Educational Tourism – Attractions for Students All Over the World

Educational tourism is a combination of pleasant and valuable. Tourist trips are always interesting, exciting, and unforgettable. From each trip, you can bring souvenirs, impressions, and pleasant memories that will stay with us for a lifetime.

But the journey can be not only enjoyable, but also practical, and give tourists new knowledge, skills, or abilities. Such types of travel are called educational tourism, or shortly, Edu-tourism. Educational tourism is a trip to get a specific education. The sphere of educational tourism covers all types of education carried out outside the permanent place of the house. Educational tourism is a trip to get specific teaching.

The sphere of educational tourism covers all types of education and upbringing outside the permanent place of the house. It is noteworthy that training can be both the primary purpose of the trip and take place in your free time.

In educational tours, everyone not only travels around the country. They also exchange experiences, develop language and other skills, and conduct experiments.

What Motivates Students to Choose an Educational Tour?

The motives for the educational travel of students are very diverse.

  • Students tend to make good use of their free time.
  • They want self-development precisely on vacation outside the familiar environment.
  • They want to please their cognitive and professional interests and acquire new knowledge.

Also, many students want to find motivation for essays. Because when you travel you see new things, develop your knowledge. But not all students have appropriate writing skills, but nowadays, it’s not a problem.

There are many sites, like EDUbirdie, where you can find essay writing help. So, students can develop writing while traveling. Just imagine that you do your home assignments sitting near the Roman Colosseum or any other amazing place.

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Educational Tourism as an Approach to Education

Educational traveling is professional development. It is also a short-term course for students of varying degrees of preparation.

For many people, education is a rather tricky problem. Thanks to educational tourism, you can get the necessary knowledge in various subjects for the student.

Cognitive tourism has a positive effect on a person. It restores a person’s ability to work. It also helps to get an education in a friendly atmosphere. Allows to use free time, raises the standard of living of the local population, and promotes international communication.

Popular Educational Tourism Destinations

For studying abroad, students most often choose European countries because there is a high level of teaching. Comfortable living conditions complement modern, dynamic teaching methods in these countries.

Do not forget about the rich history and culture, a wide range of excursions and leisure activities. And also, if we talk about other continents, educational tourism in the USA and Canada is in great demand.

Who Is an Educational Tourist

Educational tours are chosen by students who seek to expand their horizons. Students want to get out of their comfort zone and gain new knowledge and unforgettable experiences. Study trips are beneficial for students. Most often, students choose language study tours.

During the educational tour, they improve their understanding of a foreign language. They relax on the beach, go skiing, and go in for sports. Some are engaged in drawing or choose other activities depending on the season and the format of educational tourism.

3 Educational Places to Visit Around the World

There are many places where you can relax and study simultaneously. Here are some of them:

1. Lucerne, Switzerland

It is one of the oldest cities in Europe that has survived. Some historians claim that it is older than the Roman Empire. Here you can visit the remains of an ancient settlement dating back to the 9th century and feel the true spirit of centuries of antiquity.

Despite many restorations, the Old Town in Lucerne has retained its original appearance. Also, the Chapel Bridge is recognized as the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. If you want to know what the medieval city looked like, you should go to the Musegmauer fortress wall.

2. Delft, The Netherlands

This city looks straight out of a medieval painter’s canvas. If you wish to immerse yourself in the old atmosphere of Europe, go to Dutch Delft, considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

dEntire blocks of Gothic, medieval houses, Renaissance streets, and graceful canals leave an indelible impression. The city’s beauty was depicted in the masterpieces by the great Dutch artists.

3. Mdina, Malta

This small town was once the capital of Malta and has now completely turned into a museum of medieval history while remaining inhabited by ordinary Maltese. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a typical medieval city and find out how European aristocratic knights lived. Moreover, the town is on top of a hill and surrounded by fortified walls with towers.

Expanding Horizons

Educational tourism is a particular type of tourism, the primary purpose of which is participation in learning, self-improvement, intellectual growth, and development of skills. Furthermore, thanks to educational tourism, the student receives new knowledge.

Thanks to his experience, he has improved his qualifications. Also, he expanded his horizons and became acquainted with the customs and culture of the local population.

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