We Suffered Discrimination on Airbnb – in Utah of All Places

Airbnb claims to “combat discrimination.” From our experience, this is not the case. After making a reservation on the platform we noticed some bothersome house rules buried in the Things to Know section.

As avid users of Airbnb with 100+ reservations, we’ve never come across any booking like this one. At first, we thought that we got lucky. The popular Airbnb listing we were looking to reserve had a narrow three days open, the exact days we were looking to rent.

Only about a week out from the travel dates, we quickly read the description and scanned the pictures, amenities, and reviews. Even when including hotels and other forms of lodging, it was one of the cheapest places to stay in Salt Lake City, so we eagerly made the reservation.

After Suffering Discrimination on Airbnb We Now Use VRBO

Things Get Cringe

One thing we noticed on the listing that seemed peculiar was this: “We love to visit with our guests and also appreciate guests who enjoy their privacy. We’re here to help you feel at home. On occasion, we will need access to the laundry room and the host refrigerator in the kitchen. We will coordinate this with guests being sensitive that this is your rented space.”

We were only there three nights and thought that the odds of the hosts needing access to the laundry room or refrigerator seemed slim. Looking back, this whole paragraph on the listing seems a bit cringe:

We love to visit with our guests and also appreciate guests who enjoy their privacy. We’re here to help you feel at home. On occasion we will need access to the laundry room and the host refrigerator in the kitchen.

After reading the above statement, and in combination with the host’s other odd and discriminatory House Rules (see below), we didn’t feel comfortable with our reservation.

We Suffered Discrimination on Airbnb

Later that night, Audrey was still bothered by this laundry comment on the listing. For those that don’t know, Audrey is obsessed with laundry, and when it comes to laundry acts like a wolf protecting its food.

Since 2016, we’ve removed 1.5M people from Airbnb for declining to treat others without judgment or bias. But discrimination still happens, so we’re introducing some new ways to fight it. – airbnb.com/against-discrimination

Audrey returned to the listing to make sure she read it correctly. She then decided to dive deeper into the House Rules.

At first glance, the House Rules seemed fairly standard, which is most likely why we didn’t bother clicking on the “Show More” button to expand them. For instance, this is what is on display before clicking the “Show More” button:

House Rules
  • Check-in: After 4:00 PM
  • Checkout: 10:00 AM
  • No smoking, pets, parties, or events

Audrey Clicks the “Show More” Button

Audrey expands the House Rules. She then says to Harry, “Did you read the House Rules?”

“Why, what’s wrong?” he asks.

The rest of the House Rules stated this:

Officially Discriminated Against

Upon reading the additional rules we both realized that we’ve been discriminated against while using Airbnb. Not only are we being discriminated against once but we’re being discriminated against in three separate incidences.

We picture Seinfeld’s Jackie Chiles responding: “It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous!”

Realistically, it’s simply nonsensical, unethical, genetical!

1. Nonsensical – No Weapons (Guns of Any Kind) Allowed

When we read, “Our concern is for everyone’s safety,” in all caps, we immediately knew we had to cancel the reservation. How cringe. At this point, we’re a bit surprised that it didn’t end with, “We’re All in This Together.”

The hosts are so worried about the safety of their guests that they don’t want them to have the ability to protect themselves. How thoughtful and nonsensical. For example, kitchen knives can be used as a weapon. Are these banned too?

Wait until they find out that Harry’s fists have been classified as deadly weapons in three countries.

2. Unethical – No Alcohol

The hosts proclaim: “We’re here to help you feel at home.” On the flip side, they want to control what activities occur and what is consumed within the “camp.” Whoops, we mean rental space.

Banning alcohol is like prohibiting sugary drinks, coffee, or chocolate. Where does it end? Do women need to wear a certain length of dress? Is dancing allowed? Can we sleep in the same bed?

At this point, even though the listing has good reviews, it’s a massive red flag. Also, doesn’t it seem like this would be the kind of place that would have hidden cameras? You know, “for our protection?”

Trying to regulate alcohol intake will not seem that surprising when you read the third requirement, where the hosts continue to command what’s put into their guests’ bodies.

3. Genetical – “Fully” Vaccinated

The hosts state further hypocritical nonsense with: “We love to visit with our guests and also appreciate guests who enjoy their privacy.” The hosts are so concerned about their health, the health of the country, and their guests’ health that they insist on meeting every Tom, Dick, and “Harry” face-to-face. Let us guess while doing so, they wear face masks―which have been proven not to work.

We like to meet our guests and welcome you to our home. When you get here, we will give you the code to the combination lock on your entry door, so you can come and go as you please. – Dianne & Mike

The hosts are at such an unbelievably high risk that they need to interact with every guest, even though they have a combination door lock. Furthermore, they hosted throughout the entire length of the “pandemic.” You can’t write this stuff, it sounds like something out of a Ben Stiller movie.

Making sure guests are “fully” injected with gene therapy treatment is their number one priority. In short, does anyone (who hasn’t been completely brainwashed) even know what “fully vaccinated” is at this point?

For example, one of the latest studies suggests that a fourth dose peaks at four weeks and that the “efficacy of the booster decreases by the eighth week.” In other words, the test subjects may have some protection for about four weeks, along with a lifetime of known (myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, hearing issues) and unknown side effects.

Hypocrisy Runs Deep With This Group

Imagine if there were hosts that only allowed the un-injected as guests. For example, let’s say that the host didn’t want the vaccinated to shed their spike proteins (which can enter the vaccinated test subject’s organs) all over their unit. The mainstream corporate media would be all over this story. Perhaps, Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton would attend the protest?

Also, “vaccines” don’t prevent transmission, severe illness, or death. As a result, there’s no logical reason to decipher between the “vaccinated” and un-“vaccinated.” It’s 100 percent unquestionably discriminatory.

So, while many of the injected may “feel” safer, realistically, they’re much worse off because their bodies may never be able to achieve natural immunity and they may suffer from both short and long-term (known and unknown) side effects.

Finally, as a result of our cancellation, and mentioning to Airbnb the list of odd rules, we were given restitution in the form of a coupon for $22.50. Airbnb responded, “We know this is tough, so we’re giving you a full refund and a $22.50 coupon to make sure you still have a great stay.” Seems fair. That was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it.


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