Top 7 European Tours That American Tourists Can’t Get Enough Of

When planning a trip to Europe, adding some guided tours to your itinerary is a great idea. There are seven European tours that American tourists just can’t stop booking—these are some of the most popular in all of Europe! These experiences have become must-dos for travelers looking to make the most of their time across the pond.

These in-demand tours offer a fun way to dive deeper into Europe’s history and culture. Instead of wandering around on your own, you get to hear fascinating stories from locals who really know their stuff. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend show you around each city.

The top seven tours cover all sorts of experiences. You might find yourself tasting local delicacies or exploring ancient sites off the beaten path. It’s an exciting way to see Europe beyond just the famous landmarks.

One of the most sought-after excursions is London’s Historic Pubs Tour!

Before we get into the specifics, let’s quickly address why adding one of these European tours is a must-do. They save you time and hassle since everything is organized. Plus, you’ll get to meet other travelers and share the experience. And the activities—whether it’s an art tour in Italy or a canal cruise in Amsterdam—add an extra layer of fun and excitement that you might miss if you’re just exploring on your own.

Below are seven must-do and the most popular European tours that are worth every penny:

1. Discover London’s Historic Pubs

History and beer? Sign us up! This tour takes you through four of London’s oldest pubs, some dating back to the 16th century. You’ll soak up both knowledge and pints as your guide shares wild stories about London’s past. It’s a fun way to experience the city’s nightlife and history at once—it’s also one of the most popular European tours!

On London’s historic pubs tour, guests will be escorted to some of the coolest bars in the city!

Led by an expert guide, journey through Central London, uncovering hidden backstreets and notable avenues, including a visit to a Victorian gin palace known for its impressive collection of spirits. Visit four historic pubs, some dating back to 1549, and gain insights into their intriguing stories and local legends.

🍻 London’s Historic Pubs Tour > Check Availability

2. Amsterdam Canal Adventure

Picture yourself on this tour chilling on a small boat, Heineken in hand, gliding through Amsterdam’s famous canals. Captain Jack points out all the cool sights and drops knowledge about the city’s history. It’s sightseeing and happy hour rolled into one!

Taking a canal tour in Amsterdam is one of the best things to do in the city!

Experience a personalized outing aboard a small, open boat accommodating up to 20 guests. Enjoy Heineken beer or wine along with traditional Dutch snacks as you glide through Amsterdam’s UNESCO-listed canal ring.

Captain Jack takes passengers down the most idyllic canals!

Your experienced captain offers engaging commentary, pointing out landmarks such as the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House. Depart conveniently from locations near the Rijksmuseum or Centraal Station. Finally, this 1.5-hour excursion provides a distinctive view of Amsterdam’s rich history and scenic waterways.

🏙️🛥️ Amsterdam’s Canal Adventure Tour > Check Availability

3. Explore Porto’s Highlights in Half a Day

This half-day tour is like a crash course in Porto’s 2000-year history, but way more fun. The guides (shoutout to Diogo!) make the stories come alive as you explore everything from City Hall to São Bento Railway Station. It’s like history class, but way more exciting.

No visit to Porto is complete without going on the Unvanquished tour!

Experience the Unvanquished Tour in Porto City Centre, praised for its engaging guides like Diogo who blend fun with educational insights. Join a tour that’s both informative and enjoyable, recommended for its rich storytelling and entertaining exploration of Porto’s cultural gems.

ℹ️🚩🚶‍♂️ Porto’s Unvanquished Walking Tour > Check Availability

4. Budapest Danube Dinner Cruise

Cruising down the Danube at night through Budapest is ultra romantic!

Okay, this one’s fancy but so worth it. Enjoy a memorable evening on a Budapest Danube River cruise featuring dinner, live music, and traditional Hungarian performances. Sail past iconic landmarks such as the Chain Bridge and Buda Castle while indulging in a buffet dinner with Hungarian specialties and sparkling wine.

🛳️🍽️ Budapest’s Danube River Cruise > Check Availability

5. Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness Tour From Edinburgh

If you’re into breathtaking landscapes and mysterious legends, this tour is a must. You’ll cruise through the stunning Highlands, try to spot Nessie at Loch Ness, and learn about Scotland’s fascinating (and sometimes bloody) history. The ‘Hairy Coo‘ guides make even the bus ride entertaining.

Scotland is amazingly wild!

Discover Scotland’s stunning landscapes on a 12-hour guided tour from Edinburgh. Discover the iconic sights of the Scottish Highlands, including the dramatic beauty of Glencoe with its rich historical significance. Learn about the mysteries of Loch Ness, where you have the option to take a cruise and search for the elusive Nessie.

Lakes in Scotland are called “lochs” due to the Scots and Scottish Gaelic word for lake or sea inlet.

Furthermore, you’ll visit charming villages like Fort Augustus and enjoy breathtaking views from the Commando Memorial, overlooking Ben Nevis. This tour promises an unforgettable journey through Scotland’s natural wonders and deep-rooted history.

🐲⛰️ Scottish Highlands Loch Ness Tour > Check Availability

6. Snorkeling in Silfra Between Tectonic Plates

This is hands-down one of the coolest things to do in Europe, and it takes place in Iceland. You literally snorkel between two tectonic plates in some of the clearest water in the world. It’s chilly, but they give you a dry suit, and there’s hot chocolate waiting for you after.

Snorkeling in Silfra between two tectonic plates is incredible!

Dive into an extraordinary adventure with snorkeling in Silfra, one of the world’s most unique sites located in Thingvellir National Park, Iceland. Equipped with a dry suit, snorkeling gear, and a warm undersuit, embark on a guided tour through the crystal-clear glacial meltwater.

🤿 Snorkeling in Silfra Tour > Check Availability

7. Explore Florence’s Renaissance Wonders

Art history nerds, this one’s for you! You’ll dive deep into the drama of the Medici family and Florence’s artistic legacy. Fabio and Chiara are like the cool professors you wish you had, bringing the Renaissance to life as you explore iconic spots like the Basilica di San Lorenzo.

Guests will visit the Medici family palace, also known as the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, which is a historic building in Florence, Italy.

Participate in the Best Tour in Florence led by engaging storytellers like Fabio and Chiara. This walking tour offers an insightful introduction to the city’s rich artistic and historical legacy, allowing you to tip your guide based on your satisfaction—extra budget-savvy!

🎨🖼️ Florence’s Renaissance Wonders Walking Tour > Check Availability

Why These European Tours Are Totally Worth It

Look, we get it, tours can be pricey. But trust us, these aren’t your average tourist traps. They’re the real deal, giving you experiences you’ll be talking about for years. Whether you’re a history nerd, nature lover, or just want to soak up some culture, there’s something here for everyone.

From pub-hopping in London to snorkeling between continents in Iceland, these European tours will make your journey the trip of a lifetime. At the end of the day, travel isn’t just about the selfies (though let’s be real, you’ll get some great ones). It’s about the stories you’ll tell, the things you’ll learn, and the memories you’ll make. So go ahead, and splurge a little if you need to. Future you will thank you for it.

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