How Australia is Waking Up Americans – Sacrificial Lambs?!?

As travel bloggers, we’re quite interested in people’s whereabouts. We closely monitor travel trends and watch where digital nomads go to explore the globe. These are people from all walks of life—pseudo-celebrities, van-lifers, YouTubers, and everyday folks, just like us, who document their lives online.

It’s been interesting to observe how travelers have been navigating the world for the last two years. We spent time visiting four countries and 20 states. Also, we stayed in about 50 various accommodations and we’re still alive. It’s a miracle!

Rollback the Clock

As the pandemic unraveled, the fearful initially stayed home. Sadly, some still do. We recall walking into various supermarkets and hearing the same slogan over and over again, “Stay home. Stay Safe. We’re all in this together.”

At the time, the Department of Defense hired Advanced Technologies International, Inc (ATI) and initiated Operation Warp Speed to create catchphrases and distribute social distancing decals to “sell” the pandemic to the public using tax dollars.

Their crafty marketing campaign, along with public groupthink, left the masses in a state of mass formation psychosis encouraging the “stay home and stay safe” movement to protect humanity. Jeez, I wonder where they got it from?

How the US became a giant vaccine infomercial will go down as one of the most disgraceful chapters in American history.

The travelers who aggravated us the most were those who continued to travel under the guise that they were personally taking extreme “safety” measures.

In reality, these hypocrites just wanted to virtue signal while still reaping the benefits of a nomadic lifestyle. Unlike us, they concealed their true actions to prevent offending their followers.

Future historians will write about the years 2020-2022 as a time of mass panic and group madness unlike anything in American history. The trail of casualties and side effects will be so long and bitter that it will dwarf anything else. – Emerald Robinson

Agreeing with our travel philosophy, fearless travelers ignored the mainstream media hysteria and bravely just kept on moving despite the onslaught of backlash via social media.

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During this period, we enjoyed some of the best travel of our lifetime. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The roads were uncongested, the National Parks were empty, and hotels were dirt cheap.

One of our fondest memories was visiting the Grand Canyon and having the entire park basically to ourselves. To coordinate with a nationwide lockdown, it closed two days after our visit.

The Hypocrisy of the “Pandemic”

Asymptomatic Spread and False Positives

The idea of asymptomatic spread was intentionally used to group healthy people along with the sick. Much like the effectiveness of cloth face masks, asymptomatic spread has now been proven a lie—one massive fraud.

However, the idea that healthy people could infect others allowed the powers that be to advance the need for faulty PCR tests fueling lockdowns and mandates.

Time passed, and many grew impatient with both the prolonged lockdowns and the tyrannical elites looking to benefit from the COVID madness.

As “two weeks to slow the spread” turned into years, people began personally deciding it was now safe to travel, ignoring the CDC’s travel guidelines.

In fact, it was interesting to see all of the pro-lockdown travelers slowly break their own safety rules, as mandates eventually became too inconvenient. If anything, this “pandemic” has only shone a blazing light on hypocrisy.

Australian-American Couple Seeks Out the Truth

We’ve been paying close attention to one travel couple in particular. It’s been amusing, yet frustrating at times, to watch their very own personal Great Awakening.

The woman, we’ll call her Laura, is an American reality show-turned-travel influencer. Her baby’s father, we’ll call him Andy, is Australian.

They were engaged right before COVID shut down the world. Unable to proceed with their dream destination wedding, they opted to have a baby during the lockdown and purchase a home in the US, moving from Los Angeles to a red state, of course.

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This couple’s entire livelihood is based on travel and movement. Thus, it was infuriating to watch how much they supported the COVID narrative while simultaneously flaunting their international travel lifestyle.

Laura’s holding up her vaccine passport. It represents freedom!

Indubitably, to keep moving around the globe, they were quickly injected with all three jabs. Additionally, Laura has taken ad money to promote the globalist digital health pass on her Instagram account. An IRL prostitute, if you will, pushing the jabs for big pharma.

We, on the other hand, managed COVID-related affiliates in the above manner.

Digital Health Pass

Laura’s post joyously showcases the Digital Health Pass while holding her newborn infant.

I wish I could ask her, “What happens when the Australian government mandates medical procedures that your daughter refuses but can’t escape due to the digital health pass?”

What a sad moment for any influencer to get paid to promote the globalist digital health pass.

On a side note, it’s mindboggling to see how many people are oblivious to the atrocious actions governments are getting away with through the use of vaccine passports. Unquestionably, the use and creation of vaccine passports will lead to using a social credit score system like in China, and much worse.

Flying Into Australia

It is well known that Australia has one of the most tyrannical and restrictive border entry requirements in the world. However, it wasn’t until after two years of waiting to return home, did her Aussie boyfriend finally began questioning the narrative.

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To fly into Australia, citizens have to jump through numerous hoops and submit tons of paperwork to formally ask the Australian government permission to re-enter the country.

Their case is even more complicated because while Andy and his daughter are dual citizens of Australia and the US, Laura is not.

Like so many people living in the US, they finally began questioning the tyranny when it directly impacted their lives. As triple-vaxxers, they willingly complied with every mandate, every government protocol—and yet their followers watched as they stood at the airline gate pleading with officials to let them board the plane from the US to Australia.

Here are their direct quotes from Instagram stories discussing why the Australian Government must let them into Australia:

  • Andy: “I mean they just gotta let us in. It’s been nearly two years. We want to see family and we’ll be safe. We’ll let you know…we’ll get tested. We’ve got the vaccination. We’re all good.”
  • Laura: “I guess we’re going to have to variant after variant. We’re just going to have to live with this. We’re gonna have to learn to travel.”

How incredibly egocentric—and incredibly naive for them to think that they can comply their way out of The Great Reset.

For two years, we watched from afar as this couple played the role of the perfect subservient governmental pawns. After nearly being denied entry into Australia, they finally started questioning the nonsensical mandates. We like to think that perhaps this ignited their Great Awakening to begin.

As you can see, the senseless authoritarian decrees espoused by the Australian government are slowly waking up even the most asleep.

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