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Day-Tripper’s Guide to Šolta Croatia | Best Island Experience!

Although it’s the closest island to Split, no one seems to talk about the island of Šolta, Croatia very much. It seems to get overlooked by the more popular, touristy islands. However, Šolta is probably one of the best islands to explore on a day trip from the mainland. It is only a 45-minute ferry ride from Split to the main port of Rogač. Why not take a beautiful day trip from Split, Croatia? Enjoy our day-tripper’s guide to Šolta, Croatia.

Day-Tripper’s Guide to Šolta, Croatia

Day-Tripper’s Guide to Šolta, Croatia

Šolta offers open roads, secluded bays, and lovely rental homes along the coast. When the hordes of summer tourists are flocking to Hvar, Brač, and Vis, Šolta remains quiet and serene. If you’re looking for an island to find peace, this may be your best bet.

A beach in the village of Stomorska | Day-Tripper’s Guide to Šolta, Croatia

We decided to explore Šolta for the day to check off another Croatian island from our list. We decided to rent a scooter as a fun way to explore and navigate around the island. As opposed to the other nearby islands, such as Brač and Hvar, the terrain on Šolta is quite manageable on a 50cc scooter. Of course, renting a car is an option too.

Beautiful holiday homes on the island of Šolta.

If you want to purchase food on the island, remember that there are grocery stores only in Grohote, Maslinica, and Stomorska.


Up a hill from the main port of Rogač is the village of Grohote. This is the largest settlement on the island with a market, pharmacy, tourism office, and medieval church.

The Slavića Castle.

We enjoyed taking our scooter through the alleys to see all the charming stone houses and buildings. While exploring the inner island, consider a stop at Slavića Castle. The three-story tower is one of the main attractions.

Martinis Marchi Castle, Šolta

Driving around, you’ll notice vineyards and olive groves. In fact, Šolta has olive trees older than 1,000 years old. There is a gorgeous viewpoint where you can see the grapevines growing high up on the hills.

A beautiful vineyard on the southeast part of the island.

This is a premium wine-growing terrain in Croatia and very interesting to see. Honey bee farms are also on the island and offer tours to tourists looking to learn more or purchase some local honey.

Šešula Bay

Nearby to Maslinica, Šešula Bay is a popular stop for boaters and sailors. Due to its location, it offers a protected bay from the northern ‘bura’ wind and the southern ‘jugo’ wind. Two of Šolta’s best restaurants are located on the shoreline: Šišmiš and Šešula.

Šešula Bay is a great location to moor a sailboat and enjoy a fabulous dining experience!

There is not much room for sunbathing or relaxing here and there are many sea urchins along the rocks so it’s not a good bay for swimming from the shore.


Stomorska is one of the larger and more developed villages. It is located on the northeastern part of the island. Here you’ll find the busiest part of the island with the most excitement and energy.

Stomorska is quintessentially the ideal Mediterranean seaside village | Day-Tripper’s Guide to Šolta, Croatia

Stomorska offers a charming promenade, cafes and restaurants, a public drinking well, and some nearby turquoise bays for easily accessible swimming. This was our second favorite area for swimming.


Maslinica, on the western side of the island, offers a more laid-back, beachy vibe with seaside cafes bars. Martinis Marchi castle is located here which has been recently converted into a luxury hotel.

Martinis Marchi castle is in the background facing the water.

The main beach is opposite the marina. It sometimes has more turbulent waters as it isn’t as protected as some of the other bays and beaches on the island. However, Maslinica is the best destination to catch the sunset on Šolta.

Maslinica is a great beach to enjoy the sunset.


Nečujam has the largest open bay beach on Šolta. This section of Šolta has a family-friendly, European summer holiday vibe. There are parks, a sand volleyball court, a public swimming pool, and lots of laid-back cafe bars to enjoy a coffee or beer.

The beach in Nečujam has many restaurants and bars nearby with great energy.

Nearby are ruins of ancient Roman villas and the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s fishing pond. This makes an interesting stop for those interested in Roman history.

Stračinska Bay

Within Stračinska Bay is smaller Poganica Bay which probably is the most beautiful beach on the island. Due to its remote location, you’ll likely have this dreamy destination all to yourself.

Stračinska Bay is one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets!

Although many of Šolta’s 24 bays are only accessible by boat, Stračinska Bay is accessible by driving and a short easy walk from a small parking lot. This was probably our favorite stop on our tour of Šolta. Bring snacks, drinks, beach towels, or possibly lunch and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Day-Tripper’s Guide to Šolta, Croatia | Best Island Experience!

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