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Milwaukee is best known for the Brewers baseball team, famous breweries, and for being one of America’s friendliest cities. Most tourists who visit the city will be completely surprised when they find out how much there is to see and do. There are so many museums, so many restaurants, and so many attractions to consider. At first, it may be a bit overwhelming! Let’s explore some of the best things to do and see in Milwaukee.

5 Awesome Things to Do in Milwaukee

Once you’ve checked off the main tourist hotspots, it can be extremely fun hitting up some of the more cool and unusual places around the city. These are places that you may not necessarily find on a typical tourist map. However, they’re worth exploring if they pique your curiosity. Below are five awesome things to do in Milwaukee:

  1. Grab a Drink at Shaker’s Cigar Bar
  2. Pose With the Bronze Fonz
  3. Visit the Mitchell Domes
  4. Tour the Pabst Mansion
  5. Walkthrough Frank Lloyd Wright’s Burnham Block

1. Grab a Drink at Shaker’s Cigar Bar

Milwaukee’s only licensed Cigar Bar, circa 1986 with vintage whiskeys, wines, and stellar foods, housed in a haunted building! Photo courtesy of Shaker’s Cigar Bar | 5 Fun Things to Do in Milwaukee

Located in Milwaukee’s historic warehouse district, Shaker’s Cigar Bar was once owned by Al Capone. The fascinating history of the bar includes murder, rape, grave digging, drugs, and of course, a speakeasy.  Being widely recognized as Milwaukee’s most haunted bar, ghost hunters flock here from around the world for the “sightings” and employee ghost stories. You probably don’t want to come here alone, so don’t forget to invite a friend for a drink!

2. Pose With the Bronze Fonz

Located on the Milwaukee Riverwalk, the Bronze Fonz is the perfect place to take a selfie with Fonzie! | Milwaukee | 5 Fun Things to Do in Milwaukee

Fans of “Happy Days” will be glad they took a selfie with the Bronze Fonz. The $85,000 sculpture of  Arthur Fonzarelli (“Fonzie”) was erected in 2008 and pays tribute to the cool character from the popular 1970s television series “Happy Days.” He’s wearing the usual attire: blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and of course his black leather jacket.  Take a snapshot here and don’t forget to put both thumbs up and say, “Aaay!”

3. Mitchell Domes

The Mitchell Domes look like something out of this world! It’s the only place in Wisconsin where you can explore three different climates in the same day. | 5 Fun Things to Do in Milwaukee

Considered to be one of the most beloved icons of Milwaukee, the Mitchell Domes make it possible to visit floral gardens, a tropical jungle, and a desert oasis…all in one day! The three huge beehive-shaped domes were constructed in 1965 and all feature different climates.  Probably not something you’d expect to find in the middle of Wisconsin!

4. Pabst Mansion

The Mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the 1970s.  The rooms are shown as they were when the house was built and lived in by the Pabst family. You’ll be amazed at the detail put into building this home – a marvel of a mansion – four floors and 20,000 s.f.

A fine illustration of America’s Gilded Age, the Pabst Mansion was nearly torn down in the 1970s to make way for a parking lot. Thankfully, it’s still here and you can tour this opulent dwelling. The original owner was Captain Frederick Pabst. He earned his title from piloting a steamer on Lake Michigan, and he was more famously the founder of Pabst Brewing Company. Subsequently, Pabst built the mansion for about $250,000 back in the mid-1890s.

5. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Burnham Block

A perfect tour for those interested in Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. The cluster of six homes is part of some of his earlier works and is quite different than what one would usually associate with him.

If you’ve never toured a Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) home before, here’s your chance. Did you know that early in his career FLW designed a series of “pre-fab” houses to compete with the Sears Catalog Homes? The concept for these homes was tested on W. Burnham Street in Milwaukee, where there are six still on display.

These “American System-Built Homes” are smaller versions of the famous FLW mansions that he built for his elite customers. Furthermore, located at 714 West Burnham, visitors may take an interior tour of the Model B1 and a two-story.

With Milwaukee having so much to offer, there is no reason to be bored or to feel as though you are not using your time effectively. Also, anyone looking for an amazing time should consider some of these cool and unusual things to do around Milwaukee.

Do you know of any cool and unusual things to do in Milwaukee? Please share your insight in the comments section below.

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