Croatian Cribs! Welcome To Our House!

After being nomads for so long, the one thing we sometimes miss is having a cozy place to come home to after a long day of touring. We love sharing the great, budget beds we find. As we often say, finding ways to fill travel days is the easy part! It’s the logistics, such as lodging and transportation, which are always the challenge.

Please enjoy our quick clip of our awesome “Croatian Crib.” In a way, this feels like our home. It’s spacious, has a great outdoor space, is modern, and spotlessly clean. In fact, this is the ONLY place we’ve ever felt comfortable walking around barefoot! At $25 USD a night, I have a feeling we’ll be back.

Tip – We often negotiate rates with our Airbnb hosts. Also, long-term stays often bring down the daily rate significantly.

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6 thoughts on “Croatian Cribs! Welcome To Our House!
  1. Oh wow, i kept hearing about how homey and nice this place is, but i didn’t imagine this! I’m thinking it’s a little nicer and bigger than my own home! Ha ha! Nice job on finding this hidden gem. I enjoyed this cribs episode! 😀

  2. Looks great! I can’t believe it’s $25 a night for 3 bedrooms. I think finding a place that you are comfortable in would help living the nomadic lifestyle … that and slow travel. How long are you planning on stayimg in Croatia? We love following along on your journey!

    1. We are here until our 90 day visa ends in mid-June. We’d stay longer if we could. Thanks for stopping by. You guys are always so kind! 🙂

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