Macedonia and Greece Meme War – Let the Games Begin

These are some of the best memes from the Macedonia and Greece naming dispute. For some twisted reason, one country (Greece) thinks that it should be able to control what another country (Macedonia) is named. For example, this is like Indiana telling Illinois that they can’t use the name (Illinois) because the Illini tribe also lived in Indiana. The meme war will continue on until Greece formally recognizes the country of Macedonia.

Send us your favorite memes and we’ll add the absolute best to the list. Now, in no special order, let the meme war begin.

What is a Meme?

A meme is a photograph that is garnished with text that makes fun of a social idea or cultural symbol. Most memes are photos with text that are supposed to be funny, many times as a way to publicly laugh at human behavior. Other memes may be verbal expressions or videos. Some of the best memes carry with them deeper thought and are more philosophical.

The idea behind a meme will either be really obvious or really deep. Memes have become a worldwide social phenomenon and can travel across social media extremely quickly. However, some people cannot create a meme or find humor in them. It’s strange. They just don’t grasp the concept. Usually, these are extremely ego-centric people.

In reality, political memes will most likely offend someone. Anyone obsessed with political correctness will most likely not find humor in memes. In fact, it’s the exact opposite—they’re more likely to be offended. That’s why these types of people are terrible at creating and interpreting memes. Because of this, social media sites like Twitter proactively label these types of media as “inappropriate or harmful content.”

Example of a Meme

One reason we created this post was that a handful of Greeks were continuously reporting our Twitter handle to Twitter support. Our account was getting locked up and we just didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle anymore. Please keep in mind that Twitter support did confirm that we did not violate their policy or rules. People with extremely thin skin will never like or appreciate memes. They’re too easily offended.

Consider the situation where someone on Twitter reports our Twitter handle for an offensive meme. We could reply to that person with the meme below. This is an example of a meme. We’re calling them out for being too thin-skinned and hypersensitive.

Macedonia and Greece Meme War

Along with Macedonia and Greece memes, we’ve gone ahead and added a few of our favorite Macedonia memes. We were inspired to create these memes after visiting Macedonia, and seeing firsthand, the constant bullying that Macedonians have to deal with from the Greek government. For example, Greek border patrol would cover the letters “MK” on Macedonian license plates and replace them with a sticker of their own. History will not judge these petty actions kindly. Let the games begin.







































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3 thoughts on “Macedonia and Greece Meme War – Let the Games Begin
  1. How original. Yet another, racist, Greek-hating liars trying to hide their mistake of calling former Yugoslavians “Macedonians”.

    “n the 1990s,Macedonians speak a language codified in 1946,spoken by less than two million people, and with a very slender literature. They are members of an Orthodox Church whose authority was established by a socialist political regime in 1968.They are heirs to a 1903 revolution that until the 1940s was described by almost all sources as being Bulgarian.”

    – “The history of the Balkan Peninsula” Ferdinand Schevill page 432

  2. Also… I notice some memes regarding clean “Macedonia” beaches and dirty Greek beaches.

    Author of this funny article… are you aware that what we call Skopje, or Vardaska (original name) and what you call FYROM, or Macedonia, has no access to the sea, right?

    You started a huge project “Skopje 2014” and build many statues of Alexander the Great which was Greek and not even you can deny it, Romans, Egyptians, and other impressive figures.
    Apparently all civilisation on earth started from your country… that small country that did not exist 50 years ago!
    So much education, so much knowledge… but you missed the part that you have no access to the sea?!

    or… since you stole the land from Serbia, the language from Bulgaria, the history from Macedonia, and even your flag from the Japanese navy, you missed the spot where you had to steal KNOWLEDGE from somewhere as well!

    Not good practice I will have to say! 🙂

  3. The whole world knows that kingdom of ancient macedonia is located within the borders of greece.
    The whole world knows that ancient macedonians and alex the great were greeks.
    The whole world knows that today macedonians is a slavic tribe.
    The whole world knows that their lang is a slavic lang similar to bulgarian.

    When i say the whole world i mean archaeologists historians proffesors ect….. and not people like those who wrote this article or skopians/slavic macedonians.

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