Why a Walking Holiday Should Be on Your Bucket List

Are you sitting there trying to plan a holiday away that is different from your normal trip? Have you done a lot of city breaks and beach breaks and are looking to do something different for your holiday this year? We have just the thing for you – a walking holiday!

The idea of a walking holiday may not initially scream out to you, but after reading our piece, we hope we have persuaded you to at least consider it. Walking holidays are great fun and they give you the chance to see unique lanadscapes that aren’t possible without going on a walking trip. You’ll get to spend many hours bonding with the people you are exploring with and you’ll benefit from being active at the same time!

Below we have put together our guide on why a walking holiday should be on your bucket list.

The Landscapes You Get To See

Walking holidays take you to places you probably won’t visit unless you are doing a hike to said destination and the reason for this is often you will go to places that are hard to reach through public transport or driving. What this means is you’ll see nature at its purest and take in views that a lot of people will never get to experience.

Explore remote, scenic spots inaccessible by usual transport on walking holidays.

The People You Get to Bond With

You may be booking a walking holiday with your brother, sister, partner, or your best friends. Either way, you will get to spend countless amounts of hours bonding together and catching up. A walking holiday tends to be over several days, which gives you the chance to really connect and talk about past memories and future goals. If you prefer to travel solo, you can do this and book a walking holiday by yourself, self-guided.

The Countries You Can Visit

We mentioned the landscape you get to see above. However, alongside these, you will get to see so many different countries. A walking holiday can be based in countries in Europe like Portugal, France, or Spain.

Moreover, they can be based outside of Europe in countries like Barbados, Canada, or Bali – the possibilities are endless! If there is a particular country that you would like to visit, why not see if they offer walking holidays? This way you can see the country whilst benefiting from being active.

Explore diverse countries and landscapes on walking holidays worldwide.

You’ll Be Active

Bucket list holidays don’t have to be visiting New York, London, or the Maldives (although these are all lovely places). Instead, it can be based on your passion for being active, and on a walking holiday you’ll certainly be active. You’ll burn many calories, have your heart rate rising and your muscles burning for sure. Depending on how long you want to go, you could be covering distances over 100 km.

Are you planning on booking a walking holiday for your breakaway? What type of walking holiday are you planning on booking? Why do you think a walking holiday should be on someone’s bucket list? Let us know in the comment box below.

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