Form the habit – Get there on time

Don’t you love vintage motivational posters? They’re so entertaining to me. I first came across these posters on the way out of the locker room at my health club. Walking by, they’d always provide me with a slight chuckle as they attempted to boost morale. Here’s why:

  1. They always provide a lesson
  2. They bring you back to  a simpler time
  3. They refer to a time when people believed in hard work and living the American dream

In order for us to “get there on time,” we invested in some G-Shock watches for our RTW trip. When researching, we were mainly focused on reliability. We were looking for watches that would be able to take a beating and be exposed to the elements without losing functionality. I chose the <GD120TS-3> which features 31 time zones. Audrey chose the <BG6903-2>. Both watches are 200M water resistant, shock resistant, and have 7-year battery life.

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