7 Best Helicopter Tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Undoubtedly, opting for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas stands as the definitive approach to marvel at this awe-inspiring natural wonder. While we initially drove to Grand Canyon National Park, deeming it breathtaking, it was only when we soared above it in a helicopter that we truly comprehended the magnitude of its grandeur.

Exploring the Grand Canyon from the ground? That’s cool, but soaring over it in a helicopter? That’s next-level awesome! The chopper’s maneuvers, laid-back vibe, and the ability to touch down in places otherwise inaccessible – such as specific sections by the Colorado River at the canyon’s base – elevate the experience to a whole new level.

Compare the 7 Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas

Grand Canyon helicopter tour prices from Vegas have seen a year-over-year increase. However, the specific cost hinges on various factors such as the chosen tour, time of day, and the operator selected.

With seven distinct Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas, each offers a unique experience. Price points, flight durations, West Rim locations, and additional features like champagne picnics or access to the Skywalk differ across these options.


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Compare the seven tours using the cheat sheet above. It will help you determine which tour makes the most sense for you.

Maverick Helicopters Grand Canyon picnic area sits along the Colorado River!

Other than perhaps winning a million dollars on a quarter slot machine, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour will surely be the highlight of your Vegas trip—it was for us! We took the Wind Dancer Sunset Tour because it landed 3,500 feet below the rim, provided champagne with canapés, and included a sunset/twilight flight over the dazzling Vegas Strip.

Always Compare Prices Before Booking

Compare prices between Maverick Helicopters, Las Vegas’ number one 5-star luxury helicopter tour operator, and Papillon Helicopters, Las Vegas’ number one value helicopter tour operator.

With limited seats and high demand, it’s best to make your helicopter reservation as soon as possible. Especially, if you’re looking to tour at sunset as this is the most popular time of day. Also, be sure to book it early in your trip, in case there’s questionable weather, that way your flight can be rescheduled for another day.

Top-5 Tours in Las Vegas

  1. ⛰️ Visit the West Rim of the Grand Canyon on this full-day coach tour from Las Vegas
  2. 🏍️ Trade the Strip for the Las Vegas Dunes—and enjoy a fun-filled and fast-paced excursion on this all-terrain vehicle tour
  3. 🏞️ Experience the serenity of Emerald Cave, a picturesque natural attraction on the Colorado River on this tour
  4. 🚁 Fly to the Grand Canyon on a round-trip helicopter ride of a lifetime or fly over the Strip at night with a limo transfer!
  5. 🚌 As dusk falls, the city comes to life illuminated by the dazzling neon lights Las Vegas is famous for – take in dancing fountains and erupting volcanoes as you travel the Las Vegas Strip

7 Best Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas

Along with the Wind Dancer Sunset Tour, six other solid alternatives may pique your interest based on your requirements or desire. To assist you in selecting one, we’ve gone ahead and sorted them below from cheapest to most expensive.

Below are the details for the seven best Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas.

*Please note tour lengths include the time from hotel pickup to drop off.

1. Highlights Over Grand Canyon – 4 hrs, $229 per person

While technically taking place on a twin-turboprop nine or 16-passenger sightseeing plane, and not a helicopter, the Highlights Over Grand Canyon Tour made our list because it offers exceptional value and is the cheapest way to see the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

Also, as the most affordable way to visit, it is a fantastic option for those budget-savvy travelers looking for the lowest-priced option—in fact, it’s nearly half the price of the lowest-cost helicopter flight.

The Highlights Over Grand Canyon Tour is the cheapest way to fly from Las Vegas to see the Grand Canyon.

We also like this option because it’s fast. Most of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas are full-day affairs—this tour is only half-day. During the flight, passengers fly over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the Mojave Desert, the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon Skywalk Bridge, and of course the Grand Canyon West Rim.

🛩️ Highlights Over Grand Canyon – Check Availability

2. Golden Eagle – 3½-4 hrs, $429 per person

Okay, back to helicopter flights. If you’re looking for the cheapest helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon then the Golden Eagle With Strip Tour is your best option.

If you want to take a helicopter from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, the Golden Eagle Tour may be just what you’re looking for.

Following the same flight pattern as the Highlights Over Grand Canyon Tour listed above, passengers see the identical landmarks but this time as VIPs. Flying in a helicopter always makes us feel cool and privileged—and that’s why tours cost more money. Well, that, and the amount of fuel they consume.

🚁 Golden Eagle Tour – Check Availability

3. Grand Celebration – 4-4½ hrs, $499 per person

The Grand Celebration Tour is one of the most budget-savvy ways of enjoying champagne below the rim!

Epically, the Grand Celebration Tour adds a helicopter landing on the floor of the Grand Canyon to the Golden Eagle itinerary. Following a 3,200-foot descent from the Grand Canyon rim, passengers land on a remote plateau overlooking the Colorado River to enjoy a picnic and champagne—bucket list moment, check!

🚁 Grand Celebration Tour – Check Availability

4. Grand Voyager Rim to River – 7 hrs, $579 per person

This full-day journey includes taking a sightseeing plane from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West (GCW) Airport. From GCW, guests board a helicopter to be taken 4,000 feet below the rim, down to the Colorado River for a legendary boat ride on the Colorado River.

Papillon’s Grand Voyager Rim to River is the perfect tour for travelers who’ve dreamed of visiting the Grand Canyon and floating down the impressive Colorado River.

Upon returning to the rim, a motorcoach takes guests to numerous viewpoints, and there’s even the option to walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk and grab some lunch. The ultra-comprehensive Grand Voyager Rim to River Tour explores the Grand Canyon by air, land, and water—wow!

*May ’23 – Update

Per George at Papillon: The Grand Voyager Rim to River (with/without VIP Skywalk) will be operating without the pontoon boat portion until further notice, while The Hualapai make repairs to their boat docks.

Guests will be allowed to explore the base of the canyon for 20 minutes instead. This tour will be called The Canyon Experience w/VIP Skywalk & Helicopter (GBW4HKV). There is no difference in tour pricing.


🛩️🚁🛥️ Grand Voyager Rim to Rim Tour – Check Availability

5. Wind Dancer Sunset – 4½ hrs. $629

As previously mentioned, Maverick’s Wind Dancer Sunset Tour was the one we took because we wanted to descend below the rim and celebrate with champagne. Also, we couldn’t resist not seeing the Vegas Strip at twilight, when it’s all lit up.

The Wind Dancer Sunset Tour was exactly what we were looking for, and it made us feel like VIPs—such a wonderful experience!

Essentially, this is the same flight pattern as the Golden Eagle Tour. However, this specific tour simply does it at the most magical time of the day—sunset. Moreover, this is when the Bowl of Fire, the Strip, and the sky look the most stunning. If you’re thinking about proposing marriage or celebrating a special event, then this is probably the flight you want to take.

🚁 Wind Dancer Sunset Tour – Check Availability

6. Indian Territory – 7½ hrs, $739 per person

Maverick’s Indian Territory Tour is unique in that the entire journey from Las Vegas is by helicopter. Also, just like Papillon’s Grand Celebration Tour, guests enjoy champagne and snacks at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but this is where it differs.

Highlights along the Indian Territory Tour include Hoover Dam, a below-the-rim landing with champagne, a land-based tour of the West Rim with the option to tour SkyWalk, and a sunset flight over the Strip.

Instead of heading back to Las Vegas (like the Golden Eagle Tour), passengers make a second landing at GCW Airport. From here, guests are transferred to see the Skywalk (an optional add-on), and to Guano and Eagle Points to take in the views on land and grab a bit to eat. Finally, the flight back to Las Vegas includes a flight over the Strip and Allegiant Stadium.

🚁 Indian Territory Tour – Check Availability

7. Grand Canyon Deluxe – 9½ hrs, $829 per person

For the ultimate experience, and the only one that takes guests to Grand Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour is the adventure of a lifetime. It’s important to note that all other tours from Las Vegas visit the West Rim which sits on the Hualapai Tribal Nation reservation. That is, no other tour takes guests to the national park—except for this one.

The Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour begins with a flight on a sightseeing plane from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park Airport.

Guests fly in a sightseeing plane from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN). Along the way, passengers will view Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the Mojave Desert, the West Rim, and the Colorado River.

From Grand Canyon National Park Airport, guests will take a helicopter flight over both the south and north rims, followed by a tour of the park aboard a Hummer.

At the southern rim airport, guests will board a helicopter and fly over both the north and south rims of the national park. Afterward, a guided tour of the park is given with passengers chauffeured in a Hummer to land-based scenic viewpoints. This is by far, the most special Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas. Definitely, a worthy tour to celebrate a special event or marriage proposal!

🛩️🚁🚙 Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour – Check Availability

How To Get a Vegas Helicopter Deal

Typically, Papillon will offer the lowest price flights. However, it’s important to compare both Maverick and Papillon to see if either company is offering discounted flights.

Before we buy anything in Las Vegas, we always double-check the current deals on Vegas.com.

Also, Vegas.com, the city’s number-one wholesaler for tours, attractions, and show tickets occasionally offers helicopter flight deals. For this reason, be sure to visit Vegas.com before finalizing reservations.

FAQs – Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours From Las Vegas

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions when booking a Grand Canyon helicopter from Las Vegas.

Maverick vs Papillon helicopter tours, what’s the difference?

Maverick and Papillon are the two largest and best Grand Canyon helicopter tour operators in Las Vegas. All of Maverick’s helicopters are Airbus H130s (formerly EC130s), the crème de la crème of tourist choppers.

Along with being more spacious, H130s provide unobstructed views, stadium seating, exceptional climate control, lower carbon emissions, and they’re quieter inside and out. Papillon, on the other hand, has a combination of AStars, Bell Rangers, and H130s. Typically, Papillon uses AStars and Bell Rangers for lower-cost flights and H130s for more expensive flights. Notwithstanding, Maverick only uses H130s and therefore passengers are guaranteed this luxury.

Overall, if you’re looking to experience 5-star luxury, select Maverick. If your main focus is cost, choose Papillon as they offer the best value.

What should I wear on a helicopter ride?

The weather in the canyon is similar to Las Vegas so dress accordingly based on that day’s forecast. Also, if your tour is landing in the canyon, closed-toed shoes are recommended. Furthermore, with over 300 days of sunshine, it’s typically sunny so a fashionable hat may come in handy and look FABULOUS! You may also like to bring the items below:

Is a helicopter ride from Vegas to Grand Canyon worth it?

Yes, especially for tourists that have never seen it. Furthermore, for those that have visited the Grand Canyon by land, there’s something particularly special about seeing it from the air.

Flying provides an entirely new perspective and experience. Moreover, when you add the ease of going from the top of the rim to the bottom of the rim in just a few minutes, there’s simply nothing like it.

Finally, if you decide that the cost of a helicopter flight is too expensive there’s always the alternative of the Highlights Over Grand Canyon Tour which takes in a plane for about half the price.

What part of Grand Canyon is best for a helicopter tour?

The best part of the Grand Canyon for a helicopter tour will depend on what you want to see and do. For example, if you want to fly over the national park and view both the north and south rims then you should select the Grand Canyon Deluxe With Helicopter Tour.

If you’re simply looking to see the Grand Canyon from the air then the Golden Eagle Tour is the best option, as passengers view it from the West Rim. Finally, if you’re looking to land at the bottom of the canyon in a helicopter then the Grand Celebration is the ideal tour.

What kind of camera should I bring on my helicopter ride?

Your standard mobile phone will most likely provide excellent selfies and wide-angle shots. However, if you’re looking to zoom in on landscapes and landmarks such as Hoover Dam you’ll need something a bit more powerful. When traveling, we love the RX100 Sony series cameras. They are compact, and can fit in your pocket, yet are just as powerful as bulky DSLR cameras—perfect for a helicopter tour.

How much is a helicopter over the Grand Canyon from Vegas?

The best Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas start at about $400 per person. Also, the price will depend on add-ons such as the time of day, going below the West Rim, boat cruise, SkyWalk, or touring Grand Canyon National Park. We’ve written extensively on how to get cheap helicopter tours in Las Vegas, so be sure to give it a read.

How long is a helicopter ride from Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

Helicopter rides from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim cover about 80 miles and take about 4o minutes. The Golden Eagle Tour is the fastest one available and takes about four hours in total when including pickup and drop off at your hotel.

Taking a sightseeing plane, like on the Grand Canyon Deluxe With Helicopter Tour, from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park Airport covers about 170 miles and takes about 65 minutes.

What time of year is best for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour?

With Maverick and Papillon both using climate-controlled aircraft, there’s really no time of year that isn’t ideal for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas. However, those travelers interested in disembarking at the Grand Canyon for a below-the-rim landing or some other excursion will find March to May and September to November to be the most comfortable.

For instance, the highest temperature ever recorded inside the Grand Canyon in August was 120°F. While considered a “dry heat,” it feels like sitting in a sauna and can be extremely uncomfortable. Nevertheless, the temperature in Las Vegas is typically, similar to the conditions at the West Rim.

Don’t forget to commemorate your helicopter ride with either a personalized Grand Canyon National Park Ornament or a Helicopter in the Grand Canyon Ornament. If you’re thinking about surprising someone with a helicopter ride, then these ornaments are a great way to get them excited for the adventure!

What Is the Best Helicopter Tour From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

Generally, the tour that fits your preferences, desired location and add-ons, and budget are considered the best Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas. However, the most popular tours include Papillon’s Grand Celebration and Maverick’s Wind Dancer Sunset.

The seven excursions listed above are considered by experts to be the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the Golden Eagle or the Indian Territory tour, as long as it fits your preferences, passions, and price.

Feel free to reach out to us in the comments below if you have any questions.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!

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