Welcome to Clown World – Is Chicago the Most Brainwashed City on the Planet?

One of the hardest aspects of traveling during the last two years is navigating each destination’s compliance with government mandates. After all, one region or city may practice complete obedience while another may refuse to comply. From personal experience, it’s been quite disheartening to travel from a place of normalcy to a state where tyranny is actively encouraged—leaving us to feel like we’re living in a dystopian nightmare.

Nearly two years into this “plandemic,” many Chicagoans are still faithfully following their dictator’s—whoops, we mean, governor’s orders. As if any of these ridiculous mandates have anything to do with improving the overall health, wellness, or happiness of Illinois constituents.

In fact, for the majority of people, these totalitarian mandates are doing the exact opposite. For example, consider the exponential increase of serious suicidal attempts and deaths in children during the pandemic.

Honestly, we don’t know where Illinoisans are getting their news but they need to find a different source or simply turn off the television.

Let’s break down the culprits that are allowing this illusion to continue.

First, some still think this is about a virus, which obviously it’s not. Just check out all of the massive protests going on around the world that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

Then, there are those who enjoy the submissiveness of being told what to do, and perhaps finally feel successful at something for once in their lives.

Finally, there are those getting rich or gaining power from this elaborate scheme.

Newsflash to all virus zealots. Society has lost all patience for the foolish, brainwashed, submissive, greedy, and power-hungry—we’ve waited long enough for you to come to your senses. The global fight for freedom is now in full force.

The Compliance Contrast

After 10 months of living in a country that was devoid of fear and masked faces, it’s a trip observing first-hand how a city in the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” is handling the current situation. 

Consider that comparatively, the indoor masking rules for Illinois and Albania are essentially the same. However, the public’s approach to the mandates is at the complete ends of the spectrum for each destination.

Sure, there are many complicated reasons for the contrast in compliance.

For example, if local law enforcement doesn’t mask up or harass fellow citizens about wearing masks, people will be more inclined to make their own personal decisions regarding their health. 

After 10 months of living in Albania, we did not observe Albanian police wearing masks or hassling citizens about facial coverings.

Secondly, the endless amount of propaganda may have also influenced the way people think. Consider our observation that in 2020, Chicagoland area stores and radio stations were constantly repeating the mantra “stay home, stay safe.”

However, once we landed in Albania, all we heard while shopping was upbeat Balkan music playing. Praise be for glorious normalcy!

Whether it’s by generating an unhealthy fear of death or pushing the group-think mentality of “we’re all in this together,” Covid propaganda clearly influenced the public’s actions.

Normalcy Falls

As we slowly made our way back to the US, it was interesting to see the varying levels of normalcy depending on our current location. At Tirana International Airport, passengers, police officers, and airline workers all went about their businessmaskless.

In the spirit of showing you how different life can be between cities, we wanted to show photos of Tirana International Airport, letting the images speak for themselves. The image was captured in October 2021.

We also noted Balkan babas looking fierce and fearless while riding on public transportation or waiting at their flight gates. What a vast difference to the Chicagoland teenagers we see walking about, alone, with their faces masked, buried in their phones.

Balkan babas look like hardcore badasses compared to all the emo-masked teenagers around Chicagoland. Note how Albanian airport workers carry on without masks.

Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth, you have to show them.

Flying Slavic

After seeing so many horrific airline videos go viral, we were unsure what to expect when flying back to the States. We decided to fly with LOT Polish Airlines to travel from Tirana through to Chicago. Maybe a Slavic-based crew would be less tyrannical than other airlines? 

Boarding the LOT Polish Airlines plane from Tirana to Warsaw.

Thankfully, our intuition was exactly on point. Both flightsTirana to Warsaw and Warsaw to Chicagowere low-key and laid-back. The flight attendants were kind and didn’t hassle passengers about masks, so we kept them off for extended periods. In fact, on our trans-Atlantic flight, our lovely Polish flight attendants gathered in the back all without masks themselves! 

If you want to travel among like-minded folks, consider flying with a Slavic-based crew.

On a side note, we often joke with our Slavic friends that many of us refuse to use a microwave or eat GMO vegetables. Thus, it is not surprising that many Slavs won’t even consider injecting experimental gene therapy treatment into their bodies. Sadly, many are being forced to or they will be shunned from society.

Try to find one masked face in the Tirana International Airport. Image captured in October 2021.

Chi-Town More Like Clown-Town

Being in Clownworld, aka Chicago, has been a reality check. In Albania, ratting out your neighbor is not part of the culture. People mind their business, don’t attempt to impose values on others, and stay in their own lane.

Seriously, could you imagine an Albanian man demanding another Albanian man to put on his mask?! It’s almost comical to say it out loud. They’d either laugh in your face or kick you in the ass.

Here in Chicago, you can see how everyday folks are drunk on power when enforcing mask mandates. Grocery store workers, bank tellers, and car dealership employees all seem to “get off” by ordering people to cover their faces.

There are no more friendly greetings or warm salutations anymore—just an immediate, hostile “You need a mask.”

It was a dirty feeling when this Chicagoland car dealership manager approached, demanding that we mask our faces in the name of “health.” Since when have we gotten complacent, allowing others to dictate what we should do with our bodies?

Our first mask confrontation occurred at a Chicagoland area car dealership. After living in a maskless, free society, it was disappointing to have a fellow American demand that we cover our faces.

Sadly, the scariest aspect of the entire situation was his bewilderment when we refused to comply and told him no—as if we were the first people to refuse the tyrannical order from some random bloke off the street.

On a fundamental and psychological level, facial coverings have stripped us of our humanity, which is exactly their intention. Perhaps this is why our social interactions felt more natural and socially appropriate in Albania, rather than in our hometown of Chicago.

All we know is that this place is not a healthy, happy place to thrive—and it’s just going to get worse! Our next steps include getting a car and getting the hell out of Clown World, Illinois.

Entertain a clown and you become part of the circus.

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