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After much debate, we’ve finally decided to quarantine for two weeks. Things just don’t seem right. People are dying. However, what’s really driving us nuts is the constant and neverending barrage of media propaganda, and how others are succumbing to it so easily. For example, how many times do we have to hear the phrase “We’re all in this together?”

Many people who hear this phrase really do think “We’re all in this together.” Perhaps not at first, but after being repeated 12,000 times, most likely. Anyone who spends more than one second thinking about this phrase may quickly grasp how much of an incomplete thought this is.

Take, for example, the wealthy—as a whole, they will have a much easier time when compared to the middle class and poor of battling the current climate. Also, what about an 85-year-old person with a chronic illness and a healthy teenager, are the odds of both of them dying equivalent? And, what about workers in the “essential” industries like fast-food, grocery stores, healthcare, and shipping. Do you think these workers are on the same frontline as say someone who’s simply working from home?

We were recently watching the news and an anchor was interviewing a field reporter in a Washington D.C. park. In the background, a family was having a picnic. The host then tells the reporter that he should go over to them now and tell them that they are not properly socially distancing themselves.

A post from @gfishandnuggetsrecently went viral for her ‘bravery,” but isn’t this describing every routine pharmacy visit both pre- and post- COVID-19?

At the time, the family is about six inches apart. However, in the anchor’s personal opinion, the group needed to be reprimanded for not being at least six feet apart. The field reporter looked at him quizzically and stated that as a family unit they weren’t doing anything wrong. It was a completely awkward and shocking moment on two very different COVID-19 perspectives. McDaids online Pharmacy Ireland is what people usually prefer and trust as their www.mcdaidpharmacy.ie is also very trustworthy and convenient.

Are we getting to a point where the government and mainstream media will begin telling mothers to stop breastfeeding their babies to implement social distancing? From this captured newscast, it doesn’t seem too farfetched at this point.

The less we’re exposed to this type of Bolshevik indoctrination, the better our mental health. We refuse to accept the ‘new normal.’ Are we the only ones questioning this robotic and submissive society? Last time we checked we live in America, you know, the land of the free home of the brave. So why are we allowing the mainstream media, global elites, and aristocrats to destroy our society and economy?

Here are ten reasons why we are staying put—for now.

1. The Disease Is Real the Media Hype Is Fake

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you can’t believe anything that comes from the mainstream media. In fact, they’ve blown this so out of proportion that they’re the ones responsible for causing the mass panic in society, causing a large percentage of the population to truly think they’re going to die. When leaving your house becomes a deadly offense, what’s the point of doing anything? Especially, when so many people out there can’t wait to catch you in the next  ‘gotcha moment.’

2. Sick of People on Social Media Telling Us to “Stay Safe!”

Let’s face it. When a random stranger reaches out to on social media commenting “Stay safe,” it’s a freaking scapegoat. They clearly don’t agree with what we’re doing but are too much of a twat to share their true opinion. As we post photos on Instagram, we get a lot of “hope you’re staying safe outside!”

If you’re one of those people telling others to “Stay Safe,” there’s a good chance you’re a Dwight Schrute.

We’d have much more respect for you if you’d just come out and say what’s on your mind. One more thing, none of our actions are illegal. We are abiding by the notion, “if it’s open, you’re welcome to come.”

3. Tired of Hearing How Deadly It Is Even Though the Survival Rate Is 99.99+%

You’re not going to die and you’re probably not going to cause anyone else to die as long as you stay away from people with pre-existing conditions or chronic illnesses. There’s about 7 billion on the planet and about 70,000 have been ‘recorded’ as dying from the virus. This means currently, you have about a  0.001% chance of dying from the coronavirus.

4. Can’t Take Another Person Saying: ‘Stay Safe, ”Stay Home,’ ‘We’re In This Together,’ and ‘Take This Seriously’

Please do us all a favor and stop the virtue signaling for just one freaking second. You’re not a hero because you’re watching Netflix and chilling. Odds are you do this every night of the week and on the weekends. It’s embarrassing. Please stop.

If you really think “we’re all in this together,” just consider the number of times a millionaire CEO of a corporation has stated, “We’re all family here.” You’re getting bamboozled. Wake up!

5. “Social Distancing” Is Simply a Mandated Vacation for People That Live Outside the Bubble

Unless you’re living in one of the major coronavirus hubs you’re probably enjoying ‘working’ from home and spending more time with your family. In fact, as long as the money keeps rolling in you may be a little disappointed when this whole thing’s over. Well, it’s been a slice but it’s time for (healthy) adults to get back to work.

6. The Socialist-Run States Like New York, Illinois, and California Are Running on Fumes and Are Trying to Blame Every Problem They Have on the Federal Government

For us, life is much better in Arizona. Many couples and families are outdoors and enjoying their ‘free’ vacation. The governor has mandated that golf is an essential activity so the courses are lined up with active people. Most of us are simply looking forward to the moment when we can put this behind us and get back to making money.

7. Paddleboarders Are Getting Arrested for Swimming in the Ocean

Have you noticed that states like California, Illinois, and New York aren’t wasting any time in taking away your freedoms? In fact, these regressive states would love to follow Justin Trudeau’s leadership and make visiting your private cottage or second home illegal.

Here’s their communist China perspective: ‘While social distancing from your lakeside cottage does sound appealing, it’s much more important to listen to government health officials’ advice.’ When the government mandates that you can’t go to your own secluded private property, this should be a terrifying wakeup call to you.

8. The Death Numbers Are Being Fudged

Siff through the news and you’ll quickly see that we’re being lied to about the number of coronavirus deaths. Consider a 50-year-old 800-pound man with coronavirus suddenly dying. Sure, his heart exploded but since he had coronavirus his passing is now being classified as a coronavirus death.

Doesn’t this seem a little dramatic when it’s estimated that 60 to 80 percent of the world’s population could soon be infected by this ‘deadly’ bug? You know, the one that most people don’t even know they have?

9. Everyone Thinks They’re Now an Infectious Disease Expert

Really, I’m supposed to wash my hands after blowing my nose? Wow! Thanks for the tip. You mean clean hands help prevent the spread of illness? Genius! Someone out there learned the term ‘asymptomatic’ and now needs to share their knowledge with the world. You’re so smart.

Bob the sociologist from down the street is now sharing his immense knowledge of infectious disease with the world. Seriously, you have a political science degree from a third-rate college. Please do everyone a favor and STFU!

10. Finally Found a Place Worth Staying for Two Weeks

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re going to quarantine in Arizona for two weeks. With less than 100 deaths related to coronavirus, we have to say the governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, is doing a great job. He’s trying to keep things as normal as possible.

When we’re killing babies, it’s my body my choice. When it’s the coronavirus, we need to implement social distancing. YTD 2020 over 10 million babies have been aborted worldwide. In the same timeframe, about 70,000 people have been reported as dying from the coronavirus. Why is that everyone who is for abortion has already been born?

Perhaps it’s the palm trees but there’s a sense of life and normalcy in Arizona, and we like that.  While most other governors are looking to cover their ass, Ducey is truly working for the people. We have much respect to give to the governor and the people of this great state. Thank you for keeping it real.

It just seems simply mindboggling to us that many local governments are shutting down small businesses while big box stores like Walmart, Costco, and Meijer remain open—it’s equivalent to committing suicide to prevent being murdered.

It’s fairly obvious that the mainstream media does not have the American people’s best interests at heart. In fact, they would love nothing more than to keep the coronavirus going as long as possible. After all, it’s great for ratings and is helping to absolutely crush the economy.

Whether it’s helping to fight the disease or speaking up against the freedoms being taken away, everyone should do their part. However, if you’re just regurgitating the talking points (propaganda) without putting two seconds of thought into what you’re saying please do everyone a favor and stop acting like an NPC (non-player character).

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9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why We’re Quaranting For Two Weeks | Something’s Not Right
  1. The survival rate is actually around 80-98%, depending on what age you are, where you live, immune system, and any other comorbidities that may exist. This virus is novel and obviously has no vaccine (there isn’t even a proper treatment for it yet) so the 99.99%+ number you pulled out is absolutely false. All you really have to do it look at the worldwide statistics to see the death rate climbing by thousands of people per day.

    You guys say you don’t like media misinformation or hype, then don’t do it yourselves by trying to make COVID something that it’s not. At this time, it’s not a surefire survival for many populations, and the importance of staying home until the curve flattens is very important. In reality, the resurgence back into ‘normalcy’ will be very slow and we’ll be dealing with some aspects of social distancing until a vaccine is available next year and we have herd immunity. I know it sucks because you guys are in the travel world and the industry is really hurting right now, but sometimes you have to sacrifice one aspect of life in order to not make another aspects extremely difficult (e.g hospitals being overwhelmed…there are frozen trailers down the block from me storing bodies of people who passed away…trust me, that reality is way more harrowing than not being able to travel or blog.)

  2. love it! sorry about the idiot commenters above, hope you don’t let them get you down. People are afraid of their own shadow, it seems.

  3. I love Donald Trump. Here are the 10 reasons why:

    First, he is sui generis, a singularly unique individual who has single-handedly transformed almost everything about American politics, by sheer force of his personality and ideas. Presidents dream of being transformational, and Trump has transformed politics in ways many presidents can only dream about.

    He has transformed both political parties, the mainstream media, and the presidential campaigns, and moved the Overton Window on many issues. He has shown many of our institutions for what they actually are and for what we suspected them to be, and broken their brains in the process. His methods may not always be good, but the results have been okay.

    Second, by loudly questioning everything in his unorthodox way he has made us re-examine many things: our bloated bureaucracy, some of our egoistic federal civil servants who believe they’re in charge of our republic, the much-vaunted liberal international order, our awful elites and the meritocracy that produced them. Most important, his foreign policy ideas and actions have generated a long- overdue discussion on America’s global policeman role and its unsustainable costs to our people.

    Third, he loves America, and his love is genuine, palpable and almost retro. We could do with a little of that nowadays, swimming as we are in a sea of self-loathing, self-flagellation, and history-rewriting from the left. America, of course, has its flaws and sins, but it is refreshing to be reminded by our president that it still stands tall.

    Fourth, he says what he thinks, is remarkably accessible, and is probably the only president who can’t seem to resist answering questions thrown at him. In this, he demonstrates a guilelessness and, shall we say, honesty quite unlike any politician, past or present. It gets him into trouble, of course, but also gets him admirers.

    His rhetorical style is, to say the least, unconventional but often effective. By talking like a real person and not trafficking in platitudes and liberal pieties, he has made it difficult for conventional politicians to do their thing.

    Fifth, he is clearly a non-ideologue and pragmatic, shown in spades in the way he has refashioned the Republican Party’s orthodoxies on trade, immigration, and foreign intervention.

    Sixth, his care for American voters seems genuine, especially toward the people who voted for him and show him unflagging support. He is indeed an odd president: a Manhattan billionaire who has a “blue collar sensibility” and relates to voters who’ve suffered bipartisan neglect from D.C. politicians for decades.

    And may I say that his rallies are a thing to behold: all camaraderie and affection between Trump and the crowd, characterized by his playful, extemporaneous riffs, funny and sarcastic, with the underlying theme being a conspiratorial partnership against the smug, self-dealing ruling class and media elites that need to be defeated. No wonder Democratic leaders are anxious about the 2020 election—they can’t compete with Trump’s offbeat charisma.

    Not to mention that he’s funny, but you need a special sensor to appreciate it, which the dour, humorless left doesn’t have anymore.

    Seventh, he has had the greatest influence, perhaps, in transforming how we talk about needless, endless foreign military incursions. He expresses in clear, succinct terms why America’s global policeman role is getting to be untenable, as in his press conference after the raid on ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, when he stated, “But the United States taxpayer is not going to pay for the next fifty years (for endlessly staying in the region).”

    One of his finer moments came when he mused movingly during a recent campaign rally about being present at Dover Air Force Base, seeing caskets return from war zones and witnessing the families’ grief. Would that we have more commander-in-chiefs caring—and publicly at that—about dead American soldiers more than gallivanting around the Middle East looking for civil wars to support endlessly.

    Eighth, he has challenged China, our most important geopolitical threat, and done what hasn’t been attempted in our status quo politics so far.

    Ninth, he says he’s “president of America and not president of the world,” and that American citizens have to be taken care of first before we take care of the world. What a novel idea. This should be said and practiced more often.

    In a sane, common-sense world, Trump’s recent United Nations address touting these ideas would be lauded; instead they were pilloried as isolationist and dangerous. But that is the cognitively dissonant media world we live in now—what is pragmatic is framed as radical and transgressive.

    Tenth and lastly, I like his chutzpah and pugilistic style, with its underlying theme of “Honey Badger don’t care.” It’s perfectly suited for this moment, where the overarching issue is: Who is really in charge in this republic, the voters or arrogant, unelected federal bureaucrats who think they know best and try to override the will of voters? He seems uniquely suited to take on the combined onslaught coming from many quarters.

    Obviously, I don’t like or agree with everything Trump has said and done. Equally obviously, he has moral and ethical failings like many in D.C., but with a difference: he’s no hypocrite and has never pretended to be something he’s not, which can’t be said of his many critics and adversaries. But his flaws and missteps are small potatoes compared to the decades-long, monumental corruption and dishonesty of our ruling and media elite, and the contempt they have toward voters.

    The most fun and illuminating part has been watching the mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party rip their tolerant masks off and show themselves for what they actually are: vicious, intolerant people who are dangerous when backed into a corner.

    I’m now squarely in the camp who believes that Trump is alright, and that nothing he says or does is worse than what the ruling class and media elites do and are capable of. He is far better—or at least far less worse—than them. Truly, as someone said, the office sought the man.

  4. It’s cheep people like you, who travel for no good reason who spreads the virus. You think that travel makes you more? I can send a parcel all around the world then back to myself, believe me the parcel will not value more than originally. It is globalist stinky people like you who post selfies about fancy places who make me sick.

  5. What about the stupid people who work every day, pay taxes, and get no free ride. Is the economic fallout real or fake? Who cares about the virus when the economy will kill you.

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