Best Scotland Holiday | Have You Ever Taken a Scottish Activity Holiday?

Activity holidays at the Gartmore House will change the way you think of taking a vacation and offer the best Scotland holidays. What’s the first thing most of us want to do after experiencing something completely amazing and memorable?

We want to share it, right? Harry and I are coming off a fantastic holiday where we stayed at the Gartmore House on the Gartmore Estate and spent a week exploring the Scottish Hills.

Best Scotland Holiday | Have You Ever Taken a Scottish Activity Holiday?

The Gartmore House is an 18th-century historic country manor set in Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. It’s about an hour away from Glasgow and a 40-minute drive from the Stirling train station. The Gartmore House specializes in Activity Holidays.

The idea of an Activity Holiday is a great concept. Folks can get away to detox and recharge their batteries by enjoying their favorite hobbies such as yoga, crafting, painting, or walking. With busy schedules and endless to-do lists, it’s hard to make time for soul-soothing or creative endeavors.

Hosted by Passionate Specialists

The activities are hosted by passionate specialists who will guide and educate participants throughout each activity. This is also a great opportunity to meet new friends with similar interests.

Professional local guides organize each day’s itinerary. All you have to do is show up! | Best Scotland Holiday

Since hiking is our thing, we came to spend our days trekking through some of the most gorgeous scenery that Europe has to offer. For four days we experienced four very different days of weather, terrain, and trails.

On our first day, we climbed over 2,000 feet through snow and ice to Stuc Odhar from Lendrick to Brig o’Turk. From the summit, we were able to enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains and hills.

Along the way, we stopped to celebrate this great experience! | Best Scotland Holiday

There’s no better feeling than reaching the top of a peak! Our guide, Gavin made it much easier for us to accomplish this challenging hike.

We crossed into the snowline on our way to the peak of Stuc Odhar! | Best Scotland Holiday

On our second day, we trekked through the Menteith Hills with the most breathtaking 360-degree views of Ben Lomond.

That’s Audrey hiking in the Menteith Hills with Ben Lomond in the background! | Best Scotland Holiday

Freedom to Roam Act

Scotland has a “Freedom to Roam” Act in which the majority of land, lochs, and rivers (both public and private) are accessible to all who travel through it responsibly. With its vast landscape freely open, Scotland offers the adventurer the ultimate sense of freedom and exploration.

Best Scotland Holiday | Have You Ever Taken a Scottish Activity Holiday?

Our third day we hiked up to the wild and windy summit of Kingseat Hill and beside Campbell Castle in Dollar, Scotland.

The route is up to you! Choose a day of challenging hill walking or consider an easy stroll around a picturesque loch. It’s completely up to you!
It wouldn’t feel like Scotland without a dreamy castle or two! | Best Scotland Holiday

On day four, we strolled around Loch Ard and explored the remains of an unmarked settlement hidden in the forest.

Best Scotland Holiday | Have You Ever Taken a Scottish Activity Holiday?

One of the most brilliant aspects of our trip was that there was little planning or stress involved because all we had to do was to simply show up.

Our walking holiday was organized by Gavin Clarke, a local Scottish guide who designed our daily itinerary based on our personal preferences and fitness levels. He even had gear we could borrow such as hiking boots, walking poles, waterproof pants, and gaiters.

Why Take A Walking Holiday?

A hillwalker’s dream! Mountain peaks by day. A cozy, Scottish country estate by night.

Hiking is the ultimate decompressor and stress reliever. Studies show that spending time in nature is a natural mood enhancer and helps fight off common mental health issues like depression. After our week surrounded by inspiring scenery, we felt physically and mentally rejuvenated and pleasantly disconnected.

The magic is always there! You just have to be willing to go look for it.

Being outdoors allowed us to get a healthy digital detox. Cell phones have become an ugly extension of our bodies. Look around and see how people struggle to be mindfully present due to an addictive need to be constantly stimulated or mentally detached through their cell phones.

Unplug in the Scottish Hills

The Scottish Hills are a great place to help you unplug. The Wi-Fi here is still pleasantly weak, and often absent, gifting us a much-needed mental break from the technology that connects us to everyday stressors.

Stop and take photos of one of Scotland’s most iconic, gentle creatures – the Scottish Highlander cow.
Getaway, unplug, and do more things that make you forget about checking your phone or watching TV.
Best Scotland Holiday | Have You Ever Taken a Scottish Activity Holiday?

We spent a week at the Gartmore House on the Gartmore Estate and participated in their Walking Holiday. Easily, one of the best Scotland holidays. Doesn’t the idea of getting away to do more of what you love to sound like a brilliant getaway? Visit to learn more.

Have you taken a trip that forced you to disconnect? If so, share in the comments section below.

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