Mykonos Nightlife is Legendary – A Guide For First-Timers

Everybody knows Mykonos for its crazy and super active nightlife that pleases all kinds of visitors, even the most discerning ones. Upbeat beach bars, paradisal shores, and stylish nightclubs featuring international parties and DJs at any given time of the day or night characterize this party mecca.

Mykonos Nightlife is Legendary

Often referred to as a close cousin of Ibiza in the way it provides utmost luxury and timeless fun, the Mykonos nightlife offers an inviting mix of entertainment that can tick your boxes for sure, irrespective of what you are looking for and how you define “fun”.

So, whether you are visiting Mykonos with your family, partner, friends, or even solo, you will certainly not get bored! Feel free to choose between drag queen shows, wild beach parties, or quieter evenings by the sea and throw yourself to whatever the day brings. In any case, expect a cosmopolitan atmosphere that can range from unbelievably vivid to utterly romantic, depending on what you are looking for! Here are some options:

Laid-Back Evenings

Little Venice epitomizes not only sheer beauty that combines the allure of Mykonos with the charm of Venetian architecture but also cooler, more relaxed entertainment. The colorful houses that line the beachfront were once the residences of the rich and famous of the island. Now turned into elegant bars, chic cafes, and chic restaurants, they pamper visitors with unsurpassable views of the Aegean Sea and a tranquil ambiance infusing romance.

From there, you can stroll the postcard-perfect cobbled streets of the island’s capital, the Chora or Mykonos Town, and dive into heart-stopping traditional Cycladic architecture, distinguished by sugar-cubed whitewashed houses, blue-domed chapels, and flower-filled balconies. Besides bars and disco bars, you will also find lots of souvenir shops and small taverns serving palate-caressing seafood and local dishes. Alternatively, you could head to the windmills and enjoy pristine vistas of the descending sun, just before you have a refreshing cocktail right where the waves splatter on the shore!

Beach Fun Before Sunset (or Till the Wee Hours)

The overwhelming majority of beaches in Mykonos entertain sunbathers with an exceptional range of facilities, including incredibly stylish restaurants, umbrellas, hammocks, wooden paths, showers, and sunbeds, to name a few. Also, beach bars with lounge or more vibrant music serving from refreshments and snacks to cocktails and other alcoholic beverages and drinks. Of course, this applies to the populated shores the likes of Panormos, Ornos, Super Paradise, Paradise, and Paraga. The more isolated beaches offer more tranquil experiences.

You should be warned, though. Everything you experience during the day cannot prepare you for what happens after sunset! If you stick around for long, you will notice a mind-blowing after-dark transformation that takes place on the island. The beats are louder, and the atmosphere becomes more intense and lively than ever before. These parties usually last till sunrise and offer lots of hours of dancing, drinking, and having fun on the beach. Sometimes, celebs drop anchor in the open sea and join these parties remotely from their private yachts.

Family Enjoyment in Mykonos

Although the nightlife in Mykonos does not have much to offer to the little ones, you can still have a great time with the kids. Little Venice and Mykonos Town remain popular attractions to cater to the needs of the younger crowds, including families with children.

So, besides the great food joints and souvenir shops, you can visit the go-cart track just outside the capital. And, who knows? You may even bump heads with Petros the Pelican – the local mascot for many decades!

Ferry to Delos Island!

Other fun things to do with the kids are joining a cooking lesson, a private mosaic workshop, going hiking, visiting an organic animal farm, or opting for a family cruise to Delos Island and the more remote Mykonos beaches!

Giving “Fun” the Meaning You Want

Of course, having fun in Mykonos goes way beyond joining parties and drinking cocktails while soaking up the most captivating sunset views. Your luxury villa also provides an impressive plethora of comforts and services that please the senses.

The pool at the Kivotos Hotel in Mykonos.

For example, you could have a massage for two in the privacy of your elegant hotel room, or a spa-like treatment, a private party, and even have a personal cook prepare a delicious dinner for those you love! Or how about a catamaran cruise to other Cyclades islands? You get to pick the kind of entertainment you fancy the most in Mykonos. And, remember, what happens in Mykonos, stays in Mykonos!

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