Makarska Croatia | Five Beautiful Hidden Gems You Must See!

Makarska, Croatia is one of the country’s most scenic destinations, and least visited. For those torn between the love of mountains and the sea, in Makarska, you are gifted with both. Spending the day along this breathtaking coastline, tourists can enjoy some of the best travel experiences that Croatia has to offer. Here are the five hidden gems of the Makarska Riviera, Croatia.

Makarska Croatia—Five Beautiful Hidden Gems

A view of the Makarska Riviera in the background | Makarska Croatia | Five Beautiful Hidden Gems You Must See!

On a recent visit, friends offered us a tour of some of their favorite hangouts around Makarska. As tourists, exploring with a local is like being let in on a special secret. Our day was action-packed and full of awe-inspiring views. A few locations even got us so far off of the beaten path that we felt like we had Croatia all to ourselves. So where did our local friends take us?

Exploring with a local is like being let in on a special secret.

Here are five hidden-gem destinations around Makarska where those in the know would go.

1. Biokovo Sunset—Makarska Croatia

The views from the top of Biokovo are out of this world!

A wise photographer once told us, “If you want better photos, then seek out more amazing places.” End the day with a drive and a short hike up to the Mt. Biokovo lookout. Take in the sunset at 6,000 ft (1762 meters), which the highest peak on the Dalmatia Coast.

One of the highlights of visiting Biokovo is the new Biokovo Skywalk Tour. The Skywalk is around 80 feet long, horseshoe-shaped, and has a glass surface for walking—it provides exceptional views of the Makarska Riveria.

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Also, nature lovers will enjoy taking a Hiking Tour in Nature Park Biokovo. The tour includes a nice diversity of terrain to explore and pickup/dropoff to the hotel is included.

On clear days you can see Mt. Gargano on Italy’s eastern side which is 157 miles (252 km) away. As darkness falls, drive up further towards the FM transmitter tower to relish views of the beautiful twinkling stars and city lights.

2. Secret Beach Vruya Bay—Makarska Croatia

The secret beach Vruya is about a 45-minute hike down, but you’ll probably have it to yourself | Makarska Croatia | Five Beautiful Hidden Gems You Must See!

With a dramatic mountain backdrop and the clear, calm waters of the Adriatic Sea, the Makarska Riviera holds some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. While many travelers flock to the typical touristy hotspots, locals know of a secret, hidden bay.

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In Dubci, there’s a trailhead that is the start of a 30-40 minute hike down a rugged path. Eventually, you’ll reach “Secret Beach Vruya” characterized by dreamy, turquoise waters and a secluded beach. Be sure to note the unique geology of how the underground river causes the sea to bubble and stir with its freshwater spring.

3. Vepric Shrine—Makarska Croatia

The Vepric Shrine is located just outside the town of Makarska | Five Beautiful Hidden Gems You Must See!

At the base of a wooded hill, there’s a holy shrine set within a small cave. It was built in 1908, by a Bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Split-Makarska named Jura Carić.

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It was his desire was to build a place of religious devotion to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the appearance of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France. Visitors visit the shrine for a time of reflection, prayer, or to walk among the tranquility in the scenic, natural setting.

4. Coastal Trail—Makarska Croatia

The coastal trail provides beautiful views of the town of Makarska and the Biokovo mountain range | Five Beautiful Hidden Gems You Must See!

Easily accessible from Makarska’s Riva, a long, but easy trail makes its way along the rocky coast. Visitors can walk under the pines, find a sunny spot to watch the waves, or bring a lock of love to hang on the designated chain fences.

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If you’re lucky, you’ll discover the eerie, abandoned cave bar which was probably quite the “trip” in its heyday. Looking for a challenge? Continue the hike south to find your own hidden piece of paradise.

5. St. Marks Church & Kalalarga Street—Makarska Croatia

Isn’t this doorknob just darling? | Makarska Croatia | Five Beautiful Hidden Gems You Must See!

In the 18th century, Kalalarga Street was Makarska’s main strip. The charming stone path leads to St. Mark’s Church which features the town fountain constructed in 1755 and Makarska’s oldest stone coat-of-arms. Be sure to note the unique fish-shaped doorknob.

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Afterward, master the art of savoring the two-hour cappuccino. Enjoy Croatian cafe culture in the adjoining square, which draws fewer crowds than Makarska’s seafront (Riva).

Or, if relaxation is what you seek, simply spend the day at one of Makarska’s stunning beaches.

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