The Sphere Concert Experience: Helicopter Ride Included!

In the heart of the craziness that is Las Vegas stands The Sphere, an architectural marvel that has revolutionized the concert experience. With its futuristic design and state-of-the-art technology, The Sphere hosts iconic bands and artists, captivating audiences from all over the world. From U2 to Dead & Company, this venue promises electrifying performances within its expansive confines.

U2 performing in the Sphere!

First, we’ll discuss why a helicopter ride preceding the concert at The Sphere is an unbeatable addition to your itinerary. After discussing the benefits of a pre-concert helicopter ride, we’ll showcase a range of top-notch tours and attractions in Las Vegas. These include soaring above the iconic Strip and exploring natural wonders like the Grand Canyon. Each experience promises a thrilling blend of excitement and awe, enhancing your Las Vegas adventure.

Elevate Your Sphere Concert Experience

However, it doesn’t matter if you have Dead & Company tickets, U2, or some other band entirely, imagine if you could take your concert experience to new heights—literally. Picture yourself embarking on a thrilling helicopter ride before the show, soaring high above the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip. As you ascend into the sky, the sprawling landscape of the city unfolds beneath you, revealing an electrifying array of neon lights and iconic landmarks.

Step into The Sphere, where the world’s top bands rock out, taking concerts to a whole new dimension of awesome!

Our helicopter tour operator of choice is Maverick Helicopters which operates with top-of-the-line ECO-Star helicopters, renowned for comfort and safety. With a flawless safety record and luxurious amenities like noise-canceling headsets, passengers are treated to an unforgettable journey above Las Vegas’s dazzling lights.

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From this elevated vantage point, you gain a whole new perspective on the energy and excitement of Las Vegas. The pulsating rhythm of the city, the towering structures of The Sphere, and the anticipation of the upcoming concert create a sense of exhilaration unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. If you haven’t gotten tickets to the Sphere yet, here’s how to get cheap tickets.

💡 Tip: If a helicopter tour isn’t feasible, consider the High Roller Observation Wheel. During the Happy Half Hour, indulge in unlimited drinks, including beer, wine, cocktails, and shots. The High Roller, standing at 550 feet, provides unparalleled views of the Strip and beyond from its spacious pods. Arrive between 6-6:30 p.m. for the half-hour ride, ensuring you have enough time to reach The Sphere for an 8 pm concert. Enjoy a stroll to the venue, which is just a 10-minute walk away.

🎡 High Roller Observation Wheel > Check Availability

A Futuristic Venue: The Sphere’s Captivating Design

Continuing along the flight path, passengers are treated to panoramic views of The Sphere and its surroundings. The sleek and modern design of the venue is even more impressive from above, hinting at the immersive experiences that await concertgoers inside.

Inside The Sphere, Las Vegas’ iconic Strip comes to life, while the towering High Roller Observation Wheel dominates the skyline.

With a seating capacity of over 20,000, The Sphere stands as one of the most impressive concert venues globally, ensuring an unforgettable atmosphere for every attendee. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio technology, The Sphere delivers crystal-clear sound quality that ensures an immersive concert experience for every attendee.

But the helicopter ride isn’t just a means of transportation—it’s an adventure in itself. Soaring high above the cityscape, you feel a rush of adrenaline unlike anything else. It’s the perfect way to kick off a memorable night in Las Vegas and create memories that will last a lifetime.

💡 Tip: For the ultimate Sphere experience be sure to stay at The Venetian—it’s one of the hotels with the best views of the Sphere. For the ultimate Sphere trifecta, begin with a stay at the Venetian Hotel, followed by a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, complete with champagne below the canyon’s rim, and conclude with an electrifying concert.
An Iconic Concert Destination: The Sphere’s Immersive Features

As the sun sets and the city lights up with neon, the excitement reaches a fever pitch. And for those lucky enough to experience it all from the sky before enjoying a concert at The Sphere, it’s an evening they’ll never forget.

Take off from the Vegas Strip in a helicopter, descend into the Grand Canyon, and enjoy a champagne picnic below the rim.

As the helicopter tour comes to an end, you’re left with a sense of awe and wonder at the sensational energy of Las Vegas from above. From the electrifying performances to the breathtaking views, each moment is a testament to the magic of this iconic destination.

5 Best Thrilling Adventures in Las Vegas

Beyond the thrilling helicopter ride and concert at The Sphere, Las Vegas offers a wealth of attractions and activities to explore. These adrenaline-pumping rides aren’t just popular—they’re spine-tinglingly terrifying, making them an essential part of any Las Vegas thrill-seeker’s itinerary. Here’s why they’re considered some of the best things to do in Las Vegas and are great additions to your trip:

1. Exotic Car Racing: Feel the Power of Supercars

For automotive enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike, nothing beats the thrill of driving a high-performance supercar on a racetrack. Take to the asphalt in a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche, and push your driving skills to the limit as you race around the track at blistering speeds. It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling like a racing champion.

🏎️💨 Exotic Car Racing > Check Availability

2. The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Soar above the majestic natural wonder, marveling at its sheer size and breathtaking beauty from the air. With optional landing sites within the canyon, you can even touch down and explore the canyon floor up close.

🚁 Grand Canyon Experience > Check Availability

3. Fly LINQ: Vegas Thrills & Spectacular Views

If you crave adventure and breathtaking vistas, Fly LINQ Zipline Las Vegas offers heart-pounding excitement 12 stories above The LINQ Promenade. With speeds reaching up to 35mph, enjoy stunning views of the Strip as you soar through the air.

🕊️ Fly LINQ > Check Availability

4. SkyJump From the Stratosphere Tower

Leap from the iconic Stratosphere Tower, one of the tallest observation towers in the US, for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Experience an exhilarating freefall from over 800 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy breathtaking city views as you bounce back up. This adrenaline-pumping adventure promises an unforgettable thrill for Las Vegas visitors seeking excitement.

🤾🏼‍♂️🏃 SkyJump at the STRAT > Check Availability

5. High Roller Observation Wheel

Experience breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline from the world’s tallest observation wheel. The High Roller, at 550 feet, provides stunning city views, especially captivating during sunset or dusk when the Strip illuminates. It’s a must-visit attraction for those seeking awe-inspiring views of Las Vegas.

🎡 High Roller Observation Wheel > Check Availability

So why wait? Elevate your concert night in Las Vegas with a thrilling helicopter ride before experiencing The Sphere show for unforgettable memories. It’s the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the energy of the city and create a lifetime of memories.

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