How to Buy Affordable Pilgrimage Insurance

We’re setting out on a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago, and concurrently, one of our family members is embarking on a pilgrimage to Italy. When she shared her itinerary and the recommended pilgrimage insurance proposed by her travel agent, we noticed that the cost was unreasonably high. Upon comparing it with the travel insurance company we typically use, it turned out to be roughly $100 more per person for a 10-day journey!

The concept of venturing into unfamiliar territories in pursuit of a higher purpose, and seeking profound meaning, is a shared experience across religions. It can be exciting to engage in a religious pilgrimage that offers a chance for spiritual rejuvenation and personal growth.

The Camino de Santiago traces its origins back to medieval times, guiding pilgrims to the tomb believed to be that of the Apostle Saint James, also known as James the Greater or Santiago in Spanish, located in the crypt of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. It remains Europe’s oldest, busiest, and most renowned route, both historically and presently.

There are countless motivations for embarking on a pilgrimage—whether to escape or to return, to discover oneself, or to connect with the divine. Whether you’re trekking 1,200+ miles on the Via Francigena or joining a religious sites tour with your church, securing affordable travel insurance is a must.

Nonetheless, if you’re buying pilgrimage insurance from your travel agent or an online travel search engine, there’s a high probability you’re overspending. Also, there could be certain risks you might be unaware of by doing this, as we’ll delve into shortly.

Travel Insurance is Essential

When undertaking an international pilgrimage tour, ensure to acquire low-cost travel insurance or travel health insurance to shield yourself from unforeseen incidents, illnesses, or injuries that may arise. While insurance may seem like a minor aspect, it provides the peace of mind necessary to concentrate on the genuine purpose of your pilgrimage.

Medjugorje, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a quaint town and renowned as one of the world’s leading pilgrimage destinations. Every year, millions of pilgrims journey to Medjugorje to witness the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and to seek spiritual guidance and healing.

As seasoned globetrotters, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in dealing with travel insurance, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in securing great deals, which is why we rely on Insubuy. At this moment, you might be wondering what exactly is Insubuy.

Insubuy is an online aggregator for travel insurance that compiles the best insurance policies—it’s what we use to find the most affordable high-quality plans available. It allows users to promptly receive instant quotes from multiple U.S.-based insurance companies, making it easy to compare them side by side—check it out. 👇

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💰 Budget Tip: Pilgrimage insurance plans vary by your home state. For this reason, use the button above to receive a customized quick quote. Additionally, a key factor in our preference for Insubuy is the lack of necessity to provide contact information when obtaining a quote. This means you’ll steer clear of the potential hassle of receiving endless phone calls and emails from telemarketers.


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Affordable Pilgrimage Insurance

While travel agents excel in planning the ideal trip, one with expertise in travel insurance can assist you in procuring a robust insurance plan that aligns with your budget and itinerary. Although purchasing pilgrimage insurance through your travel agent may be convenient, it often comes at a higher cost.

Pilgrims inevitably come across charming corners and hidden spots.

For example, instead of purchasing a one-size-fits-all plan, you can customize one through Insubuy so that it’s tailored specifically for you. Also, Insubuy stays abreast of the latest travel rules and regulations, offering valuable advice to travelers based on their destination. Opting to purchase policies with pilgrimage insurance specialists, instead of purchasing directly from a travel supplier, is advisable.

The serene atmosphere of a pilgrimage aids individuals in calming their thoughts and finding inner balance, enabling them to reflect on their lives.

Every day, there’s a common scenario—people express their intent to travel, but unforeseen circumstances can derail their plans. Whether it’s a sudden injury, a medical procedure, or a family emergency, without insuring your trip investment, the likelihood of receiving a refund diminishes. Select a plan below to make sure both you and your investment are protected. Certainly, by utilizing Insubuy, you have the flexibility to further tailor these plans according to your specific requirements.

Best Overall Affordable Plan – Safe Travels Explorer

Insubuy’s Safe Travels Explorer plan stands as the best cost-effective pilgrimage insurance plan that includes only the essentials. This plan offers extensive coverage at a competitive rate, featuring:

  • $50,000 coverage for emergency medical expenses
  • Trip cancellation – 100% of trip cost up to $30,000
  • Trip interruption – Up to 100% of trip cost

Along with the features above, Safe Travels Explorer also includes trip delays, missed connections, baggage coverage, delayed baggage, dental expenses, emergency evacuation, repatriation of remains, and rental car damage.

🛡️☂️ Insubuy Safe Travels Explorer > Quotes & Purchase

Best Cancel for Any Reason Plan – Safe Travels First Class

The vast majority of travel insurance plans do not provide “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage, at least not at a competitive rate. Without this coverage, if you cancel your trip regardless of the reason, you will not be reimbursed—for this reason, most pilgrims opt for this protection.

What is a Covered Reason to Cancel Your Trip?

Typical trip cancellation insurance plans enable you to cancel your trip for specified reasons such as:

  • An insured traveler, a traveling companion, or a family member experience a severe illness or injury
  • Family member’s death
  • Damage to your residence
  • Terrorist events at the destination
  • Terminated or laid off from a job
  • Legally separated or divorced partner
  • Birth of a child in the family
  • FAA-mandated shutdown
  • An airline, cruise line, or other carrier suspends operations for a minimum of 24 consecutive hours due to a strike, natural disaster, or adverse weather conditions.

Conversely, cancel for any reason travel insurance plans offer trip cancellation flexibility for any other reasons not covered by standard travel insurance. While upgrading to cancel for any reason coverage may involve additional costs, it is typically a worthwhile investment.


Safe Travels First Class offers 100% reimbursement for the prepaid, non-refundable payments you made for your trip in case you cancel for a reason not otherwise covered by this policy. This coverage must be acquired with the initial policy and within 14 days of the trip deposit date, and it applies to the entire non-refundable trip cost.

🛡️☂️ Insubuy Safe Travels First Class > Quotes & Purchase

Best Cancel for Work Reasons Plan – Travel Lite

The provision of “Cancel For Work Reasons” allows travelers to be reimbursed for trip cancellations arising from unexpected work-related situations. To be eligible the traveler must experience the revocation of pre-approved vacation time due to a work requirement. Providing proof of this work requirement, such as a notarized statement from the employer, is mandatory.

It’s important to note that cancel for work reasons coverage is typically not extended to self-employed individuals or partners in a partnership according to most policies. Below are examples of the covered reasons associated with canceling for work reasons plans:

  • Workplace is experiencing interruptions to its daily operations due to:
    • Natural disasters such as a fire, flood, or an earthquake
    • Burglary
    • Vandalism
  • Direct involvement of your company in a merger or acquisition
  • Mandatory relocation exceeding 250 miles for job retention
  • Unexpected work requirements arise during a pre-scheduled trip

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Best Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion Waiver Plan – Safe Travels Single Trip

The Safe Travels Single Trip is similar to the Safe Travels Explorer plan listed above except it covers pre-existing conditions. Although, you must add on this provision within 10 days of the initial trip deposit date.

Travel insurance providers enforce a “lookback period,” typically spanning 60 to 180 days, during which a pre-existing condition is deemed stable. To be eligible for a waiver, your condition must remain stable within this timeframe, indicating no changes or deterioration. Finally, the Safe Travels Single Trip plan uses a 60-day lookback period.

🛡️☂️ Insubuy Safe Travels Single Trip > Quotes & Purchase

It’s not merely essential to contemplate pilgrimage insurance; ensuring you have the appropriate coverage is of utmost importance. When evaluating your trip, possessions, luggage, and health, selecting the right type of pilgrimage insurance becomes a significant undertaking. Hopefully, the information listed above will provide you with enough understanding to make an informed decision—granting you peace of mind during your journey.

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