The Art of Early Check-In at Las Vegas Hotels: Tips and Tricks

In a city where the nightlife sparkles and the resorts dazzle, mastering the art of early check-in in Las Vegas is a top priority for many travelers. It’s the first hurdle in kicking off your Vegas adventure, with the standard check-in time often hovering around 4 PM. But fear not, savvy wanderers, for with a dash of finesse and some insider know-how, you can slide into your room before the clock strikes check-in. Allow me to guide you through gaining early access to your room without unnecessary expense.

Early check-in in Las Vegas allows travelers to swiftly settle into their swanky accommodations, providing time to rest before indulging in the day’s activities, whether it’s gambling, enjoying the nightlife, lounging by the pool, or treating themselves to room service.

How to Check In Early

With some planning ahead, knowing your hotel options, and using polite tactics, you can boost your chances of getting into your room early and kick off your Las Vegas adventure smoothly. Join me as we uncover the secrets of early check-in in Las Vegas for a hassle-free start to your stay in this exciting city.

1. Plan Ahead

Depending on where you’re staying, consider the timing of your arrival and the hotel’s occupancy status. Typically, weekdays, particularly between Monday and Thursday, offer a greater likelihood of getting an early check-in in Las Vegas due to lower demand. For instance, if you’re planning a weekend getaway for something special, arriving on a Thursday might increase your chances of snagging an early check-in, as hotels tend to be less crowded compared to Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning.

2. Know the Hotel Type

The likelihood of early check-in can vary depending on the size and style of the hotel you’re staying in. Large resorts like the MGM Grand or Wynn often have more bureaucratic procedures and may be less flexible with early check-in requests. However, on the flip side, these larger hotels have more rooms available, increasing the chances of early availability.

Compared to the mega-resorts, Cromwell’s reception area seems quaint and cozy.

Conversely, boutique hotels like The Cromwell offer a more personalized experience but may have limited availability for early check-in. Understanding these differences can help you set realistic expectations and plan accordingly for your Las Vegas stay.

3. The Art of Ask

When you arrive at the hotel, it’s essential to master the art of asking. Approach the front desk with a warm smile and politely inquire about early check-in in Las Vegas. While there’s no guarantee, a friendly request may yield positive results, especially if a room is ready for occupancy. If you’re nervous be sure to check out Edgar Schein’s “Humble Inquiry.”

For example, you could say something like, “Hi there, how are you today? I know I’m really early, but I just got off a brutal flight and was hoping to see if there was any possibility of an early check-in today. I understand if the room isn’t ready yet, but I thought I’d ask.” Starting with a friendly inquiry about the attendant’s well-being before making your request adds a personal touch to the conversation and helps to promote positive interaction.

This approach demonstrates courtesy and may increase your chances of securing early access to your room. You would be amazed by how much this works—probably 80% of the time I’m in my room by 11 am just by asking politely. Of course, a room had to open for this to happen.

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4. Utilize Bell Services

If early check-in isn’t available, take advantage of the hotel’s bell services. Most hotels offer complimentary luggage storage, especially the ones that don’t have a resort fee, allowing you to drop off your bags and explore the city while you wait for your room to become available. Be sure to tip the bellhop for their assistance. For instance, you could say, “Thank you for helping with my bags. Here’s a token of appreciation for your assistance.”

5. Consider App Check-In

Many hotels now offer mobile check-in options through their apps, allowing you to check in remotely and receive your room assignment earlier than expected. Keep an eye on your notifications for updates on room availability. This can be particularly useful if you’re eager to settle in and start exploring right away.

6. Time Your Arrival

Arriving bright and early in the morning significantly ups your chances of snagging an early check-in. Hotels witness a steady turnover throughout the day, and rooms may become available sooner than the official check-in time. This strategic timing can be particularly advantageous if you’re looking to settle in swiftly and maximize your time exploring the city.

7. Offer a Tip

A discreet tip slipped to the front desk agent or concierge could work wonders in your favor when seeking an early check-in. While not a guaranteed ticket, a well-placed tip might just tilt the scales in your direction. Remember, it’s not about the amount but rather the gesture of appreciation for their assistance. A little kindness can go a long way in securing those coveted early access privileges but I wouldn’t tip more than about USD 20 to 25 at a high-end resort like Wynn.

8. Understand Early Check-In Fees

Visitors at ultra-luxurious resorts such as Four Seasons may encounter early check-in fees, but for their affluent clientele, the cost is typically inconsequential.

It’s essential to be aware of potential costs associated with early check-in. Some hotels may offer early check-in for a fee, typically ranging from $20 to $100, depending on the property and timing. This fee is often discretionary and may vary based on factors such as demand, hotel policies, and loyalty program status. While paying a fee can expedite the check-in process, consider whether the convenience outweighs the additional cost, especially if you’re on a budget.

9. Be Flexible

Flexibility is key when it comes to navigating the nuances of early check-in. If your room isn’t quite ready upon arrival, keep your plans fluid. Even if your room isn’t ready at this very moment, don’t fret. It may well be prepared within the hour. Once you’ve asked for early check-in, most hotels aim to accommodate you promptly, allowing you to hit the casino floors without delay.

Take advantage of the hotel’s amenities, explore the best nearby attractions, or savor a leisurely meal while you wait. After all, you’re in Las Vegas – there’s no shortage of excitement to fill your time. Embracing this flexibility ensures that any unexpected delays won’t dampen your spirits or derail your plans.

10. Stay Positive

Maintaining a sunny disposition throughout the process is paramount. While early check-in isn’t always a certainty, approaching the situation with patience and optimism can brighten your overall experience.

Remember, you’re in Las Vegas – the city of endless possibilities and excitement. So, keep your chin up, stay positive, and embrace the adventure that awaits you. Your positive outlook could significantly tilt the scales in your favor, and it’s worth noting that you’re not the first or last to request an early check-in in Las Vegas.

11. Evaluate Value vs. Convenience

Before opting for early check-in with a fee, weigh the value against the convenience. If arriving early significantly enhances your trip’s enjoyment or allows for additional rest after a long journey, paying the fee may be worthwhile. However, if you can comfortably wait until the standard check-in time without disrupting your plans, saving the extra expense may be a prudent choice.

12. Loyalty Program Benefits

Guests, particularly at The Venetian, yearn for a quick refresh with views of the iconic Sphere before diving into Vegas.

Frequent travelers enrolled in hotel loyalty programs may receive perks such as complimentary early check-in or waived fees based on their membership status. Check your loyalty program benefits beforehand to leverage any available privileges and maximize value during your stay. Additionally, make sure to enroll as a member of the hotel’s loyalty program. Membership grants priority status, giving you an advantage over non-members.

13. Know the Policies

Before embarking on your Las Vegas adventure, take a moment to acquaint yourself with the hotel’s policies regarding early check-in fees. Some establishments may offer this convenience for a nominal fee, which could be worthwhile if you’re eager to settle in without delay. Understanding these policies upfront empowers you to make informed decisions and avoid any surprises upon arrival.

14. Negotiate

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate or waive early check-in fees, especially if you’re a repeat guest or have a compelling reason for an early arrival. Engage in courteous communication with hotel staff and express your preferences respectfully to explore potential options for a more favorable outcome.

15. Consider Alternatives

If the early check-in fee seems steep or if the hotel doesn’t offer this option, explore alternative strategies such as luggage storage or utilizing hotel amenities while waiting for your room to become available. Additionally, inquire about complimentary upgrades or perks that may offset the need for early check-in fees.

Navigating the Early Check-In Game in Sin City

As you gear up for your Las Vegas adventure, remember that mastering the art of early check-in can set the stage for a seamless and enjoyable stay. From planning to staying flexible and maintaining a positive attitude, these strategies can help you maximize your chances of securing early access to your accommodations.

Whether you’re exploring the bustling Strip or trying your luck at the casinos, being well-prepared and proactive can make all the difference. So, channel your inner savvy traveler, and embark on your Las Vegas escapade with confidence and enthusiasm!

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