Exploring the Best Beef in America With Snake River Farms

As travelers who take things slow, we love exploring the country at our own pace. Whether we’re living among the calm hills of the Ozarks or the wild ranches of Idaho’s Tetons, our goal is to blend in with the local vibe wherever we go. This means doing everyday things like grocery shopping and finding the best food brands, just like locals do.

Living in various communities has taught us that food quality varies significantly from city to city. For instance, we discovered that Texas and Arizona often have the finest fruits and vegetables. Both states sit closest to Mexico’s agriculture farms, where the United States sources most of its produce.

Larger cities, often with more European influence, feature the best traditional bakeries. These small-scale artisan bakeries still craft homemade bread, cakes, and pastries from scratch.

Yet, the question remains: where can one find the best beef in America?

Where’s the Best Beef in America?

As more people recognize the health benefits of a carnivore diet, many may wonder where to find the best quality beef in America. Having traveled across the U.S. for three years, we’ve tried it all! That’s why we’re excited to share where we’ve enjoyed the finest beef in America.

Before we dive in, it’s important to mention that we’re simply home cooking enthusiasts. It was a stroke of luck that led us to discover Agri Beef, the parent company of Snake River Farms, which in turn owns Double R Ranch. During our extended stay in Idaho, we were browsing the aisles of a local grocery store when we spotted some top-notch steaks labeled Double R Ranch. Intrigued, we decided to give them a try!

📝 Important Note: When exploring SnakeRiverFarms.com, you’ll find their website predominantly featuring three distinct meat categories: 1.) American Wagyu, marketed under the label “Snake River Farms,” 2.) USDA Choice & Prime cuts under the brand “Double R Ranch,” and 3.) Kurobuta Pork which is renowned as some of the finest pork available.

Typically, we prefer indulging in cuts from Double R Ranch because of their rich marbling, delightful flavor, and affordable pricing. Sure, they don’t quite compare to the luxuriousness of American Wagyu, which we save for special occasions. American Wagyu tends to be more fatty, so it’s reserved for those special moments rather than being a regular choice once or twice a week.

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3 Reasons Why We Love Snake River Farms

Despite being budget travelers, we’re quite mindful of what goes into our bodies, especially with the ongoing developments in the cattle industry. We adhere to strict criteria when purchasing beef in the USA: it must be American-born, raised, and processed. Additionally, we prioritize ranchers that take a firm stance against using mRNA vaccines on their cattle and focus on proper nutrition, access to clean water, regular veterinary care, comfortable housing, preventative measures, selective breeding, stress reduction, observation, and environmental management.

1. American-owned and Operated

From a culinary standpoint, is there anything more nourishing than beef from grazing cattle on ranches in the American Northwest? Driving among the cattle ranches in states like Idaho and Washington, people can visually see why this region of the U.S. is a prime cattle ranching country. Mild weather, green grass, and abundant natural resources make the Northwest ideal for raising quality beef.

Look at these healthy cattle grazing Idaho’s green pastures. These idyllic conditions guarantee tasty, nutritious beef.

Foreign-owned ranches on American land and internationally processed beef are huge concerns for many across the country. We get peace of mind knowing exactly where our beef is sourced from while simultaneously supporting American ranch families. Finding a trusted American cattle rancher who handles the cattle from ranch to table is critical for clean and quality eating.

2. mRNA-free Guarantee

Lately, there’s been lots of chatter across social media about mRNA injections for cattle.

Are you aware of the sources for store-brand beef sold in major retailers like Kroger and Walmart? Often, it originates from crowded, odorous feedlots.

While it may seem far-fetched, swine farms have had access to mRNA vaccines since 2018. Unfortunately, without research, no one knows what happens to the human body after consuming mRNA-vaccinated meat.

Porkbusiness.com states, “It’s not in your food. It’s a vaccine for the animal, “injected into the muscle,” just like any vaccine, protects the animal from disease.” It’s essential to grasp that the pork industry is predominantly owned and operated by China, whereas the beef industry is primarily under U.S. ownership and operation. They’re literally saying we’re injecting the vaccine into the animal, but don’t worry you’re not consuming it. 🤦‍♂️

Therefore, many American cattle ranchers and beef suppliers are taking a firm preemptive stance against using this technology on their cattle. Upon questioning, Agri Beef stated they would refrain from using mRNA technology in their cattle herds.

3.  Restaurant Quality Beef

This was probably the best steak we’ve ever eaten, prepared in our own kitchen.

Restaurants and high-end food suppliers usually get top-tier beef cuts, leaving everyday consumers with fewer options. What’s great about Snake River Farms is that it allows you to effortlessly cook up restaurant-quality steaks in the comfort of your home, hassle-free.

During our stay in Idaho, we sampled Double R Ranch ribeyes and filets and they were simply divine. We also tried Snake River Farms ground beef for some juicy homemade burgers.

The quality of the beef is so top-notch that to this day when we dream about some of our favorite meals we’ve ever had, our minds go to these glorious, tender steaks that we prepared in our own kitchen. Seriously, the best way to describe eating a Double R Ranch steak is a luxurious eating experience.

These Double R Ranch ribeyes were full of flavor and healthy animal fats, offering some of the best beef in America for a clean-eating, carnivore diet.

Agri Beef – Brief Overview

American-owned and operated, Agri Beef has several subsidiary companies providing a variety of tasty beef products.

  1. Double R Ranch: Known for high-quality Angus beef
  2. Snake River Farms: Known for its premium American Wagyu beef
  3. St. Helens Beef: Focuses on producing natural and organic beef products
  4. Rancho El Oro: Great value, lean, grain-fed beef

The Obvious Choice for Beef Lovers

Snake River Farms and its parent company Agri Beef have established themselves as the go-to destination for those in search of the best beef in America. Their commitment to ethical practices, including American ownership and an mRNA-free guarantee, sets a new standard in the industry. Whether enjoying the rich marbling of Double R Ranch’s Angus cuts or relishing the decadence of Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu, each bite epitomizes their dedication to excellence. For discerning consumers valuing exceptional taste and responsible farming, Snake River Farms is the ultimate choice for beef lovers.

Please note: We may receive a small commission from purchases made on snakeriverfarms.com. However, our recommendation is driven by a desire to promote healthier alternatives to feedlot meat, which can be filled with hormones and chemicals, potentially harmful to health.

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