incident added another layer of intrigue to the ongoing feud between the two hotels. Nevertheless, when it comes to Fontainebleau vs. Wynn, the message Timberlake sent was extremely loud.

Parking and Amenities

Fontainebleau and Wynn offer a range of parking options for guests, including self-parking and valet services. Fontainebleau’s parking garage provides convenient access to the resort, while Wynn’s self-park garages are located off Las Vegas Blvd. Both hotels also offer a variety of amenities, including fitness centers, spas, and pool complexes, ensuring guests have everything they need for a memorable stay.

World-Class Experience

When it comes to Fontainebleau vs. Wynn, both resorts stand as iconic destinations on the Strip, offering unparalleled luxury and excitement. Whether it’s Fontainebleau’s chic vibe or Wynn’s timeless elegance, both promise a world-class experience. Overall, Fontainebleau and Wynn promise unforgettable experiences, perfect for any occasion.

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