Borneo Rainforest Lodge in Sabah is the Best Wildlife Resort in the World

We were so excited to visit one of the best luxury resorts in Sabah, Borneo. Traveling to wild, remote destinations can take you back to a different time or place. Whether it’s the feeling of playing outdoors as a child or capturing the essence of a turn-of-the-century explorer, adventure awakens your senses and shakes the soul.

In an overly digital world, at Borneo Rainforest Lodge visitors can find that rejuvenating connection with nature and more importantly, a reconnection to one another.

One of our favorite viewpoints in Asia! This is the picture of the canopy tour that I saw on Pinterest. The only difference is that now I’m in the photo!

Borneo Rainforest Lodge – Best Wildlife Resort

Have you ever come across a photo, possibly in a magazine or in an advertisement, which completely grabbed your attention? My fascination with Borneo Rainforest Lodge, in Sabah, started this way. One day, I was on Pinterest, trying to satisfy my wanderlust by scrolling through inspirational travel photos.

While on a night safari, we were lucky enough to spot a flying squirrel soaring from tree to tree.

I came across a photo of a canopy walk, hanging high above a misty rainforest. At that moment, I was determined to someday escape to this far-off place full of wildlife, adventure, and natural beauty.

We’ve Arrived

When the day came when we finally arrived at the lodge in Sabah, it was hard not to get emotional. I felt I was amid a great travel icon. It was no different than standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Rome’s Colosseum.

This was one of the most romantic dinners of our life! We dined on local dishes while being serenaded by the sounds of the rainforest at night. Over dessert, we spotted a family of Sambar deer crossing the river.

During our stay, we lived life in the best possible way. We were explorers by day and dined like royalty at night. – The Budget Savvy Travelers

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Our Journey Deep into the Rainforest

Part of the allure of staying at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge was the opportunity to be pampered in the middle of a dense jungle. Located in the isolated Danum Valley, getting there is no easy feat.

The lodge sits at the base of a large hill on the bank of a peaceful stream.

From Kota Kinabalu, we took a propeller plane to Lahad Datu. From Lahad Datu airport we traveled overland for almost three hours in a rugged 4×4 to reach the lodge. Much of the ride to the lodge is bumpy, through a thick, impressive forest.

Although the windy roads tried to lure us to sleep, we forced ourselves to stay awake. Thankfully, we were awarded our first orangutan sighting!

One of the new, ultra-luxurious premium villas at Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Amenities include a multi-level living space, an outdoor shower, a chilling pool, sweeping views of the rainforest and river, and even a butler!

Arrival at Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Immediately upon our arrival, we were greeted by a first-class reception and welcomed by happy, smiling staff. These folks aimed to please and they made our visit as memorable and comfortable as possible.

The chilling pool in one of the premium villas. This was a great place to escape the humidity of the rainforest and enjoy the sights and sounds of the surroundings.

However, a stay here went beyond just relaxing at a posh, luxury lodge. Our goal was to submerge ourselves into the tropical rainforest of Sabah, search for exotic wildlife, trek beneath the canopy, and to explore the mysterious jungle.

Highlights of Our Visit

One of the best moments of our stay was taking Borneo Rainforest Lodge’s iconic canopy walk. From the top, I felt like a bird soaring over the trees. The sound that emerged from the forest below was a real-life relaxation soundtrack.

Who says the rainforest can’t be romantic?

We loved the adventure of the guided night walks. This is when you can get up close and personal with some of Mother Nature’s smallest and most unique creatures.

Many come to Borneo just for the orangutan but take time to appreciate all the different wildlife that comes across your path.

We cherished the downtime to enjoy coffee on our porch, listen to the sounds of the rainforest, watch wildlife, and reflect on the day.

Relaxing and drinking coffee on our veranda in the deluxe chalet.

The hike up to the viewpoint and back down to the river was a long, but rewarding trek. We were mesmerized by the waterfalls and got muddy on the trail. We ended the hike by walking through the clear, cool, refreshing Sabah streams.

These are wonderful memories that will forever be associated with our stay at Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

We invite you to join along on the trip of a lifetime. Check out our highlight reel of our treasured time at Borneo Rainforest Lodge. 

The Importance of Eco-Tourism

During our visit to Borneo Rainforest Lodge, we were reminded that the best way to preserve the precious rainforest and support wildlife conservation is through eco-tourism. We learned that encouraging others to visit Borneo Rainforest Lodge and the Danum Valley is the best way to help contribute to its continued success.

We hope our photography and vlogs of Sabah may have inspired some of you to visit, and/or learn more about this unique part of the world. Borneo is truly one of our favorite destinations on the globe and we know that others may feel the same way given the opportunity to visit. If you would like to learn more, please contact the wonderful team at Borneo Nature Tours

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