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One thought on “Results of the experiment
  1. ok so of course this was one of my very favorite blog posts to date! LOVE LOVE LOVE! …you know how i’m always nagging to see some of the “personal” photos :)~ this is such a beautiful momento that it almost made me cry!! i’m definitely going to watch this through a couple more times. there are some pics i just wanted to look at for a while and it went by so fast! there was a lot of stopping and pausing, but i will enjoy a few more times through i am sure. also i promise at that time to also make some more personalized photo comments. for now, i just want to say audrey, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS WHEN I PEE! harry, i think we’re not quite “there” yet, but i feel like it could come at any moment. xoxoxo

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