Resignation Day!

As I walked up to the building, I was thinking how to the drop the “I’m-not-renewing-my-contract-next-year” bomb. I wasn’t nervous to resign, but I wanted to make sure I worded everything perfectly. It was important to me to end ten years of service on a positive note. Before we even sat down at the table, I quickly spit out my news. That has always been my way. For example, in school, I would always volunteer to go first before my nerves set in.

As we entered the conference room, I quickly started, “So I have some exciting, but sad news to share…” After I said my piece, what followed was the nicest, deepest conversation that I have ever had with my supervisor. It came with hugs, tears, thoughtful words of my “career highlights” (and struggles too), and reflections of life outside work related topics. A moment that many would dread ended up being surprisingly easy. In fact, all my co-workers and administrators expressed so much support and positive encouragement that I humorously thought “Are they glad to see me go?” My conversation ended with promises of continued support and encouragement to reapply should I decide to come home. My resignation was a career breakers dream. I am blessed to have worked with this woman.

When I came back to my school, I was walking on cloud nine, the weight of my secret was finally off my shoulders. My closest co-workers gathered around me and I told them I was happy that they were there to share this milestone in my life.  I didn’t have to celebrate alone. I am lucky to have spent the last 10 years with some amazing people.

As I have shared my news with people one by one, what has been most interesting is how people respond. Because what follows is an immediate self-reflection of the status of their own life;  a unique glimpse as to how they may not be living life how they originally planned or how they could have, or should be doing things differently. I have closely listened to everyone. I have taken it all in. It has given me the momentum to keep moving forward, hoping that one day I can look back and be glad to have not done anything differently.

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