How to Get Free Marijuana in Amsterdam – Right to Your Door!

We’re all looking for free marijuana while traveling through Amsterdam. Some think that the life of a budget-savvy traveler is full of nonstop fun and excitement. At times it can be frustrating when we hear remarks like, “Must be nice to be on a two-year vacation.” It’s as if we won an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii, to a luxury all-inclusive resort.

How to Get Free Marijuana in Amsterdam

Not to sound ungrateful, but there are quite a lot of headaches that one doesn’t take into consideration about our lifestyle. With a limited amount of funds, travel is work. Just consider logistics, such as traveling from point A to point B as cost-effectively as possible without getting lost, ripped off, or mugged.

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Here’s a little story to illustrate why it’s not all rainbows and koala bears (or rainbow-colored koala bears, which only exist in Amsterdam). We were quite shocked when we arrived at our apartment in Amsterdam. The unit looked like some sort of dodgy drug addict orgy had just taken place.

What the hell happened here? | How to Get Free Marijuana in Amsterdam

Did a Bachelor Party Just Occur?

The owner of the apartment was out of town and one of his friends let us in. Upon entry into the dimly lit apartment, everything seemed legitimate. That is until we drew back the curtains unveiling the hell that was our new home. Nearly in tears, Audrey exclaimed, “What? Did a bachelor party just occur in here?!”

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The irony was, that in order to book this apartment the owner gave us, yes us, a hard time about cleanliness and strictly prohibited drug use in the apartment. He also completed a thorough screening process of our reviews on Airbnb. So after walking a mile (with 50 lbs. of gear), taking a 1/2-hour tram ride, a 3-hour bus ride from Brussels, and a 45-minute bus ride in Amsterdam, this is what we walked into:

  • The apartment had a faint smell of smoke.
  • The coffee table was covered in the remnants of a “marijuana cigarette” and we even found weed on the mattress in the bedroom.
  • The couch and floor displayed the recent activity of people with a severe case of the munchies.
  • The dishes were put away dirty, and covered with food.
  • There were beer bottles on the balcony.
  • All of the garbage cans were full (overflowing with the wrappers of junk food).
  • None of the flooring was swept or vacuumed.
  • The toilet was dirty.
  • The sink had toothpaste all over it.
  • The bedding was soiled yellowish-brown. Two colors you’d prefer not to see on your bedding.
  • And to add insult to injury there was NOT one piece of toilet paper in the entire apartment. Not one!

Crime Scene: Scene of the Crime

This is what the Airbnb apartment looked like when arrived. Yikes!

We spent the next two hours cleaning the apartment. Using some savvy negotiating tactics, we were able to negotiate 50% off our entire stay. Not bad considering Amsterdam is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

How to Get Free Marijuana in Amsterdam

Finding Free Marijuana in Amsterdam

Surely, you didn’t read this with the hope of finding free weed in Amsterdam, referred to as a cash crop for a reason. So technically, there was free marijuana in our apartment, but just enough where the only thing to do with it was to clean it up.  If you clicked on the article based on the title, then most likely you have a serious addiction and should seek out treatment immediately. Dude, you’ve got a disease.

Here’s the owner’s response:
“You can also eat whatever you want. The house was in perfect condition when I left it on Friday and a married couple (which I personally know) stayed for two days there. They probably got very stoned (because it is Amsterdam!) which I disapprove of because I never use drugs but I reassure you there wasn’t an atrocious group of drug addicts that were staying there and there are no hidden places of extreme dirt etc. This is my home where I live cleanly and work and I only rent it when I go back to my family 3x per year. I am really sorry for this mess up.”

Welcome to Amsterdam! Don’t plan on finding any free marijuana here.

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  1. Ha ha ha, love this article. And just for the record i did NOT read the article b/c i have an addiction / disease….and i’ve certainly never seen rainbow colored koalas (although it sounds cute). Too bad you weren’t “high” when you got to such an awful apartment….I commend you guys for staying in unknown locations all the time and having to deal with some of this stuff. Hope Amsterdam was otherwise amazing!!

    1. We shouldn’t complain, but sometimes travel is tough! And we did enjoy Amsterdam…next time? Maybe a house boat stay!

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