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When on our RTW, the last thing I want to rock is the pregnant backpacker look.  You know, the one where people wear one backpack on their front and one on their back? Sorry folks, I just can’t do it. So for the last few weeks, I have been researching a slide sling that will be multi-functional; a day pack for light trekking and a purse for more urban settings. I finally decided on the PacSafe Citysafe 200 GII. On a recent trip to REI, I tried on a backpack and the slide sling at the same time and I liked how it felt.

Sadly, many couples we follow have recently reported incidences of theft. If a day pack provides a few additional safety features than…FABULOUS! My bag, in inconspicuous black, features the following:

  • Slash proof straps and panels
  • RFID safe blocking pockets
  • Smart zipper security
  • Turn and lock security hooks
  • Padded iPad® / tablet / 13 in MacBook® compatible sleeve

I think this is the perfect option for a second bag for our trip. And if at any point I decide this bag just ain’t cutting it, I promise to let you be the first to congratulate me on my “backpack pregnancy.”

It was originally listed at $79.99 at REI. I signed up with <ebags> to receive special offers via email. Within the next few days I received a coupon for $20 off any $50+ purchase. Using this offer I was able to get the bag for $59.99 with free shipping.

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2 thoughts on “No Pregnant Backpacker Look! – Audrey’s Daypack
  1. I’m also not a fan of the pregnant backpacker look, but find I get really bad shoulder ache if I have all the weight on one shoulder. Did you find this with this bag?

    1. Great question! To be honest, the only time I had some issue was when had long travel days and I stuffed it to the brim with heavy things like water bottles, my iPad, camera equipment, etc. The strap is comfortable and it does distribute the weight nicely. I find I can only wear it on one shoulder because it feels unnatural of the other shoulder. Recently, my original bag broke and PacSafe sent me a replacement (the newer, slightly bigger model) free of charge with proof of purchase and my receipt. Their 5 year warranty is awesome! Any more questions? Let me know!

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