Fall Foliage 2022 – When and Where To See the Magic!

Even though fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22, fall foliage has already begun. Autumn leaves have started changing colors in many places around the U.S. Use the maps below to find out when and where you should expect to begin seeing the leaves change into the most mesmerizing colors.

Whether you’re heading out on a scenic road trip, drinking a warm apple cider mulled with cinnamon, or taking a family autumnal photoshoot, a splash of color in the trees adds a charming ambiance to everything. While not perfect, the fall foliage 2022 maps below will assist you in planning the changing of the leaves.

Basically, these maps are designed based on previous, as well as forecasted weather patterns to predict exactly when the leaves will change. In other words, they’re pretty darn accurate. Moreover, this guide will prove a general sense of where exactly you should head to be inundated with fall foliage.

With the Great Lakes and dense forests, Michigan is a great destination to enjoy the fall foliage!

Tip: Many travelers seek fall foliage as the perfect backdrop for a family photo. Tap into your inner professional photographer by bringing a boho blanket to add a pop of contrasting color to the image. Another option is to use a patchwork quilt, offering warm hues and cozy weather vibes. Alternatively, placing an affordable stylish bench among a backdrop of golden trees spices up a DIY fall photo shoot.

When using the maps below, remember that green indicates that the colors have not yet begun changing. The color red, on the other hand, means fall foliage is in full effect. If fall foliage isn’t typically so great in your area, make sure to check out our 6 Best Places To See Fall Foliage in the US in 2022, to essentially guarantee great sightings.

Predictions for Fall Foliage 2022

As of September 5, leaves in the far north of the country have started changing colors. Halfway through October, most of the leaves throughout the U.S. (minus the Southeast) will have begun changing or will be at their peak. Furthermore, some parts of the Northeast will be past their peak. For those of us who enjoy rolling around in leaves, this is the time to do so!

September 12

The Northern states have already begun seeing a “minimal” change in the fall foliage color—a touch of yellow and orange are beginning to appear. Moreover, certain areas may even appear “patchy,” with less green and more yellows and oranges, as indicated by the gold color on the map below. However, for the most part, much of the U.S. has not begun seeing any change in color.

September 19

The week of September 19 will bring more color farther south in the Northern states. Also, areas in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona will see more “patchy” colors—some specific regions will see “partial” coverage, as indicated by the orange color on the map below.

September 26

The week of September 26 will introduce some “near peak” foliage to areas in the far north and high elevation areas. Photographers in places like New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho will begin taking some pretty epic fall foliage shots. This will make much of the rest of the country jealous, especially in places like the Midwest and Southeast, who will still at this point have “no change.”

October 3

The week of October 3 brings “peak” fall foliage 2022 in some of the most Northern regions of the nation. Also, the Midwest begins seeing “minimal” and “patchy” colors.

October 10

“Peak” fall foliage officially arrives for much of the country during the week of October 10 as indicated by the color red on the map below. Unfortunately, the Southeast is still clinging on to summer at this point and still has “no change.” Also, the Northernmost areas of the country and high elevation areas are moving into the “past peak” phase.

Tip: Right now, is the best time to make affordable hotel reservations to see fall foliage. We recommend visiting Michigan, the Northeast, or Yellowstone National Park during this timeframe.

October 17

By the week of October 17, the “past peak” phase continues to make its way south. As a result, it’s probably too late to visit the Northeast states and Michigan as their now “past peak.” Instead, head to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, western Colorado, and northern Arizona to enjoy “peak” fall foliage.


Amazing Resorts!

Below are 7 of the best hotels and resorts in the country to take in the fall foliage.

  1. The Kentucky Castle, KY
  2. Elk River Inn & Cabins, WV
  3. Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI
  4. Columbia Gorge Hotel, OR
  5. Limelight Hotel, CO
  6. Omni Mount Washington Resort, NH
  7. Waldorf Astoria Park City, UT

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October 24

Nearing the end of October, the majority of the north of the country is “past peak.” Also, the best places to make hotel reservations during the week of October 24 include the Appalachian mountains and upper Midwest states. Furthermore, the Southeast begins seeing some “minimal” and “patchy” fall foliage.

October 31

By Halloween, the Northern states will be “past peak.” Moreover, the central region of the country will be enjoying “peak” fall foliage. A few of the best places to see the leaves during this time will be in southern Idaho, Utah, northern Kentucky, and eastern Virginia and North Carolina.

November 7

By the time of the week of November 7, over half the country is “past peak.” As a result, the best places to see fall foliage will be northern and central California, northeast New Mexico and Georgia, and southern Illinois, especially in the Shawnee National Forest.

November 14

Making its way to the Southeast, by the week of November 14 the Southern states will begin “peak” fall foliage.

November 21

By mid to late November almost the entire nation will be “past peak.” Anyone looking to enjoy the fall foliage at this time will need to head to the Southernmost tip of the nation.

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