At $11, This Is the One Budget Gift No One Will Be Disappointed Receiving

Funny enough, the search for the perfect budget gift began when we needed to purchase it for ourselves. Our requirements were simple, it had to be budget-friendly and it had to be super reliable.

The gadget that we were looking for was going to be used in both our home and new car. Like a lot of people, money’s tight for us right now, so we didn’t want to purchase something and then have it break or not work as well as we anticipated.

We really love this item and and wanted to share it with anyone looking for a cheap, but useful and cool holiday gift.

After about two hours of research, we nearly gave up. We looked at tens of articles and probably a thousand user reviews―no joke. Growing increasingly frustrated by every mixed review, we quickly grew demoralized.

Building the Suspense – What Is the Budget Gift?

Feeling weakened, we even began to question whether we should buy a new USB C cable or just use the obsolete standard charging cable that came with our phone. We decided to keep moving forward.

Reading thousands of reviews on Amazon and other sites has us feeling straight lost and depressed.

The main problem we came across was the mixed reviews―every USB C cable with a high rating had a substantial number of bad reviews. Some reviewers would state that the cable was great and others would say it broke within the first week. While not everyone’s going to be happy all the time, a considerable number of bad reviews is a red flag.

The look, the feel, the functionality, everything feels just right with the INIU USB C cable(s).

As you may or may not know, Amazon is a haven for fraudulent reviews, so you have to look at the trends and latest reviews to see if something doesn’t seem right. For example, we looked at the last 10 reviews for every cable we came upon, and if any one of them were negative we immediately eliminated it from the running.

Our other requirement was that the cable had to be the new fast-charging type―in other words, it need the ability to handle up to a 3.1 amp output. For instance, when we plugged our new INIU USB C Cable into our car using our new AINOPE 12V 4.8A USB Car Charger and Audrey was shocked at how fast her phone charged―it went from 20% to 80% in about 30 minutes!

INIU USB C Cable – Perfect Budget Gift $11

After hours of research, we ended up with the INIU USB C Cable, which we love. Also, it has a cool little green light on the charging end which helps you know if the cable is plugged in, and, it makes it easy to find during the night.

Three high-quality cables for $11? Now that’s an unbelievable deal!

We were originally looking for a cable with a length of about 4 feet. We were shocked to find out that this budget-friendly package includes three cables in three different sizes—1.6ft for on the go, 3.3ft for office or travel, and 6.6ft for home. It’s so nice to be able to leave the 3.3ft cable in the car and the 6.6ft cable at home, especially at night near the bed.

The green light at the end of the cable at looks so cool at nighttime and makes the charging port super easy to find.

The durability of the cables is also impressive—they’re made of FlyWeave3.0 braided cables which means they’re ridiculously strong, while also feeling pleasant in the hands. Also, they’re thin but tough. Furthermore, the bionic flexible joint, the rubber section near the charging end connecting the cable and the port, prevents the cable from bending and eventually breaking.

Ideal Gift For Any Age

These cables really are that impressive and would make the perfect gift for anyone of any age, even those who may seem hard to buy for. We think it’s the little green light that gives off those feel-good vibes. Also, they exceeded our expectations in terms of resilience, durability, and charging capabilities. You may purchase the INIU USB C cable here.

We recommend that you pair it up with the AINOPE 12V 4.8A USB Car Charger for the ultimate phone-in-car charging experience!

The green light at the end of the cable makes it easy to locate, especially in the dark!

We do receive a small Amazon commission with every purchase through the links above, but nothing that’s going to make us rich, unfortunately.

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