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A life full of travel experiences is one of life’s biggest dreams. Thankfully, living a life of travel is more achievable than ever. Cheap flights, direct train routes, and worldwide car rentals have made transportation easy and convenient. However, folks with a little extra time know that camper vans and motor homes offer something that other forms of transport don’t—freedom and spontaneity which is why you should consider cheap RV living.

Exploring by motor home, which is also called RVing, is an exciting and rewarding way to travel. It’s a way for travelers to cover a lot of distance while being directly immersed in a region’s natural treasures.

Thanks to the rapid technology development, traveling isn’t such a challenge anymore. We can make friends with natives and fellow travelers online, use GPS in nearly every corner of the world, learn languages with mobile apps, and there are more remote work opportunities than even just a decade ago.

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When considering a huge lifestyle change, often people get discouraged about knowing where to start. It’s important to take some time to reflect on how you would like life to look and begin the first stages of responsible planning.

For example, typical planning questions to ask yourself include: What is the minimum budget for independent travel? Can I work while traveling? What is the most efficient traveling method? Is a cheap RV living possible for me and my family? Can I adopt a minimalist lifestyle? Does the idea of tiny living sound appealing?

You can find more information and answers to these questions in the below article. In the spirit of budget travel, we prepared a couple of useful tips on how to save money traveling by motorhome. They include:

1. Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

Discover the happiness of minimalist living and how traveling in camper trailers aligns with this philosophy, making cheap RV living a fulfilling option.

The growth of this particular traveling trend is parallel to the admiration of minimalism, self-sufficiency, and frugality philosophy. Our generation began to see more in less. Many of us no longer need big houses and other material goods to be truly happy. Consider the recent trend of tiny living and all the house hunter shows that celebrate this new lifestyle.

The rise of camper travel signifies a shift towards minimalist living and self-sufficiency. No longer associated with past stereotypes, camper trailers now epitomize the ethos of doing more with less.

With the trend towards tiny living gaining momentum, travelers are discovering unparalleled happiness in the simplicity of life on the road. Our journey backpacking across the globe revealed the true joy of nomadic living. Utilizing camper vans for both transportation and accommodation offers unparalleled freedom, especially when driving to Alaska, making the travel lifestyle more accessible than ever before.

2. Save Money on Transportation Accommodation and Food

Learn about the financial aspects of owning a motorhome, finding budget-friendly campsites, and smart strategies for food expenses while on the road.

Owning an RV entails significant costs, but with strategic planning, it can be a sound investment. Understanding your financial situation and intended usage is crucial when considering this lifestyle change.

In the USA, RV prices vary widely, with preowned models ranging from $15,000 to over $100,000, while new ones can exceed $150,000. However, budget-conscious buyers can often find quality options at around $20,000.

Whether for long-term living or occasional trips, an RV can yield substantial savings on transportation, accommodation, and even food. Additionally, budget-friendly campsites offer accommodation at remarkably low rates, typically ranging from $20-30 per night.

Smart travelers also mitigate food expenses by stocking up in neighboring areas before exploring pricier destinations, ensuring financial peace of mind throughout their journey. You can find more info here, for example.

3. Work and Travel Simultaneously

Explore the possibilities of becoming a digital nomad and earning money while traveling, making cheap RV living sustainable in the long term. Dream of blending work with travel? It’s more achievable than ever with the rise of digital nomadism.

Negotiate remote work arrangements with employers, seek out remote job opportunities, or establish your own business for location-independent income. While transitioning to this lifestyle may require careful budgeting for essentials like food, gas, insurance, and occasional repairs, the rewards of flexibility and freedom far outweigh the challenges. With meticulous planning, you can embrace a lifestyle where work and travel seamlessly coexist, enriching your life with new experiences and opportunities.

Starting such a brand-new lifestyle is not complicated at all. However, some people may discover that it takes a lot more effort than your current situation. You’ll need to carefully budget to account for food, gas, insurance, possible repairs, tickets for parking violations (which happens far more than many suspect), and parking permits.

Regardless of what your goal is—changing your lifestyle completely or starting to travel more often can be done. Contact locals from the target country you’re going to visit, consult your needs and ideas with a financial specialist, and enjoy your adventure fully.

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