How to Discover the Best of Malaga in a Day: Top Sights and Experiences

It’s challenging to fathom anyone on Earth unfamiliar with Spain. The melodic beauty of the Spanish language, the delectability of Spanish cuisine, and the innate exuberance of its people have set this European country apart. However, there’s a Spanish city that appears to be somewhat overlooked. We’re inviting you to uncover the best of Malaga in just one day.

How to Get to Malaga?

The means of reaching the city of Malaga depend on your departure country, with three primary options available.

By Air

The Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport serves international travelers, providing both direct and connecting flights from various destinations in Europe and around the world.

By Train

The city of Malaga is linked to the national railway company of Spain, Renfe, and boasts a central train station known as “Malaga-María Zambrano,” serving as a pivotal transportation hub for both local and long-distance train services.

Renfe operates diverse train routes connecting Malaga to prominent cities throughout Spain, providing convenient options for travelers to explore various regions through the extensive railway network. The high-speed AVE trains further establish connections between Malaga and cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, ensuring efficient and comfortable rail travel.

By Bus

For travelers embarking on multi-stop journeys, particularly in Europe or Spain, opting for a coach ticket with Alsa to reach Malaga is a common and cost-effective transportation choice.

Getting to Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport

How to Hire a Car at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport?

For those eager to discover the city of Malaga and the encompassing Costa del Sol region, opting to rent a car offers the flexibility to explore a greater number of attractions compared to traversing by train or bus. If you fall into this category, numerous car rental companies are available in the airport area, allowing you the freedom to select the most suitable car for you and your travel companions.

Where to Hire a Car at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport?

Locating the perfect rental car is a breeze with This comparison website showcases budget-friendly car rental options, complete with details on car features and potential fees, simplifying the process of finding the ideal deal that aligns with your requirements and budget.

The lowest rates for car rentals will be found at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport.

Additionally, you can conveniently book your preferred car directly through the platform, ensuring access to the most competitive rates. Holiday Cars strives to ensure that car rental is a convenient and accessible privilege for everyone. You can utilize the comparison website to discover car rental deals, even for destinations like Ibiza.

Best of Malaga – 3 Top Sights and Experiences

Below are the three main sights that you don’t want to miss while touring Malaga.

1. Alcazaba

Alcazaba of the Alhambra

For those with only a day to spend in Malaga, make sure not to overlook the city’s most iconic attraction: Alcazaba. This Moorish fortress, dating back to the 11th century, is a must-visit. The climb is undoubtedly rewarding, offering a chance to admire not just the impeccably preserved fortress and the Gibralfaro Castle but also breathtaking views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Picasso Museum

Museo Picasso Málaga

The birthplace of the renowned Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, Malaga, attracts many visitors for this significant reason. Whether you’re passionate about art or not, a trip to the Picasso Museum is highly recommended. It provides an opportunity to appreciate some of the lesser-known paintings by the celebrated artist.

3. Palmeral de Las Sorpresas

Palmeral de Las Sorpresas

For those seeking a stunning and lively location in the city, the Palmeral de Las Sorpresas is a destination not to be overlooked. This pathway is adorned with palm trees and adorned with contemporary sculptures, striking fountains, and delightful restaurants, forming a sanctuary that appeals to all.

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