Antarctic Adventures – 4 Tips to Stay Warm During Your Travels

Here you are, on your way to Antarctica after saving for the trip for countless months. Financing it might not be a happy one, but it sure is worth it when you can finally go see the Antarctic. If it’s your first time going to Antarctica or any cold place in general, there are some things you need to know first before you shiver uncomfortably in your travels.

From picking the right choice of clothes to bringing ointments, you should include many things in your travel luggage. If you just don’t want to hole up in your cabin looking out the window while your friends are meeting the penguin buddies, you better read up because we will be talking about some tips you need to learn about before you go skating into the icy planes.

Pick the Right Clothes

There’s a famous saying, “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing,” and that is true. If you pack up the wrong clothes, you’ll have a bad time adventuring into the cold. Sure, your travel brochure might have told you about how Quark Expeditions offers cruises but they certainly didn’t say anything about which clothes to bring. That said, before you go, you have to know what kind of clothes you should bring to Antarctica.

Luckily, there are no special clothes that you need to buy as regular winter clothing is enough if you want to go there.

See penguins on your Antarctic cruise!

One of the most critical aspects of your choice of clothing is breathability. Contrary to popular belief, having a little allowance for breathability in your clothes is not counterproductive. It’s necessary. Why? Well, your body needs to regulate its temperature, and it can only do so if its heat and moisture can easily escape the body, and you can’t do that with very tight clothes.

If you don’t have breathability, heat can’t escape, and you’ll be wet because of your body’s sweat, and with too much moisture, you’ll only get colder.

Try out a moisture-wicking elastic layer as your base. You can then add whatever hooded coat you want, but it’s generally recommended to have a thin fleece lining. You can do the same for your underpants with a stretchy moisture-wicking base and perhaps a softshell pair of pants.

Bring an Electric Blanket

One of the main activities you can do during your holidays in Antarctica is to camp there. It sounds like hell for some of us, but it’s enjoyable and sought out by many visitors there.

A heated blanket could come in handy while enjoying the outdoors in Antarctica.

Some even make it their dream goal. Bringing an electric blanket should be on your priority list if you’re planning to camp. Of course, you can also bring your heated mattress pad, but it’s too heavy to bring with you outside. Luckily, an electric blanket is more than enough inside your tent.

Furthermore, an electric blanket is a welcome addition that only takes a small space inside your bag. If it’s battery-operated, you can even take it outside, if you want to lounge around the area sitting on a stool. In short, it’s a very convenient thing that you can bring almost anywhere to stay heated up.

Stay Hydrated

One of the things that even veterans forget to do while adventuring in the cold is to hydrate. Even in cold areas, your body will still lose moisture through sweating and breathing. Other than avoiding dehydration, with proper hydration, your body will circulate blood much more easily, especially to your extremities, where you feel the coldest.

An insulated water bottle will keep drinks both cold and warm.

Of course, since you’re in a cold place, it can be very unappealing to drink water. However, you can still do so by heating water and storing it in an insulated bottle. Also, avoid drinking alcohol or even coffee since this beverage can do more damage than good to your body.

Alcohol is a vasodilator, making your blood vessels expand more, and making your body lose more heat. On the other hand, coffee is a vasoconstrictor, which shrinks your blood vessels, making it harder for your body to circulate blood. Also, both of them promote dehydration, so just drink water. It’s more available anyway.

Bring Lip Balm

Our lips have one of the thinnest skin in our body, which means you will have a terrible time during your trip to Antarctica without proper care. In addition, cold and windy weather conditions can irritate your lips, making them sag and crack.

Avoid chapped lips with a high-quality lip balm.

You won’t ever have to worry about cracked lips by bringing a hygienic lip balm. Not only that, but it’s going to hurt, so if you want to eat or drink properly, better take care of them. Also, it’s unattractive so if you want to keep your lips from chapping in Antarctica, better bring a lip balm.

Final Words

For some, going to Antarctica for the holidays is a lifelong dream goal, so you better prepare yourself before going there. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you better not mess it up. Of course, if you want to have a good time there, you better stay warm and do so by following the tips above.

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