3 Best Places To Go for an ATV Ride in Las Vegas

Most likely, when you think of Las Vegas, neon lights, casinos, and crazy party and movie scenes probably come to mind. Many visitors are pretty shocked when they find out, that there’s so much more to do than just sit by the pool and gambling. If you’re looking for a unique outdoor experience, consider swapping out your time on the slots with an off-road adventure by taking an ATV ride in Las Vegas.

With miles of empty desert surrounding Las Vegas, an ATV ride is an awesome way to escape the hustle and bustle of the Strip. Of course, it’s also a great way to explore and enjoy the natural rugged beauty of the Mojave Desert. Plus, if you’re visiting from out of town, cruising through this stark yet stunning landscape on an ATV is a cool way to gain a different perspective of the area.

ATVs are a great way to get out and enjoy nature!

On the surface, with its towering casino resorts and chaotic boulevards, Las Vegas may seem like nothing more than the Strip. However, just a half-hour outside the city lies a whole other world—the raw and wild expanses of the Mojave Desert.

Endless miles of dirt, shrubs, and jaw-dropping landscapes, make this area prime territory for an ATV adventure. As soon as you fire up the engine and feel that rush of power beneath you, you’ll quickly see how fun ATVing can be.

Off-Road Adrenaline Rush – ATV Ride in Las Vegas

Driving off-road, swerving around cacti, and feeling that Vegas sun on your back makes ATVing such a rush. However, there’s way more to it than just going for a thrill ride. ATVing puts you right in the center of the Mojave Desert, in an unparalleled ecosystem that most Vegas visitors never get to see.

Riding along remote and rugged trails, not only will you take in the landscape but you may spot native wildlife too. In our opinion, an ATV is one of the best ways to get off the beaten path and appreciate the desert’s stark beauty. Also, it’s a great couples activity!

3 Best Places for an ATV Ride in Las Vegas

Whether you have your own ATV or want to join a group tour, if you’re looking to do some off-roading near Las Vegas, there are plenty of amazing spots to test your skills. First, we’ll list the best tours for tourists. After that, we’ll highlight the best trails for those who own their own ATVs. However, no matter which you choose, be sure to bring water, some snacks, travel-size sunscreen, and a confident sense of adventure!

1. Best ATV Tour

Several companies offer guided tours that let you experience the thrill of navigating the desert trails on powerful all-terrain vehicles. However, this half-day tour with Las Vegas ATVs is probably the best one.

Group tours make renting an ATV quite affordable!

The tour begins with a short van ride from Vegas to the desert staging area, with your knowledgeable guide pointing out sights like Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam along the way. Once you arrive, you’ll receive thorough safety training and instructions on how to operate the ATVs before heading out.

Then it’s time for the real fun to begin! You’ll follow your guide single-file, as you zip around fun trails and dry riverbeds. The terrain provides plenty of turns and bumps to keep things exciting. Halfway through, you’ll stop to catch your breath, snap photos of the surreal desert scenery, and let your heart rate settle.

Riders receive a quick briefing before the tour begins.

Despite the adrenaline rush, the tours are remarkably beginner-friendly. The guides are experienced and ensure no one gets left behind or pushes too far beyond their comfort level. You’ll be dusty and drained by the end, but overwhelmingly satisfied after your two-wheeled journey through Nevada’s picturesque desert.

Aside from the unbeatable setting and thrill of off-roading, many rave about the guides themselves. They keep the vibes fun with music, conversation, and plenty of jokes to complement the incredible views. You’re virtually guaranteed to make some new adventure buddies along the way which we recommend meeting up with back in Vegas for drinks or dinner!

🏍️💨 Half-day ATV Tour > Check Availability

What’s the Difference Between an ATV and a UTV?

An ATV (all-terrain vehicle), also known as a “quad” or “four-wheeler,” is made for one or two riders. A UTV (utility task vehicle), which is bigger, allows for side-by-side riding and is often called a “side by side” or “SXS,” and typically accommodates up to four riders.

2. Best UTV Tour

Instead of the passenger straddling the driver, like on an ATV, on a UTV the passenger can sit next to the driver. Furthermore, UTVs are typically more comfortable, stable, and easier to drive. If this sounds appealing, you should consider going on this half-day tour with Adrenalin Mountain.

Sitting in a regular seat and being on four wheels makes UTVs much more comfortable!

The tour begins with convenient hotel pickup and an entertaining narrated drive to Adrenaline Mountain’s staging area in the desert, about an hour from the Strip. Once you arrive, you’ll get outfitted with gear and a comprehensive safety briefing.

You’ll hop on your UTV shortly after this and hit up the trails. Of course, there’s no shortage of adrenaline as you zoom over bumps and around turns, kicking up clouds of dust. Also, these UTVs have some serious power to let you open up the throttle on straightaways.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas during the hot summer months consider taking late afternoon tours.

About halfway through, the tour makes a stop to let everyone catch their breath and snap photos of the surreal Mojave Desert scenery. Of course, you can also switch up drivers at this time too.

After riding for roughly an hour, you’ll be covered in dust but riding a massive high from the exhilarating adventure. Even total off-road novices rave about the experience thanks to the patient guidance provided.

The guides ensure a legitimately thrilling ride while still prioritizing safety. Families appreciate the ability to share the memory together. While not cheap, by any means, Adrenaline Mountain provides an incredibly memorable adrenaline rush just a short drive from the Vegas Strip.

🚙💨 Half-day UTV Tour > Check Availability

😎 Looking for some serious speed and adventure?

Check out this couples private guided Red Rock Canyon tour on a Can-Am Ryker 3-wheeler, exploring scenic beauty with a guide and Bluetooth communication. The best part, a motorcyle license in NOT required!

3. Take a Self-Guided ATV Tour

If you have access to an ATV there are plenty of fantastic trails around Las Vegas. We’ve gone ahead and ranked a few of them below from easy to hard.

Easy – Nellis Dunes Trail

This open desert area near North Las Vegas is popular for riding ATVs, UTVs, dune buggies, dirt bikes, and other off-road vehicles. You can ride on Nellis Dunes Trail or, instead of staying on a defined hiking trail, explore and ride through a network of sandy trails and dunes.

The terrain consists of dunes, rockier sections, and hardpacked dirt, allowing riders to experience different off-road conditions. Many ATVers enjoyed cruising around and blazing their tracks through the dunes freely.

While lacking marked trails, the area offers an open environment to practice off-roading skills on the varied terrain. The dunes are a particular highlight, though they can get quite soft in sections for heavier vehicles.

This is a fantastic free-riding zone for dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and capable 4x4s to get off the pavement and experience off-road thrills on the dunes and trails. Don’t expect any amenities – it’s a wide-open desert playground to explore at your own risk.

Moderate – Bad Words Hill OHV Route

This is a moderately challenging 14.5-mile out-and-back off-road vehicle trail located near Mount Charleston, Nevada. The first portion follows a dry riverbed which can be bumpy and slow-going.

Around the midpoint, there is a very steep, technical hill climb. However, there are bypasses available to avoid the most difficult sections if needed. After the big hill, the remainder of the trail continues through rocky terrain with some tighter squeezes between trees.

While challenging in some sections, most ATVs can navigate this trail. Moreover, the scenery and terrain make for an enjoyable but definitely moderately difficult trail overall.

Hard – Angel Peak Trail

Traveling on the Lucky Strike OHV Trail via Kyle Canyon Road, this Angel Peak Trail offers spectacular views from the 8,800-foot summit and beautiful scenery in the first half where you wind through a Joshua tree forest and cross remote valleys and riverbeds. The terrain is relatively easy for most of the trail, with some tight squeezes, ruts and rocky sections. However, the final climb to the summit is quite steep and can be a bit challenging.

Many ATVs can make it most of the way up before having to turn around short of the summit due to the steep, loose, and eroded conditions near the top. Furthermore, the descents were also noted as being tricky and nerve-wracking in parts.

Overall, the Angel Peak Trail provides an enjoyable adventure with mild technical challenges for most of the route, punctuated by that brutal final climb that requires more skill to conquer successfully. The remote setting and stunning views make it a worthwhile trail for Las Vegas area ATVers.

Unleash Your Inner Daredevil

If you’re looking to embrace a whole new side of Vegas beyond the slots and shows, an ATV ride in Las Vegas is an unforgettable outdoor adventure. With miles of trails made for high-speed thrills awaiting, you can stay at a swanky hotel and still get that magical feeling of exploring someplace completely untamed mere miles from the Strip. Go ahead and saddle up on an ATV – this is how you truly experience the adrenaline-charged allure of Las Vegas and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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