How to Get Cheap Show Tickets in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, with its vibrant entertainment scene, is often seen as a playground for those seeking dazzling shows and performances. However, for most visitors, the allure of the Strip can come with budget concerns.

Fear not, as we embark on a detailed exploration of practical tips and considerations, ensuring you can experience the best of Las Vegas entertainment without burning a hole in your pocket. Get ready for a journey into the world of affordable show tickets in Las Vegas.

Cirque du Soleil’s “KÀ” at MGM, boasts a technically advanced state with rotation, tilt, and transformative features, integrating aerial rigging, projection mapping, and cutting-edge lighting for immersion.

More than just a desert oasis with towering buildings and glittering lights; Las Vegas is a a city that pulsates with an energy unmatched anywhere else. Additionally, virtually every visitor desires to engage in two activities: 1. try their luck at gambling and 2. enjoy a top-notch show or performance.

Unveiling Deals: Cheap Show Tickets in Las Vegas

We’ve gone ahead and designed an easy-to-follow roadmap to navigate the labyrinth of entertainment options, and to help you find affordable show tickets in Las Vegas without sacrificing your wallet. Below are 14 ways to get cheap show tickets in Las Vegas.

1. Visit the Best Cheap Ticket Sites

In the digital age, spontaneity can be your best friend when seeking cheap show tickets in Las Vegas. Platforms like, SeatGeek, Groupon, Tix4Vegas, and Viator offer a treasure trove of last-minute deals and are the most common and easiest way to get discounted tickets—whenever we’re planning a trip to Vegas we always go to first to scope out the deals.

As a ticket wholesaler, provides information and bookings for Las Vegas entertainment, including show tickets, hotels, tours, attractions, nightlife, and dining. Users can plan and customize their Las Vegas vacation package experience through their website.

10 Must-See Shows in Las Vegas


Now that we’ve explored the dazzling array of popular shows in Las Vegas, let’s continue our guide on securing affordable show tickets to ensure you can witness these spectacular performances without straining your budget.

2. Explore Ticket Packages

Many shows in Las Vegas offer ticket packages that include additional perks such as dinner or access to exclusive events. While these may seem pricier upfront, they often provide a substantial overall saving compared to purchasing show tickets and these add-ons separately.

The Tournament of Kings at Excalibur offers an excellent family-friendly dinner and show combination.

Investigate the available packages for the shows you’re interested in to discover hidden gems of affordability in Las Vegas’s entertainment landscape. Various dinner and show packages, such as V- The Ultimate Variety Show, The Mentalist, and Tournament of Kings, are available. However, our top pick is the Marriage Can Be Murder Dinner Show.

🍝🎭 Marriage Can Be Murder > Check Availability

3. Strategic Scheduling – Book Midweek

To master the art of securing cheap show tickets in Las Vegas, consider the strategic scheduling of your entertainment adventures. Midweek attendance, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday, often rewards you with lower ticket prices.

Opting for Criss Angel’s MINDFREAK on a weekday is an excellent strategy to save some money.

The decreased demand during these days allows you to experience top-notch performances without the premium associated with weekends. Additionally, exploring matinee shows can be a game-changer, offering a budget-friendly alternative and freeing up your evenings for other Vegas escapades.

4. Attend Free Performances

While the Sphere’s exterior is breathtaking and free to see, the true enchantment unfolds inside. For a genuinely unforgettable experience, don’t miss “Postcard From Earth

While not traditional shows, consider attending free performances and entertainment options available at various venues along the Strip and in downtown Las Vegas. From street performers to live music, these complimentary experiences add a dash of entertainment to your Vegas adventure without requiring a ticket purchase, allowing you to allocate more of your budget to the must-see productions. Most of the best free entertainment happens on Fremont Street in downtown (Old Vegas)

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5. Sign Up With a Loyalty Program

Feeling like a VIP in Vegas is not reserved for high rollers; college freshmen can also enjoy the perks. Major resorts like MGM and Caesars offer loyalty programs that go beyond the typical tourist experience.

Penn & Teller’s show is one of the most popular in Las Vegas.

Enrolling in these programs gives you exclusive benefits, including discounted show tickets in Las Vegas. It’s a strategic move that aligns perfectly with the savvy traveler’s approach to budget-friendly entertainment—turning your tourist status into a golden ticket for VIP treatment.

6. Afternoon (Early Bird) and Preview Shows

Unlock the world of affordable show tickets in Las Vegas by considering afternoon and preview shows. Afternoon shows in Las Vegas are budget-friendly with lower prices, better seat availability, and a relaxed atmosphere. They free up evenings for other activities, making them a convenient option for a diverse and enjoyable Vegas experience.

Evenings with David Copperfield can be pricey, especially on weekends. Go to the afternoon show if you’re looking to save some cash.

Preview shoes, held before the main run commences, come with reduced ticket prices. Yet, timing is crucial as these shows are somewhat infrequent. While you may not experience the full grandeur of the main production, preview shows offer a chance to witness the essence of the performance at a fraction of the cost. This option is perfect for anyone willing to compromise on timing and scale for the sake of budget-friendly entertainment.

7. Visit the Box Office

In an era dominated by online ticketing, the charm of engaging directly with the box office should not be overlooked. Engaging in conversations with box office staff might reveal ongoing promotions, discounted rates, or even last-minute surprises.

Mat Franco’s show might be one of the most underrated in Vegas.

Some shows set aside a limited number of discounted tickets for purchase on the day of the performance, offering a more personalized and potentially economical avenue for securing affordable show tickets in Las Vegas. Of course, if you wait until the last minute the show might be sold out—best try this method for some of the cheaper shows.

8. Check for Student and Military Discounts

Piff the Magic Dragon seamlessly blends humor and magic for an entertaining and captivating performance that promises laughs and amazement.

A student ID becomes a powerful tool for accessing affordable show tickets in Las Vegas. Many shows recognize and appreciate the dedication of students and military personnel by offering special rates. Flashing your ID not only grants you access to a show without breaking the bank but also adds a sense of pride as you navigate the entertainment scene in Vegas with budget-friendly options.

9. Look for Comprehensive Packages

For the ultimate money-saving hack, explore bundled packages offered by resorts and travel platforms, encompassing affordable show tickets in Las Vegas. These packages typically include show tickets, accommodation, and sometimes even meals. For travelers seeking a hassle-free and budget-friendly Vegas experience, these bundled packages become the equivalent of an all-inclusive adventure.

10. Subscribe and Follow on Social Media

Stay connected to the pulse of entertainment by subscribing to newsletters from show venues, uncovering exclusive deals and opportunities for affordable show tickets in Las Vegas. Many times, newsletters often include promo codes, various discounts, and early announcements, providing you with a backstage pass to the world of discounts.

Experience the awe-inspiring Michael Jackson ONE show in Vegas, where the magic of MJ’s music comes to life through sensational dance and mesmerizing visuals.

Additionally, harness the power of social media by following shows on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Real-time updates on flash sales, promo codes, and exclusive discounts turn your online presence into a key player in the quest for cheap show tickets in Las Vegas.

11. Utilize Membership Discounts

Certain memberships, such as AAA or AARP, offer exclusive discounts on show tickets in Las Vegas. If you’re a member, explore the available discounts as they can significantly contribute to making your entertainment budget-friendly. Keep your membership cards handy and inquire about discounts when purchasing show tickets, adding another layer to your strategy for securing cheap show tickets in Las Vegas.

12. Check for Hotel Packages

Mystère in Vegas is a captivating Cirque du Soleil performance that seamlessly weaves acrobatics, whimsy, and vibrant performances into an unforgettable experience.

Hotels in Las Vegas often collaborate with shows to offer special packages that include both accommodation and show tickets. Keep an eye out for these hotel packages, as they can provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for your entertainment and accommodation needs. By bundling your stay with show tickets, you’re not only saving money but also streamlining your Vegas experience.

13. Nevada Residents Should Ask About Local Discounts

Even as a visitor, don’t hesitate to ask about local discounts. Some shows may offer special rates for Nevada residents who don’t live in Las Vegas. It’s a subtle yet effective way to explore additional avenues for securing affordable show tickets in Las Vegas. Engaging with show organizers may unveil hidden gems in the form of promotions or exclusive offers, contributing to a more immersive and budget-friendly experience.

14. Exploring Discounts for Non-Locals

While local discounts may primarily apply to residents, anyone can still inquire about potential local deals during extended stays, perhaps in a monthly vacation rental. Some shows extend special rates to Nevada residents, and although tourists may not have a Nevada ID, it’s worth checking out. This adds an authentic touch to your exploration, providing a glimpse into local avenues for securing affordable show tickets in Las Vegas.

ROUGE at the STRAT, is a seductive, humorous show with top-notch performers, featuring a cheeky French Revolution act.

In the glittering world of Las Vegas entertainment, affordability is not just a possibility; it’s a strategy waiting to be embraced. By weaving through the diverse options, from last-minute online deals and strategic scheduling to loyalty programs and bundled packages, you can tailor your Vegas experience to fit your budget without sacrificing the thrill of world-class shows.

So, armed with this comprehensive guide and an understanding of the popular shows Las Vegas has to offer, embark on your budget-friendly to score cheap show tickets in Las Vegas. Whether you’re diving into the aquatic wonder of “O” or grooving to the beats of Blue Man Group, let the magic of affordable show tickets in Las Vegas unfold, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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