To the Unbound Girls

Not all girls were meant for making babies, wearing lipstick, or working hard just for the sake of owning hardwood floors.

Some of us were cut from a different cloth. We crave adventure. We find comfort in discomfort.

We are not afraid to take risks.

We yearn for something that goes beyond conventionality because routine and predictability break our free spirit.

Sadly, at times, our independence may cause a feeling that we are walking alone. We begin to feel that we are the solitary member of our own isolated tribe.

But in a true explorer’s spirit, we’re comforted in knowing that only the strong are brave enough to take such a journey.

At the end of our days we will look back, not at a life of unfilled dreams, but at a cinematic life that we created full of color, vibrancy, and constant scene changes.

We will feel satisfied, fearless of death, because we have thoroughly completed our bucket list.

So to the unbound girls, who crave mountain tops, dirty boots, and living out of a backpack, don’t be afraid to live a life differently than most. Traditional women rarely are the ones making history.


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  1. Very nicely worded! I hate that you have to feel solitary or isolated though. …too bad you can’t have both the adventure AND acceptance! (But i guess how often can we have our cake and eat it too, right?! 😉 )

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