Travel Technology Trends | 360 Virtual Reality Vlogging

We’re always looking for the latest travel technology trends, whether it be 360 virtual reality vlogging or drone videos. While back in our hometown of Chicago we took a slight step away from vlogging for awhile. Sure we were fortunate to document some outdoor adventures such as exploring Starved Rock State Park and LaSalle County. We also had some great winter fun exploring around Chicagoland.

Travel Technology Trends | 360 Virtual Reality Vlogging

But for the most part, we purposely chose to spend our precious time with our closest friends and family members. We took care of some much needed “business” items, such as moving all of our belongings (scattered in four different houses across two states) to one household.

Also, we spent some time making the lives of those we love who are still stuck in the daily grind a little easier. We cooked, cleaned, and completed home improvement projects. Although productive, needless to say, it was not choice vlogging material.

Remember, in order to enjoy the 360 Virtual Reality experience, you may need to open the video in the YouTube App!

Now that we’re back out in the world, we’re excited to break out the cameras and begin vlogging again. While in the US, we acquired some new equipment to spice up our videos. Our followers will notice a change in the way we film some of our vlogs.

We now have a camera to film in a 360 Virtual Reality style format. Using the YouTube app, viewers can swipe their fingers or tilt their Virtual Reality (VR) headsets to get a full 360-degree view of all the magnificent places we feature in our vlogs. Facebook also supports 360 files so we’ll also share the videos on that social media platform.

We’d like to think of it as a fresh, new way to “see” the world around us.

Not all of our vlogs will be in this format. Typically, 360 VR videos are best utilized in busy locations or in dramatic, scenic places. Viewers may appreciate the opportunity to be virtually interactive within our videos and to literally achieve a behind the scenes look at where we are in the world.

We’re really excited about tapping into the latest technology trends and we hope you will be too. 

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