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Most tourists visit Estonia during a one-day stop on a cruise ship holiday. However, those travelers that have the time to explore deeper can seek out a day of adventure that even James Bond would find alluring.

The cities of Rummu and Ämari offer travelers the chance to feel like secret agents in some off-the-beaten-path experiences. Come see what’s behind the barbed wire, “DO NOT ENTER” signs, and concrete walls at the Rummu Underwater Prison.

Rummu Underwater Prison

Just outside the small town of Rummu, lies the ruins of the old Soviet Prison with a very dark past. In the 1940s, this limestone quarry served as an active labor camp.

Not in their wildest imaginations did the prisoners that once worked this quarry ever consider that their daily hell would one day turn into a summer hotspot.

The prisoners were forced to toil on the land as the guards watched on from the buildings and towers. During that time, the underground springs seeped water that needed to be continuously pumped to keep the quarry bed dry.

In the 1940s, this limestone quarry served as a Soviet labor camp.

When Estonia regained its independence in 1991, many of the Soviet institutions were vacated, including the Rummu Prison. With no one to clear the accumulating water, a lake quickly formed, swallowing much of the machinery, concrete barriers, and buildings located near the spring.

Climb the limestone dunes for the best view of the Rummu Underwater Prison.

Today the remaining buildings are dilapidated and graffiti-laced. However, the site is truly mesmerizing with the dramatic limestone dunes and clear, turquoise water. Some of the beachfront buildings even feature some cheerful artwork, helping to calm your nerves if you’re exploring this eerie place all alone. For those without a rental car, the only way to visit may be on the Small-Group Half-Day Tour of Rummu and Coastal Cliffs tour.

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5 Most Popular Tours in Estonia

There are so many things to see and do in and around the city. For example, some of our favorite recommended guided excursions are listed below!

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  2. 😋 Go on a 3-Hour Estonian Food Tour in Tallinn [small-group]
  3. 🚶 Visit and learn about all of the city’s famous landmarks on this 2-Hour Guided Walking Tour of Tallinn
  4. 🚲 See pretty much the entire city on this 3-Hour Tallinn Bike Tour – From Tallinn Cruise Port
  5. ⚔️👸📸 For the ultimate souvenir, dress up in medieval attire and get your picture taken by a professional photographer

✈️ Need a transfer from Tallinn Airport to Tallinn’s city center? If you’re not renting a car and staying in Tallinn, book a private transfer to your hotel or vacation rental.

The Rummu Underwater Prison is a prime diving location due to the great visibility of the natural groundwater. Divers enjoy exploring the sunken ruins and watching for wildlife, like frogs and fish. In the summer, locals turn it into an adventurous beach destination.

Rummu Prison Travel Tips

As you arrive at the entrance, you will see the gates covered with barbed wire and “DO NOT ENTER” signs. It can be quite intimidating. However, seeing the Rummu Prison listed on TripAdvisor encouraged us to go in.

There are photos of sunbathers, repellers, and crazy teenagers jumping into the lake from the ruins. For more information and to get a peek inside, check out our travel vlog below. We show you exactly where to get into the compound safely and easily.

Where to Stay in Tallinn, Estonia

The best places to stay in Tallinn are near the city center and Old Town. From these two locations, travelers arriving by ferry will appreciate the short distance from the port. Also, the city is known for having many apartments to rent. Below are a few of the best places to stay in Tallinn.

Budget: City Yard Inn Hotel (kitchenette) or Hotel Meltzer Apartments (spacious)
Mid-Range: Citybox Tallinn (affordable and clean) or Centennial Hotel Tallinn (buffet breakfast)
Luxury: Revelton Suites Tallinn (spacious studio suites) or Schlössle Hotel (dreamy)

Willing to choose the best places to stay by yourself or are you interested in getting off the beaten path? Try Trivago: a service comparing the best prices.

Nearby Attraction – Ämari Air Base and Soviet Cemetery

While touring this part of Estonia near Rummu, we witnessed a lot of military activity. For example, there were tanks on the road, helicopters circling overhead, and fighter jets whizzing by. Also, we learned that Ämari Air Base is located near the Underwater Prison. Furthermore, this is an active NATO base that carries out Baltic Air Policing patrols.

The graves feature actual tail fins from the Russian aircraft.

Nearby, there’s an interesting travel oddity tucked away in the forest, the Ämari Pilots’ Cemetery. Moreover, the old historic cemetery holds the remains of several pilots who flew under the Estonia Soviet regime.

What makes this place unlike any other historic cemetery are the unique grave markers. For instance, the plots of the Soviet military pilots are topped with the actual fins from their very own Russian aircraft. Hence, it’s an eye-catching sight from the road and worth a quick stop for a look.

Our road trip to Rummu and Ämari was just one day of our eight-day tour of Estonia.

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