Macedonian Author Discusses Kanda Geoglyph and Alexander’s Tomb in New Book

For many Macedonians, the history of their lineage is an everlasting inspiration. For author Nikola Ristevski, this insatiable thirst for knowledge has led him to the Kanda Geoglyph, a manmade hill in the region of Ovche Pole, which may hold the remains of Alexander the Great.

Publishing more than a dozen books, Nikola Ristevski from the city Sveti Nikole (Saint Nicholas) in the Republic of Macedonia has recently released two in English.

  1. Alexander of Macedon: The Greatest King of all Time
  2. Mystical Macedonia: An Open-Air Museum

These books are the beginning of a series that, in due time, will be available not only in English but in a wide variety of languages.

Alexander of Macedon

“Alexander of Macedon: The Greatest King of all Time” by Nikola Ristevski

In “Alexander of Macedon: The Greatest King of All Time,” Ristevski tells the story of the great king illustrated with artworks, maps, and Macedonian folk music—readers are transported to antiquity to learn about the inspirational history of Alexander and the Macedonians in their struggle for freedom.

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Mystical Macedonia

Ristevski’s latest book, “Mystical Macedonia: An Open Air Museum” is a captivating edition with 37 photos. Through facts, stories, and legends the author takes readers from antiquity to modern-day Macedonia.

“Mystical Macedonia: An Open-Air Museum” by Nikola Ristevski

As far as we’re concerned, “Mystical Macedonia: An Open Air Museum” is a must-have for curious travelers as it provides information that is virtually unattainable online—you can read about the history and visit the actual sites referenced in the book where you can walk amongst the ruins, and touch the soil. For example, we’ve visited Macedonia four times and have never heard of the Kanda Geoglpyh—this is a mystical site that we’re going to add to our next itinerary.

📖 Mystical Macedonia: An Open Air Museum – Buy Now


Nikola Ristevski earned his Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Economics Varna and a Master of Science in Marketing Management, from the International Slavic University with his thesis focused on the tourist potential in his home region of Ovche Pole.

With the international scientific team SBRG, they promoted the ancient Kanda Geoglyph from Macedonia and did the first non-invasive archaeoacoustics research in Macedonia. Finally, Ristevski assisted in producing several fascinating documentaries about Sveti Nikole, Kratovo, Ohrid, Macedonia, and Alexander the Great.

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