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10 American Hall of Fames You Must Visit | How Many Have You Been To?

Some of the best Hall of Fames in the world reside in the United States. It turns out, a lot can be learned about a country based on its list of Hall of Fame locations.

For example, in Croatia, there’s an Olympic Walk of Fame in the city of Split. All of the athletes included in the Walk were born in the coastal city. It begins with gold medal rowers from Helsinki in 1952 and continues on to the present day. One of the 73 names is Toni Kukoc, who played with the Chicago Bulls from 1996 to 1998!

In the US, there is now an endless number of Hall of Fames, Walk of Fames, and Walls of Fame. However, which one of these is the best to visit? Now that most vacations are being rehashed, let’s take a closer look at some American wonders that are just a drive away. Here are 10 American Hall of Fames you must visit now.

1. Hall of Space Museum at the Cosmosphere | Hutchinson KS

The Apollo 13 command module.

Not only does the Hall of Space provide a comprehensive look at the history of space travel (with ample credit provided to the Russian Space Program), but this journey through time and space is also home to the world’s largest collection of US and Russian space artifacts.

2. Pro Football Hall of Fame | Canton OH

A Monday Night Football display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Located in Canton, Ohio just south of Cleveland, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a memorable stopover for any sports fan. Now that football season is underway, traveling fans can peruse NFL betting odds for nearby teams located in Cleveland, Indianapolis, or Pittsburgh to see if games align with a trip to Canton. Be sure to check the Hall of Fame for induction ceremonies or special appearances, which are often open to the public. The next big event is the NFL’s centennial celebration in 2021.

3. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | Cleveland OH

Architecture. I.M. Pei, one of the most popular architects of the 20th century, was responsible for designing the museum that houses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Stopover for a Browns game, but stay for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The museum provides a comprehensive look at the birth of rock’n’roll in the US, but also ample insights behind the producers, engineers, and other executive figures behind America’s beloved rock stars.

4. RV/MH Hall of Fame | Elkhart IN

Inside a 1931 Mae West Housecar.

That’s right—there’s an entire Hall of Fame for this topic. The museum is an ode to the craziest RV and motorhome inventions throughout the years, like an 18-foot trailer with a two-door entrance and a ‘Chevrolet Housecar’ from 1931.

5. Hollywood Walk of Fame | Hollywood CA

Michael Jackson’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As a staple stopover for travelers in Hollywood, those interested in the Walk of Fame can treat themselves to a tour of the lesser-known names to grace the list. One example is Gene Autry, known as ‘The Singing Cowboy,’ who is the only celebrity to be awarded all five stars for his work in film, TV, radio, live performance, and music.

6. Country Music Hall of Fame | Nashville TN

Much like the Mascot Hall of Fame (listed below), the Country Music Hall of Fame goes to great lengths to be fun for the whole family. Not only is there a detailed museum portion with enough factoids to satisfy music buffs, but there’s also a full list of daily programs from live performances to interactive exhibits.

7. National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame | Forth Worth TX

Richard Haas’ mural on the west facade of the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame.

While the museum focuses on the long history of the Wild West, with special attention provided to the women who made their names and fortune in the late 1800s, there’s a modern exhibit dedicated to modern cowgirls. Each year, the museum inducts the next generation of elite cowgirls. Be sure to check for annual induction ceremonies, which are open to the public. Yeehaw!

8. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum and Hall of Fame | Indianapolis IN

1966 Ford GT40 Mk IIB 427 Coupe

Despite the fact the Motor Speedway didn’t make the list for top sports Hall of Fames, it shouldn’t be missed. Located on the grounds of the home of the Indy 500, the museum and Hall of Fame exhibits top cars, drivers, and other important motorsport achievements of the past century. History buffs will be excited to learn about the closely-intertwined origin of moonshine, fast cars, and the beginnings of NASCAR.

9. Gunfighter Hall of Fame | Tombstone AZ

No need to worry—this Hall of Fame is solely dedicated to the distant past of the Wild West. With a hearty collection of memorabilia and historical items, the small and unassuming museum is a perfect stopover for those with Southwest fever. The surrounding Tombstone area is one of the most popular Wild West tourist destinations in the country.

10. Mascot Hall of Fame | Whiting IN

As the passion project of a dedicated mascot, there’s likely to be a startling amount of fanfare for visitors to the Mascot Hall of Fame. There’s family fun for everyone at this location, including specialized exhibits for youth and special events for holidays like Halloween.

Hall of Fame museums are popular tourist attractions—and rightly so! This is because they celebrate some of the most extraordinary people of all time. Be sure to visit to celebrate America’s greatest icons and enjoy some of the best memorabilia all under one roof.

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