5 Nice and Affordable Restaurants Near the Eiffel Tower

Trying to find tasty yet affordable restaurants near the Eiffel Tower can be intimidating. You don’t want to get ripped off at an overpriced, touristy trap. No need to stress! The five restaurants below provide excellent value without sacrificing quality.

There’s just about nothing more aggravating than being in a foreign country and struggling to find a place to eat, especially when traveling with others. It’s remarkably easy for some members of the group to become “hangry” and moody when hunger strikes—it happens all the time, even to the best of us.

There’s something so magical about being in Paris and looking up at the Eiffel Tower!

The most crucial thing you can do is have a couple of restaurant options in your back pocket at all times, so you don’t end up in the predicament of being near the Eiffel Tower, starving, and unsure of where to dine.

Tasty and Low-Cost Restaurants Near the Eiffel Tower

Not only are the restaurants below popular with tourists and locals alike but they also deliver an authentic taste of Parisian cuisine and amazing French wine at reasonable prices. Whether you prefer French bistro classics, Italian comforts, or even a unique dining experience, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

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1. Pizzeria La Gourmandise – Italian

Pizzeria La Gourmandise, near the Eiffel Tower is consistently great and affordable.

This little Italian spot near the Eiffel Tower is the kind of place you’ll find yourself hitting up multiple times on any Paris trip ’cause it’s just that good and consistent. Whether you’re craving a cheap salad, fire pizza, or hearty lasagna, or feel like splurging a bit on some tasty risotto or meaty main dishes, Pizzeria La Gourmandise has it all covered. It’s the kind of solid go-to place that’ll have you coming back again and again during your stay. For this reason, it’s one of the best restaurants near the Eiffel Tower.

Pizzeria La Gourmandise: View Menu
Location: 28 Rue Augereau

2. Linette – French

Linette is an affordable French bistro near the Eiffel Tower with top-notch service.

If you’re looking for an affordable go-to French bistro near the Eiffel Tower then Linette is the place for you. If you’re interested in experiencing authentic French flavors, this spot nails it with perfectly cooked escargots, beef tartare, risotto, and a must-try crème brûlée, plus delicious wines. Service is top-notch, with friendly staff creating a warm vibe. Linette’s reasonable pricing and high-quality ingredients without insane markup are the real draw here.

Linette: View Menu
Location: 16 Av. Rapp

3. Chez Pippo – Italian

This unassuming Italian eatery is a local favorite tucked away near tourist hotspots like the Eiffel Tower and Musée du Quai Branly. Although centrally located, Chez Pippo remains a hidden gem largely undiscovered by visitors. Pop in for an affordable, quick pizza or homemade gnocchi drenched in rich Taleggio cream sauce with crispy smoked ham.

Chez Pippo is a hidden gem near the Eiffel Tower, offering excellent Italian fare at great prices.

If you’re craving an indulgent splurge, their parmesan reggiano and black truffle risotto is a decadent treat. Whether grabbing a casual bite or splurging on authentic flavors, this casual neighborhood spot delivers excellent Italian fare at great prices away from the tourist traps. Finally, Chez Pippo has a small outdoor dining area to enjoy the ambiance of a charming French neighborhood.

Chez Pippo Menu: View Menu
Location: 31 Av. de la Bourdonnais

4. Le Crépuscule – French

Le Crépuscule offers affordable, authentic French dining with some of the best crepes and galettes in Paris.

Grab a casual French bite at Le Crépuscule which delivers an affordable yet authentic French dining experience in a relaxed setting. Many visitors claim they serve up some of the best crepes and galettes (made from buckwheat flour) in Paris! Pair it with a beer, cider, wine, or coffee. Before or afterward, be sure to check out the nearby Eglise Saint-Pierre-du-Gros-Caillou Catholic church.

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12–2:30 p.m., 7–9  p.m.
Le Crépuscule: View Menu
Location: 18 Rue Amélie

5. Lunch Cruise Down the River Seine

Combine dining with a River Seine cruise for an affordable, memorable lunch while viewing Paris’s iconic landmarks.

⁤Instead of visiting only a restaurant why not combine it with an affordable delicious lunch on the River Seine? This affordable option allows you to wine and dine in style! Enjoy a 3-course meal paired with some of France’s best wines from their à la carte menu. Furthermore, you’ll cruise by iconic landmarks like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Providing live music and a welcoming glass of Champagne this river cruise may be the most memorable experience of your time in Paris—it was for us!

🍝🚢 Seine River Lunch & Sightseeing Cruise > Check Availability

💡 Tip: Since you can choose where you’d like to sit, be sure to book your river cruise as soon as possible so you can get the best seats!

Menu: View Menu
Location: Port de la Bourdonnais

General Tips to Keep the Cost of Your Meal Down

Making the night of a picnic in the park next to the Eiffel Tower is a memorable and budget-savvy way to enjoy an evening in Paris!

One of the easiest ways to cut costs at restaurants is to skip bottled beverages. Instead, bring a reusable bottle of water or pick up one at a convenience store beforehand. Most casual eateries in Paris are happy to provide free tap water. This simple switch can save you several euros per person that would otherwise go towards overpriced bottles of Evian or San Pellegrino.

Other money-saving tips include:

  • Sharing appetizers or desserts instead of ordering multiple courses
  • Opting for the prix fixe lunch menu rather than ordering à la carte
  • Avoid tourist-trap areas where restaurants wildly inflate prices.
  • Carry some snacks like fresh fruit or a croissant from a bakery to tide you over between meals.
    • Portion sizes can be smaller than in the U.S., so having a light bite prevents you from showing up to restaurants starving and overeating, or still feeling hungry after you’ve eaten.
  • Consider having a bigger, affordable meal at lunch when menus are cheaper.
  • For dinner, make a light meal by combining small plates like cheese, charcuterie, and bread from delis or markets. We did this and spent the evening on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower (Champ de Mars) eating and drinking French wine and it was one of the best memories from our trip!

A little preparation can ensure you sample delicious French cuisine without blowing your entire vacation budget on meals alone.

Make the Most of Your Dining Budget in Paris

With careful planning, you can indulge in some of the city’s best restaurants near the Eiffel Tower without breaking the bank. Seeking out affordable local gems, sharing plates, opting for lunches over dinners, for the main meal of the day, and planning an evening picnicking on the Champ de Mars are all great ways to further stretch your food dollars.

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